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Recorded by:  WRUF (Gainesville, Florida)

Title: Tigert Hall Dedication

Date: October 15, 1960

Duration: 00:47:60

Identification:   Tape recording 142

File name: WRUF 4


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 7.5 ips

Digitally recorded in February 2008


The tape is a presentation of the naming ceremony for the administration building honoring former University of Florida President John J. Tigert.  The ceremony took place on the lawn in front of the new building.  Because the street is adjacent to the lawn there is a fair amount of traffic noise throughout the ceremony.

President J. Wayne Reitz’s voice is first heard welcoming people.  Dr. U.S. Gordon gives the invocation and then Dr. Reitz introduces Charles Archibald Robertson. Robertson relates Dr. Tigert’s many achievements at the University of Florida.  The speakers who follow are each introduced by President Reitz.  They include Mr. Raymer Maguire, Dr. Madison Sarrett, and Mr. J. J. Daniel.  The Phi Delta Theta sings one of their fraternity songs in honor of their fellow member, Dr. Tigert, but the singing can barely be heard.  Dr. Tigert asks that Reitz recognize Klein Graham who has contributed so much to the University and Dr. Reitz does so.  The ceremony concludes with a short benediction by U.S. Gordon.

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