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University of Florida.  News Bureau.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 60.  (Originally labeled Pro Teach Master #2)

Date:  ca. 1986

Duration:  00:06:07

A informational and promotional tape regarding the Pro Teach program developed at the College of Education at the University of Florida.

Tape contents

Title:  Pro Teach:  Developing the professional teacher at the University of Florida

Date:  ca. 1986

Duration:  00:06:07

File name:  NPA6001

The challenge is to prepare teachers for the classroom by the 21st century and to answer critics of teacher education.  Terri Dozier, a UF graduate and the 1985 national teacher of the year, is shown speaking.  She states that the Pro Teach program is one of the best she has seen.  The five year Pro Teach program leading to a Master’s degree was instituted as it was decided that students could not accomplish all that they needed to in a four year program.  The assistant dean of the College of Education, Dr. Marvin McMillan, speaks briefly as do education professors Dr. Samuel Andrews and Dr. Robert Algozzine.  The College Student Council works to raise the image of teachers and two student members, Janet Ferretti and Deanne Sheffield, comment on the organization.  Dean Niederkohr, the principal of Metcalfe Elementary School, and Representative Thomas J. Hazzouri, the Chair of the House Education Committee, speak briefly. 


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