From: Warhafftiger Bericht vom Philosophischen Athanore.
By Heinrich Khunrath. [s.n.], 1603.





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Khunrath, Henrich, Magnesia Catholica Philosophorum, das ist 1599
Khunrath, Heinrich, Warhafftiger Bericht vom Philosophischen 1603
Hofmann, Lorenz, De vero usu & fero abusu medicamentorum ch 1611
Ruland, Martin, Lexicon alchemiae; sive, Dictionarium alch 1612
Locatelli, Lodovico. Theatro d'Arcani del Medico Lodovico Locat 1667
Becher, Johann Joach Magnalia naturae: or, The truth of the phi 1680
Glauber, Johann Rudo The works of the highly experiences and fa 1689
Boerhaave, Herman, A new method of chemistry; including the h 1753
Lemery, Nicolas, Cours de chymie contenant la maniere de fa 1756
Priestley, Joseph, Experiments and observations on different 1775
Priestley, Joseph, Experiments and observations relating to v 1779
Borch, Michel Jean, Mineralogie sicilienne docimastique et met 1780
Guyton de Morveau, L Methode de nomenclature chimique 1787
Fourcroy, Antoine-Fr Elements of natural history, and of chemis 1788
Fourcroy, Antoine-Fr Supplement to the Elements of natural hist 1789
  Annales de chimie, ou, Recueil de <serial> 1789
Coquette, Jose. Indice de algunas voces usadas en el Peru 1792
Chaptal, Jean-Antoin Elemens de chymie. 1794
Brisson, Mathurin Ja Elemens ou principes physico-chymiques 1800
Skrimshire, Fenwick. A series of popular chymical essays : cont 1804
Bouillon-Lagrange, E Manuel d'un cours de chimie, 1812
Marcet, Conversations on chemistry. 1813
Murray, John, Experimental researches on the light and l 1826
Silliman, Benjamin, Elements of chemistry. 1830
Gray, Alonzo, Elements of chemistry; containing the prin 1848
Faraday, Michael, A course of six lectures on the chemical h 1861
Societe chimique de Lecons de chimie professees en 1860-1869 1861
Berthelot, M. Traite elementaire de chimie organique 1872
Ruskin, John, Catalogue of a series of specimens in the 1884
Remsen, Ira An introduction to the study of chemistry 1886
Schutzenberger, Paul On fermentation 1886
Storer, Francis Agriculture in some of its relations with 1887
Cooke, Josiah Parson Laboratory practice; a series of experiment 1891
Ostwald, Wilhelm, Solutions 1891
Bender, Adolf Chemische praparatenkunde 1893
Behrens, Heinrich A manual of microchemical analysis 1894
Sohn, Charles E. Dictionary of the active principles of pla 1894
Comey, Arthur Messin A dictionary of chemical solubilities 1896

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