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Recording by:  WRUF

Title:  Florida Future #16:  Interview with Floyd Christian

Date: ca. 1967

Duration: 0:14:20

Identification:   Tape recording 130               

File name: WRUF 26


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted on February 2008


Herschel Connor introduces the program by posing several questions and then mentions Floyd Christian, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  He states that Florida Future series are produced by Radio Center in cooperation with the Altrusa Club of Gainesville.

Jack Detweiler asks a series of questions of his guest Floyd Christian which are answered in a forthright manner.  One of the most interesting questions was when Detweiler asks what the state of Florida might face in the next ten years in terms of racial integration.  Christian states that Florida has been a leader in the south.  Even though there are still some trouble spots the citizens and the school people should be congratulated for doing such a fine job.  Another important question is that of the rapid growth rate in Florida and how that has affected schools.  Christian says that there has been some leveling off in grades one through twelve but that the increases in both junior colleges and senior institutions indicates that there cannot be cut backs in the planned growth program.  Christian also discusses the matter of those who feel they should pay few taxes if they have no children.  He states that if there were no cooperative funding for education then he wonders who would have paid for the education of these folks.  He further says that public financing of education in this country goes back to the days before we were ever a nation when the colonists levied taxes for schools.


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