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Recording by: WRUF

Title: Religion in Life: Max Lerner

Dates:    January 1965

Duration: 0:29:40

Identification: Tape recording 150

File name: WRUF 13


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted on February 2008


The announcer states that this presentation is the final lecture in Religion in Life whose major theme this year was “The Enmities of Man”.  He then provides some background information about the noted speaker, Dr. Max Lerner.  The title of Dr. Lerner’s talk is, “The Five Revolutions in America”.  He mentions two types of revolution, the type which entails a seizure of power by direct action and the type which is an accelerated pace of change.  He states that this is a new age which is computer geared and information driven and he hopes that it will not be a brave new world sucked dry of human values.  His dream is of an emergent man who meets the challenges of his time with alertness but is not dehumanized.  Lerner then begins to talk about the five revolutions.  The first he discusses is that of weapons technology and his concern with nations stockpiling weapons so that their overkill capacity exceeds that of other nations. Eventually he mentions the second revolution that of technology.  He makes a distinction between the tragic and the pathetic.  The tape ends there and the concluding tape was not found.



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