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Recording by:  WRUF

Title: "Point of View" Interview of Erich Farber

Dates:  July 5, 1976

Duration: 0:28:28

Identification:  Tape recording 136

File name:  WRUF 32


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted in February 2008


The program begins with program host Michael Gannon quoting M. King Hubbard that the United States is running low on natural gas and oil and will soon exhaust these resources.  Gannon says that Americans are listening to this and are beginning to consider other sources of energy including sun power.  Gannon's guest is Dr. Erich Farber, professor of mechanical engineering and director of the solar energy lab and the energy conservation lab at the University of Florida.  Throughout Farber answers Gannon’s questions about solar energy, the solar house on the UF campus, the equipment, and the availability of that equipment. 


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