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University of Florida.  News and Public Affairs.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 49.  (Originally Miscellaneous #6)

Date:  1985-1986

Duration:  00:22:27

Reporter:  John Matthews

There are 14 news and public service announcements with a variety of subjects.  The dates (month and year) were listed on the original broadcast tape.  Two were at the end of 1985 and twelve were spaced throughout 1986.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [University of Florida Job Fair]

Date:  ca. 1985

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:30

File name:  NPA4901

Some footage is shown from the Job Fair at UF in November 1985.  More non-technical groups are represented at the Fair.  The Peace Corps, the Circus, and IBM are some of those mentioned.  Within three days about 3500 students will be seen by business and other representatives.

Segment 2

Title:  [Halley’s Comet]

Date:  ca. 1985

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:33

File name:  NPA4902

In 1910 the eight-inch telescope at the University of Florida was trained on Halley’s comet and eight decades later it is again scanning the comet.  Alex Smith, professor of astronomy briefly explains the nature of comets.

Segment 3

Title:  [NASA Space Program after the recent tragedy]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:07:00

File name:  NPA4903

Two unidentified men are interviewed.  The first man who is in an indoor setting mentions the shuttle disaster two days ago.  He speaks about the success of the space program and that it has called attention to how dangerous these new technologies can be.  The second man is interviewed outside and he mentions the interest of the private sector in the space program.

Segment 4

Title:  [University of Florida Gospel Choir]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:14

File name:  NPA4904

A rehearsal session of the UF Gospel Choir is shown.  A male member of the group makes some comments about the group and its importance to the singers.

Segment 5

Title:  [Computer Simulation]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:24

File name:  NPA4905

Carl Crane has developed a graphic program which simulates a robot and the moves it can make with surrounding obstacles.  The graphic program is shown on the computer screen.  The simulations will gather data without  having an actual robot tested in what could be a dangerous area such as a nuclear power plant.


Segment 6

Title:  [Cheerleader Tryouts]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:11

File name:  NPA4906

Cheerleaders are shown at a football game, at a tryout session in the O’Connell Center, and cheering at a basketball game in the O’Connell Center.  Ron White, one of the cheerleaders, mentions why he decided to become a cheerleader and says that learning the routines is the most difficult aspect for the men.

Segment 7

Title:  [Mission Santa Cantalina on Amelia Island]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:36

File name:  NPA4907

Recently a grave yard was discovered at the site of the former Mission Santa Cantalina.  The mission, built in 1686, was a fortified outpost facing the English and was also a mission site serving the coastal Indians.  The burial site contains the remains of about one-hundred Indians.  Dr. Jerald Milanich, curator of anthropology at the Florida State Museum, is overseeing the project.

Segment 8

Title:  [Commercialization of Space]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:43

File name:  NPA4908

Ron Thorton of the Southern Technology Applications Center wants to coordinate activities of NASA, universities such as the University of Florida, and private business in the space endeavors.  Mention is made of the research being done at UF with the magnetic levitation of metal.  Some footage is shown of the interior of the Russian space shuttle and the Russian astronauts.


Segment 9

Title:  [Shuttle Tiles]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:39

File name:  NPA4909

With the assistance of senior design students, Calvin Oliver, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Florida, has developed an instrument that will measure moisture in the tiles on the space shuttles.  Moisture can enter the tiles while the shuttle is on earth but due to moisture freezing in space the tiles can break or pop off.  Dr. Oliver used the properties found in a kitchen microwave to develop the instrument.

Segment 10

Title:  [College of Architecture]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:09

File name:  NPA4910

The College of Architecture is using computers to map the land use in the state of Florida.  Using overlays the architects can come up with the best possible use of the land.  The computer will change the nature of architecture and planning in the future.

Segment 11

Title:  [College of Business Administration]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:00:59

File name:  NPA4911

This is a short promotional film for the UF College of Business Administration.  Mention is made of the fine progress made in the last ten years and their goal to be a first class program in the country.


Segment 12

Title:  [Promotional for the University of Florida]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:00:56

File name:  NPA4912

The University of Florida’s excellence has been recognized by inclusion in the Association of American Universities.  With 35,000 students the University of Florida is the tenth largest in the nation.  Scenes of buildings, labs, and students are shown.

Segment 13

Title:  [Christmas Trees]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:26

File name:  NPA4913

An effort is being made to encourage farmers to grow pine trees for the holiday season as it will provide a good market for the state.  Instead of trucking in trees the farmers in the state can grow and sell trees and cut down on the amount of money leaving the state.  Gary Pruitt, a local farmer, is mentioned as being an award winner and that one of his trees is in the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee.

Segment 14

Title:  [Christmas Non Drinking Pledge]

Date:  ca. 1986

Reported by:  John Matthews

Duration:  00:01:07

File name:  NPA4914

Because of the dangers of drinking alcohol and then driving, especially among younger drivers aged sixteen to twenty-four, a pledge drive was begun at Florida universities including the University of Florida.  Bacchus probably sponsored the pledge drive on the UF campus (a large banner with the organizational name and the pledge drive is shown hung in front of the Campus bookstore).  Students sign a pledge stating that they will not drink and drive and that they will wear a seat belt.


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