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Broadcast Tape 38.  (Originally Micro Kelvin Lab)

Date: 1987

Duration:  00:07:06

The tape is one report about the construction of the micro Kelvin lab.  The date of October 1987 is mentioned by the narrator.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.

Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Micro Kelvin Lab]

Date: 1987

Duration:  00:07:06

File name:  NPA3801

Still pictures are shown as the history of the construction of the building is cited. After about three minutes the still pictures end although they are interspersed.  The first photo seen was taken at the groundbreaking ceremony in October 1987.  The construction is shown from the digging of the thirty-five foot hole to the finished structure.  Explanations are provided about the various materials and the construction features, which will ensure that there is no leakage of heat into certain areas and also no vibrations. 


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