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University of Florida.  News Bureau.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 58.  (Originally labeled Miscellaneous #11)

Date:  ca. 1980

Duration:  00:27:17

Reporter:  Warren Croke

A total of 13 news and public service announcements related to research and experiments at the University of Florida.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.

Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Earthquake Monitoring Network]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:03:33

File name:  NPA5801

A report on the southernmost earthquake monitoring network which is under the direction of geophysicist Dr. Douglas Smith and maintained by volunteer graduate students.  A one-hundred foot pipe is sunk into the ground under Turlington Hall on the UF Campus which records any seismic activity.  All recorded data are sent to the Earthquake information center in Colorado. At the end, Douglas Smith is interviewed further regarding the action of earthquakes. (Sound is garbled during interview.)

Segment 2

Title:  [Merit Scholars]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:40

File name:  NPA5802

An overview of the merit scholar program at UF.  Mention is made by President Marston of the close to a hundred thousand dollars committed to a merit scholarship program in order to attract merit scholars.  A brief interview of Steve Kussner, a pre law student with an accounting major, takes place. 

Segment 3

Title:  [Peat Mining]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:15

File name:  NPA5803

A discussion of peat deposits.  When peat is dried it can be used as a soil additive or as a fuel.  However, artifacts are often found buried in peat.  Dr. Barbara Purdy, associate professor of anthropology, feels that peat mining should be slowed down to allow for the proper search for artifacts.

Segment 4

Title:  [Teacher Shortage]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:29

File name:  NPA5804

By the mid-1980s a teacher shortage is projected according to studies by the Rand Corporation and the Illinois School Board. David C. Smith, Dean of the College of Education, says that we have to do something about it now.  Scenes of elementary aged children in a classroom are shown.

Segment 5

Title:  [Robotics and the Florida Shoulder]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:02

File name:  NPA5805

Dr. Dell Tesar, the director of the UF Center for Intelligent Machinery,  demonstrates the “Florida Shoulder” which was built under his direction.  It is a joint hinged at six points which moves similarly to a human shoulder.  Dr. Tesar explains some of its uses to Florida Congressman Don Fuqua and several other men.

Segment 6

Title:  [Endowment Fund]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:56

File name:  NPA5806

An endowment fund of ten million dollars established by the Florida Legislature will be equally divided among the nine universities in the SUS.  Private gifts of $600,000 will be matched by a state fund of $400,000.  With a monetary gift of $600,000 by Brooksville banker Alfred McKethan, UF has become the first state university to qualify for the matching funds from the state.  The funds will be used to establish a teaching chair in the Business College in honor of the late Walter Matherly.

Segment 7

Title:  [Effect of TV Advertising on Children]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:05:08

File name:  NPA5807

In five subsegments Edward Popper, marketing professor, is interviewed.  He discusses the effect of TV advertising on children.  The commonly held belief is that advertising has an adverse effect on children, which can cause disagreements in families as when children want a product advertised on TV.  However, Popper’s research has demonstrated that ads are not harmful and in fact helps children to be better consumers.  He thinks that it would be wrong for the FTC to apply a general ban on TV ads.

Segment 8

Title:  [Fish Vision Experiments]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:38

File name:  NPA5808

A report about the research on fish vision by zoology professor Dr. Horst Schwassmann and national merit scholar graduate student Vivian Layne.  The experiments have shown that fish do have very good vision.  Scenes of the experiment are shown.


Segment 9

Title:  [Dr. William Woodruff and WW III]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:02:00

File name:  NPA5809

Noted historian and graduate research professor of economics Dr. Woodruff suggests that America stands alone in the conflict with Russia over the middle east.  America has no support from allies needs that in order to win.  Woodruff is shown speaking to an audience composed of alumni of UF.  He states that the moderates in both the United States and Russia have been forced aside and that the extremists are taking charge.  War may be a possibility. (The first 7 seconds of the segment is repeated.)

Segment 10

Title:  [Price of Gasoline]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:34

File name:  NPA5810

According to leading economists such as Dobson at the Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) the price of gas will rise probably to $2 a gallon at the end of 1980.  Dobson says that the more serious problem is the transport of farm produce by truck.  When the price of diesel fuel rises then the price of food will correspondingly increase.  Florida is an energy dependent state and so no relief is seen for the near future.

Segment 11

Title:  [ROTC Champs]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:41

File name:  NPA5811

The cadets from ROTC of UF have been named number one in the country for the second year in a row.  They are called the “Gator Raiders” and won out over 8000 cadets from 280 other ROTC units in the country.  A large bronze trophy, “Warrior of the Pacific” was given to the unit.  Professor of Military Science, Jerry Novak, says that the cadets have a tremendous desire to excel.  The unfavorable attitude on campus during the Vietnam war has dissipated and more students are enrolling in the ROTC program.  This segment is a duplicate of Segment 10 on Tape 50 (File Name:  NPA5010).

Segment 12

Title:  [Retrieval of Oil with Polymers]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:57

File name:  NPA5812

A report on the difficulty of retrieving oil which is trapped in sandstone and dolomite deposits.  The use of suffactants is both expensive and unreliable.  However, some research chemists at UF (John Meister, George Butler, Theodore Hogen Esch, and Huey Pledger) have developed the use of a polymer solution in conjunction with suffactants.  When injected it thickens the water so that that water can push the oil out.  Ultimately this process will aid in increasing the recovery of oil.

Segment 13

Title:  [Nuclear Waste]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:05:31

File name:  NPA5813

Dr. Nils Diaz, a nuclear engineering scientist, is interview regarding the matter of the ways to dispose of nuclear waste. A nuclear power plant produces 1,000 cubic feet of nuclear waste and it needs to be safely disposed of.  Currently it is shipped to a site in South Carolina but that might be shut down due to handling procedure violations.  Florida is being considered as a possible site but Dr. Diaz feels Florida is not viable because it has too much ground water and too many faults.  Dr. Diaz is shown.  Also, scenes of a control room and the main area of a nuclear power plant are shown. 


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