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Recording by: WRUF

Title: Religion-in-Life, Bishop Pike

Dates: January 24, 1967

Duration: 0:93:95

File name : WRUF 16

Identification: Tape recording 121


Originally recorded on reel to reel 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted on February 2008


Bishop James A. Pike’s address was given as a part of Religion-in-Life Week at the University of Florida.  The title of his talk was “The Real Conflict between Science and Religion” and it was given during the University Convocation.  In this talk he suggests that advances and changes resulted in the church being in great peril with declining membership in churches and fewer young men entering the priesthood.  He states that there is a conflict between science and religion but it is not the old conflict but rather one of methodology.  There has been a change from believing what a bishop or president says because they are the authorities to one of judging what they say.  He believes authority basis will lose out to empirical method. 







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