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Recorded by: WRUF

Title: Theodore “Ted” Sorensen lecture

Dates: nd

Duration: 0:51:01

File name:   WRUF 14

Identification: Audio recording 119


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape 7.5

Digitally reformatted on February 2008


The year and the event are not indicated but the lecture occured around the time that Sorensen’s book The Kennedy Legacy was published (1969).  After being introduced, Sorensen begins his lecture with several jokes.  The tape stops but then continues.  Sorensen speaks about the Kennedy legacy and Kennedy's effect on the Office of the President.  He states that the model used by Kennedy was akin to that of Lincoln where the office bears the imprint of the personality of the man holding the office.  Sorensen mentions the many areas on which President Kennedy had an effect (strengthening the American economy) as well as crises he faced (the Cuban missile crisis).  Following his lecture there is a question and answer session.  The tape concludes with one of the questions. 






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