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Recording by: WRUF

Title: Lecture by Michael Gannon on History of St. Augustine

Dates: ?

Duration:  0:48:91

Identification:  Tape recording 134

 File name:  WRUF 30


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted February 2008


Approximately the first third of this tape is inaudible even at the highest volume level.  Once the tape is audible then Dr. Gannon’s voice can be heard giving a lecture on the history of St. Augustine, Florida.  He mentions the Nombre de Dios mission which he says was the birthplace of Christianity as well as scholarly activity in this country.  He recounts the singular success of the Spanish in America with their establishment of missions and the activity of missionary work among the Indians.  He then tells how the missions were systematically destroyed by the English in the period of 1702 to 1708.  Gannon also relates how the Indians were also wantonly killed.  Following his talk there is a question and answer session in which questions are asked pertaining to certain aspects of Gannon’s lecture as well as present day activities such as the restoration of the old city of St. Augustine.  Because of what is mentioned at the conclusion it seems apparent that one or two of the men present were in the process of producing a film about the city.

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