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University of Florida.  News and Public Affairs.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services

Broadcast Tape 46.  (Originally labeled Miscellaneous #3)

Date:  ca. 1980

Duration:  00:27:40

Reporters:  Warren Croke and Rose Marie Van Camp.

There are 11 reports including reports on athletes, promos, and research.  No date is provided but events which take place on the tape date it to 1980.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Research on Hearing in Infants]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:53

File name:  NPA4601

A research team headed by psychology professor Dr. Donald Teas is testing the hearing in infants using an inexpensive non-traumatic hearing test designed by Dr. Teas.  This research and several other projects is funded by a National Institutes of Health grant of half a million dollars over the next six years.  This segment is similar to the one on

Tape 21, Segment 10.

Segment 2

Title:  [Robin Fisher]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:51

File name:  NPA4602

Robin Fisher is the featured player of the week.  He is a nose guard on the football team and his number is 66.  Football game scenes are shown.  His sister, Cheryl Fisher is also a student at UF.  She is a star player on the lady gator basketball team and she is majoring in Physical Education.  A classroom scene from Dr. Michael Gannon’s class, which Robin Fisher is taking, is shown.

Segment 3

Title:  [Anderson Memorial Pipe Organ]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:40

File name:  NPA4603

The Anderson Memorial Pipe Organ is 52 years old and covers the entire south wall of the University Auditorium.  Because of deterioration it was renovated in 1979.  Major funding was provided from the Dunspaugh Dalton Foundation of Miami, Florida with additional funds given by private donations and student fees.  Willis Bodine is shown playing the console and he is also heard speaking.  A dedication program will take place throughout the week with inaugural recitals.

Segment 4

Title:  [Howe Collection]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:30

File name:  NPA4604

Money in the amount of $500,000 was raised in order to purchase the Howe Collection for the University of Florida Library.  The sale was orchestrated by Sidney Ives, rare book librarian.  Both Sidney Ives and Carmen Hurff (Ives’s assistant) are pictured.

Segment 5

Title:  [Brian Clark]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:03:33

File name:  NPA4605

This segment is either similar to or a duplicate of Tape 41, Segment 6.  This is a profile of place kicker Brian Clark (#3).  He helped the football team to win the game with Mississippi.  Clark is modest and feels it was a team effort, and he credits Coach Pell with fomenting a team spirit among the players.  As a student athlete Clark also has to concentrate on his major, which is Public Relations.


Segment 6

Title:  [Walter Mondale]

Date:  ca. 1980

Duration:  00:04:35

File name:  NPA4606

Walter Mondale, Vice President of the United States, is shown disembarking from a plane.  Various dignitaries are shown among the people greeting him as Governor Graham and the Marstons.  A question and answer session is shown.  The Iran and Iraq conflict is mentioned as well as the hostages in Iran.  Vice President Walter Mondate was probably in Gainesville as he was invited to speak at the annual Florida Blue Key Banquet.

Segment 7

Title:  [Bicycle Survey]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:01:31

File name:  NPA4607

Anthropologist Dr. Paul Doughty gave a simple class project about bicycles, which evolved into a research survey.  Doughty feels that local governments need to do more in the way of law enforcement, building more bike paths, and providing more education programs. 

Segment 8

Title:  [Ward Pell]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:04:16

File name:  NPA4608

Ward Pell, the wife of head football coach Charley Pell, is profiled.  She speaks about how much the University of Florida and the football program means to her.  She mentions the wonderful group of the wives of the other coaches.  She also mentions Homecoming and Gator Growl and some short clips are shown from these events.

Segment 9

Title:  [Promo of UF Academic Awards]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke and Rosemarie Van Camp

Duration:  00:01:30

File name:  NPA4609

This is probably a duplicate of Tape 10, Segment 2.  Five of UF’s fifteen colleges have achieved national ranking.  These include Mechanical Engineering, Dentistry, Metallurgy, Journalism and Communication, and Nuclear Engineering.  The awards are described.

Segment 10

Title:  [Cris Collinsworth]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:03:21

File name:  NPA4610

This is virtually a duplicate of Tape 41, Segment 12.  Cris Collinsworth is the featured player of the week. 

Segment 11

Title:  [Student Life Office}

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Warren Croke

Duration:  00:04:00

File name:  NPA4611

Wright Waters who directs the Student Life Office is the featured Gator of the Week.  The demands made on student athletes are mentioned.  The Student Life Office helps student athletes by the programs offered as supervised study sessions, certified counselors, and the breakfast club.  Segment 11 is very similar to Tape 28, Segment 2 with the exception that the latter is almost twice as long.


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