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Recording by: WRUF (Gainesville, Florida)

Title: Point of View: The Place of Women in American Society

Dates: ca. 1975

Duration:  0:28:30

Identification: Tape recording 138

File name: WRUF 34


Originally recorded on reel to reel at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted in February 2008


This tape is from the series Point of View and the theme was the place of women in American society.  In this program Dr. Michael Gannon interviews guests Dr. Irene Thompson, associate professor of English, and Dr. Mary Ellen Caldwell, professor of law.  Many issues are discussed such as salaries for women, the role of Affirmative Action and how this has mandated equal pay for equal work, the paradox of legal redress and the decreasing numbers of women seeking positions which require a higher level of education, the effect equitable salaries has had on the family and the role of men as fathers and husbands, and the importance of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  


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