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Recorded by:  WRUF

Title: Vice President Hubert Humphrey Speech at the FBK Banquet

Dates: 1966

Duration: 0:32:52  (0:57:34)

Identification: Tape recording 148      

File name: WRUF 9


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted on February 2008


The tape begins with Vice President Hubert Humphrey thanking dignitaries present.  Most of the early part of Humphrey’s talk is a series of jokes and humorous asides.


Vice President Humphrey then begins his more serious address.  He commends President Reitz , the Board of Regents, the governor, the legislature, and the great citizens of the state of Florida in having expanded and improved one of the great universities in America.  He mentions the dedication of the new law school and the fine health center.

He then speaks about the political scene and mentions the trip of President Johnson to Thailand and how important it is to focus attention on Asia.  We need to impress upon those who threaten their neighbors in Asia that we will in concert with others resist their aggression.  The President has said that the central principle of his administration is reconciliation and Humphrey expands on this theme.  He mentions that people need hope and that the Alliance for Progress can do for Latin America what the Marshall Plan did for western Europe.  War is more costly than any aid and America needs to lead but needs cooperation from other nations.  He mentions how our economy is the miracle of the world and that it was not government which did this alone but rather the partnership of government, business, labor, and the university.  Thus it is important that investments are made in health, training, cities, retraining, and equality in the ballot.


Finally he mentions the challenge we are facing today in the proliferation of nuclear weapons and that the highest national priority is that of the nuclear non proliferation treaty.  He concludes his talk with thanks for his being here and he praises Florida Blue Key. 



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