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Special and Area Studies Collections - Photos from Exhibition Opening: Padre Cícero and the Ralph Della Cava Gift


Views of Padre Cícero and Brazil's Northeast Region in the Ralph Della Cava Gift
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The life and times of Brazil's Padre Cícero spanned 90 years (1844-1934); those decades were bracketed by massive droughts in the 1870s-1880s and again in 1905. The rugged Northeast interior became the scene of human misery and suffering as its society and infrastructure collapsed in chaos. Government and private relief efforts fell pitifully short as thousands died. Others fled for coastal cities and were swept into the hands of corrupt schemers and uncaring bureaucrats. From all this emerged Padre Cícero - who stayed on in the interior to minister to the suffering. From that good work grew a deep love and respect for him amongst the region's masses. As the years went by, reports of miracles transferred that public devotion to political influence and power. This exhibit traced these dramatic happenings using materials given generously by Ralph Della Cava to the UF Libraries. Curated by Richard Phillips and Paul Losch. This exhibit was on display from August 15 through October 7; a reception, with Brazilian food and music by the UF campus group Jacaré, was held on September 17. Photographs from the reception are displayed below:

Ralph Della Cava (left) and Richard Phillips (right):

Ralph Della Cava  Richard Phillips

Jim Cusick (left) and a young guest (right):

Jim Cusick  Guest

Entertainment presented by the UF group Jacaré:

Musical performers

Musical performers


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