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The Department of Special and Area Studies Collections offers for sale a number of publications associated with the collections. They range from a book on royal subsidies paid to Spanish Florida to the catalogue of the Parkman Dexter Howe collection to signed copies of John D. MacDonald's novel Condominium.

Florida History

The Florida Situado: Quantifying the First Eighty Years, 1571-1651. By Engel Sluiter. 1985. 20 p. with folded chart; paperback.

This monograph is the first systematic study of the annual royal subsidy (situado) paid to Spanish Florida. It is based upon extensive research among the surviving accounts of the Vera Cruz and Mexico City treasuries, and on the correspondence between the treasury officials and the crown, which are preserved in the Archives of the Indies in Seville.

The Medical Profession in 19th Century Florida : a Biographical Register. By E. Ashby Hammond. 1996. 785 p.; hardcover

Los Sobrevivientes de la Florida: The Survivors of the De Soto Expedition. By Ignacio Avellaneda. 1990. 104 p.; paperback.

In recent years, no single Spanish Conquistador has ever received greater attention from historians, archaeologists and various government agencies, than Hernando de Soto. This monograph, examining the survivors of his expedition to Florida, brings new information to light through the study of the De Soto materials found in the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History.


John D. MacDonald

Rave or Rage: The Critics and John D. MacDonald. By Walter and Jean Shine. 1993. 261 p.

An annotated guide to over 2,000 published pieces evaluating JDM.

Condominium: A Novel. By John D. MacDonald. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1977. 447 p.

First edition, special autographed copy in cooperation with the Dept. of Special Collections.


Parkman Dexter Howe Library

The Parkman Dexter Howe Library. Sidney Ives, general editor.  1983-1994.

An important part of the arrangements made during the fall of 1980 for the acquisition of the Parkman Dexter Howe Library of New England authors was the commitment to produce a printed catalogue.  From 1983 to its completion in 1994, the catalogue grew to ten parts with descriptions of the works of 22 authors as well as a section on early New England.  Printed in a limited edition by the Stinehour Press and the Meriden Gravure Company, the Catalogue is also available online as part of the University of Florida Digital Collections.

Part One: The Collector and the Collections, by Charles A. Rheault, George T. Goodspeed,and Parkman Dexter Howe.  A Descriptive Catalogue of the Early New England Books, by Roger E. Stoddard.

Part Two: The Henry David Thoreau Collection, by Raymond R. Borst.  The Ralph Waldo Emerson Collection, by Joel Myerson.

Part Three: The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Collection, by David L. O'Neal, and Mary T. O'Neal.  The Richard Dana, Jr., Collection, by Kevin B. MacDonnell.  The Sarah Orne Jewett Collection, by Rosalie Murphy Baum.

Part  Four: The WIlliam Cullen Bryant Collection, by Motley F. Deakin.  The Emily Dickinson Collection, by Joel Myerson.  The Edwin Arlington Robinson Collection, by A. Carl Bredahl.

Part Five: The John Greenleaf Whittier Collection, by John Benedict Pickard.

Part Six: The Nathaniel Hawthorne Collection, The Herman Melville Collection, by G. Thomas Tanselle.

Part Seven: The Thomas Bailey Aldrich Collection, by Roger E. Stoddard.  The Louise Imogen Guiney Collection , by Joan St.C. Crane.  The Robert Frost Collection, by John Lancaster.

Part Eight: The James Russell Lowell Collection, by Kevin MacDonnell.  The Amy Lowell Collection, by Carmen Russell Hurff.

Part Nine:  The Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection, by Eleanor M. Tilton, edited by Sidney Ives and Carmen Russell Hurff.

Part Nine: The Henry Adams, Amos Bronson Alcott, and Louisa May Alcott Collections, By Roger E. Stoddard.  The Harriet Prescott Spofford Collection, by Ruth Mortimer.  The Harriet Beecher Stowe Collection, by Michael Winship.  Parkman Howe Authors in Florida, by Sidney Ives.


French Revolution

French Revolutionary Pamphlets at the University of Florida. By Laura V. Monti. 1971. 166 p.

A checklist of 2,800 pamphlets acquired by the History Department in 1957. The list supplements the pamphlet materials already in the Library catalog. Includes a subject index.
Several of the Revolutionary Pamphlets are available online in the French Research Collections, part of the University of Florida Digital Collections.



A Calendar of Rochambeau Papers at the University of Florida Libraries. By Laura V. Monti. 1972. Map, 329 p.

The Institut Francais de Washington and the Society for French Historical Studies, in order to further research in the French American field, awarded jointly in 1971 the Chinard Prize to the publication of a calendar of the papers of General Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur de Rochambeau. The bulk of the material is from the period of the Haitian Revolution 1791-1804.
A digital version of the Calendar of Rochambeau Papers is available online as part of the University of Florida Digital Collections.


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