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University of Florida.  News and Public Affairs.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services

Broadcast Tape 51.  (Originally Miscellaneous #8)

Date:  ca. 1984

Duration:  00:16:35

Reporter:  John Matthews

There are a total of 10 news and public service announcements regarding football and research at the University of Florida.  No date is given, but the SEC celebration places the date at 1984.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.

Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Mass Transit]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:15

File name:  NPA5101

Analysts at UF suggest that the cost of moving traffic will cost twenty-eight billion dollars over the next twenty years.  There has been a thirty-seven percent decrease in mass transit and a five percent increase in private vehicles.  According to Dr. Frances Terhune as more cars are on the roads the cost in maintaining roads increases.  At the same time there is more traffic congestion and more air pollution. 

Segment 2

Title:  [College of Journalism and Communication]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:51

File name:  NPA5102

The College of Journalism and Communication is the most technologically advanced in the country and is five years ahead of media in the state.  Dean Ralph Lowenstein is briefly interviewed.  Classroom and broadcast studio scenes are shown.

Segment 3

Title:  [Red Pandas]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:38

File name:  NPA5103

Dr. Bryan McNab, zoology professor, is studying the eating habits and energy levels of two red pandas on loan from the Washington National Zoo.  Red pandas are vegetarians and are apparently able to conserve energy with their effective natural fur coats and quiescent life styles.

Segment 4

Title:  [College of Architecture]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:13

File name:  NPA5104

The UF College of Architecture has had a statewide impact with their planning and research programs.  They have done planning for downtown areas in Tampa and Jacksonville, studied subdivision regulations, identified toxic waste dumps, done land reclamation studies, and planned more energy efficient houses.  The research the college has done has also had an international impact..

Segment 5

Title:  [UF Football and SEC Title]

Date:  ca. 1984

Duration:  00:03:45

File name:  NPA5105

A celebration of the UF football team which begins with the team disembarking from an airplane at the airport.  President Marshall Criser expresses his pride in the team and states that he had been dreaming about this day since 1946.  Scenes of football action, the fans in the stadium, the band, and a locker room scene are shown.

Segment 6

Title:  [Transportation Research Center]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:50

File name:  NPA5106

Research by the Transportation Research Center has shown that poorly synchronized traffic lights cost seventy-five million dollars in wasted gasoline each year as well as tail pipe emissions, which leads to more pollution.  The TRC is working with computer modeling to simulate the timing of traffic signals at individual intersections.  They are also studying computer modes for entire traffic networks.  They hope to make the traffic patterns and traffic lights more efficient through their studies.

Segment 7

Title:  [Storm Damage]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:23

File name:  NPA5107

Parts of beach fronts were washed away from Amelia Island to Fort Lauderdale during the recent storm.  Chris Jones, a UF coastal engineer, has been estimating the damage.  The storm was the worst one in the state since 1962.

Segment 8

Title:  [Christmas Computers]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:23

File name:  NPA5108

Computers are providing the new sounds of the season at this holiday time.  There are a wide range of styles in the personal computer market.  Computers are becoming more popular and necessary in today’s world.  For instance, enrollment in computer classes at the University of Florida has doubled since 1980.

Segment 9

Title:  [Galen Hall Feature]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:02:30

File name:  NPA5109

This is a promotional tape about Galen Hall who has just successfully coached the UF football team for eight games.  Two men are briefly interviewed.  One relates Hall’s success as a football player at Penn State and the other mentions Hall’s success as a coach.  Scenes of the victory celebration in the Stadium are shown.

Segment 10

Title:  [Ronald Cohen’s Visit to the USSR]

Date:  ca. 1984

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:47

File name:  NPA5110

UF anthropology professor, Ronald Cohen, was invited to the USSR to help solve a problem.  His task was to help them forge a single national consciousness among many different ethnic and cultural groups there.  Those who invited him felt that the U.S. had managed to do this and they needed guidelines and advice.


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