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Recording by: Louis Capron

Title: Things You Don’t Know About The Seminoles

Date: unknown

Duration: 0.10:39

File name : CAPRON 1

Identification:  Tape recording 115


Originally recorded on reel to reel tape at 3.75 ips in mono.

Digitally reformatted on February 2008.


The tape does not record the complete talk by Capron.  Generally it is understandable but some of the words are indistinct.


Apparently this is a talk which Louis Capron gave at the Palm Beach Historical Society.  He mentions that one will have to hurry to learn about the Seminoles as the older people will die and many of the esoteric matters will be lost forever.  He presents some historic background about their settling in the state of Florida and how their numbers had been depleted after the Civil War.  The Council of Elders and the Clan System helped them to remain aloof and also to retain their culture.  Capron explains the matrilineal clan system and mentions a particular case when the system caused a problem.  He then talks about the medicine bundles and their importance to the Seminoles.







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