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Recording by: WRUF

Title: J. Wayne Reitz Student Union

Dates: June 4, 1967

Duration:  0:32:02; 0:10:47

File name: JWRU1 and JWR1b

Identification: Tape recording 117


Originally recorded on two reel to reel tapes at 7.5 ips

Digitally reformatted in February 2008


This is a recording of the dedication ceremony for the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union on June 4, 1967.  The first tape begins with Charles H. Ferguson, Chair of the Board of Regents, giving some introductory remarks and then introducing each speaker.  The speakers included:  Floyd T. Christian, Superintendent of Public Instruction in the State of Florida; J. Broward Culpepper, Chancellor of the Board of Regents; William E. Rion, Director of the J. Wayne Reitz Union; R. Charles Shepherd, President of the Student Body; and Bruce W. Flower, President of the J. Wayne Reitz Union Board.  Each of the speakers mentions the planning that went into the Union and complimentary statements about  J. Wayne Reitz in whose honor the building is named. 

The seond tape begins with the sound of applause and then Chester H. Ferguson mentions that the formal part of the presentation has concluded but that he wants to give Wayne an opportunity to make a few remarks.  Hearty applause precedes the short speech made by President J. Wayne Reitz.  He begins by thanking everyone and states that he had thought there was a precedent that buildings were not named for a person who still held office.  Reitz says that he nevertheless is honored beyond all deserts.  He mentions the nineteen years of planning which went into the building and the finances.  He again thanks all.  Ferguson then asks Fran (Frances Reitz) to come up and say hello to the people.  She speaks very briefly and says how grateful they both are.  The ceremony concludes with Chester Ferguson asking Delton L. Scudder, Chair of the Department of Religion to give the Benediction which is recorded.





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