From: The naturall and experimentall history of winds.
By Francis Bacon. London, 1653.





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Bacon, Francis, The naturall and experimentall history of 1653
Buckland, William, Geology and mineralogy considered with ref 1837
Hausmann, Johann Fri Entwurf eines systems der unorganisirten 1809
Hayden, Horace H., Geological essays; or, An inquiry into som 1820
Humboldt, Alexander Essai geognostique sur le gisement des roc 1823
Lyell, Charles, Principles of geology; being an attempt to 1830
Rutty, John, An essay towards a natural, experimental 1757
Schoner, Johann, A reproduction of his globe of 1523 long l 1888
Wisconsin Geological Bulletin - Wisconsin Geological a <serial> 1898
Wyatt, Francis, The phosphates of America. Where and how t 1891
  An account of the late terrible earthquake 1693
  Copy of meteorological report kept at the 1848
  Geological miscellanies, 1835-42 1841

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