James Lamar Weygand
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James Lamar Weygand kindly granted the University of Florida permission to digitize his three books on printers' devices. The devices have been scanned at 400 dpi and are not of the full page, just the device. The text accompanying the devices is in the Notes: section of the full record. Each press has been searched in reference sources to identify its location and a probable year the device was in use if not mentioned in Weygand's text. If locations other than those given by him were located, they were added to the full record and can be searched in the database. However, some presses changed locations to such a degree, it was not possible to include them all. In this case, just two main locations were selected. The Search page has been set so that one can look for devices only in the Weygand books.

The first volume was competed September 14, 2000. Each of the devices is linked to the previous and next device. To start at the beginning and "leaf" through the book, start with the Press of Lewis and Dorothy Allen on p. 7.

title page Weygand, James Lamar.
A collection of pressmarks gathered from America's private presses and from others not so private.
Nappanee, Ind.: Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1956.

[A]-{E]8 [F]10 [A]1 [F]9 blank.
[8], 7-94, [4] p. 21 cm.
99 separate devices, including title page. More than one device on some pages.

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To all who offered assistance on this book, the printer extends his profuse thanks. With those thanks goes his solicitation for assistance on two additional books in the making.

There is, first of all, a directory-guide to the private press fraternity in America, originally planned as a supplement to this volume, but which has hopelessly out grown the few pages available. As planned, it will be an up-to-date listing of all of America's private presses, with notes about the work, and the present status of each.

And another book of pressmarks, bringing together those lacking in this book: devices of presses not located, other or newer devices of those represented, pressmarks of new presses, and others.

For those projects the Indiana Kid solicits pressmarks lacking herein, and any and all information about presses "not in Ransom," later data on those noted by that famed printer, and presses formed since his time, especially those at work today. All such material received will be put to good use.

James Lamar Weygand, Nappanee, Indiana

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About 165 copies of this book printed, from handset Caslon types, on a C & P 8x12 old series press, by James Lamar Weygand, at the Private Press of the Indiana Kid, Nappanee, Indiana. Printing completed August, 1956.