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The Comics Collection at the University of Florida

The University of Florida is continuing to build its collection of original and reprint comic books, strips, caricatures and related items. The collection includes items from every recognized “Age” of comics as well as every genre, including daily humor strips and political satire as well as superhero, funny animal and underground comics.

Comic Book Collection

The general collection presently consists principally of Marvel and DC comics from the Gold, Silver and Bronze Ages as well as Disney titles.

Sol & Penny Davidson Collection

This collection consists of a number of sub-collections of rare and unusual comics, including early Platinum and Victorian Age books, “special purpose” or “giveaway” comics and Sunday newspaper pull-out sections.

Don Ault Collection

The Don Ault connection presently includes Disney comics and collated runs of Sunday strips.

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Exhibitions and Features

Siegel and Schuster’s Science Fiction #3

This rare item from the Sol and Penny Davidson collection was published by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster in 1933 and features “Reign of the Superman,” an illustrated short story about an evil superman that appeared five years before the heroic Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1. In partnership with ImageTexT, the Library is proud to present an on-line exhibit of Science Fiction #3, complete with transcript and annotations.

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