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Broadcast Tape 31.  (Originally labeled Fort Mose – 1986)

Date: 1986

Duration:  00:50:14

2 reports are on this tape.  One is about Fort Mose and the other is a women’s swim meet.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG-2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Fort Mose – 1986]

Date:  1986

Duration:  00:28:29

The sound level on this tape is so low as to be inaudible.  At the very beginning Dr. Kathleen Deagan, archaeologist and principal investigator of the site, points to and shows various pottery vessels, artifacts, and shards, which are displayed on a table.  Then four people speak at a microphone on a podium including Dr. Deagan.  Scenes are shown at the site at Fort Mose, including the surrounding landscape and the digging at the site.  A headline in a newspaper states:  “Traces of Free Blacks in Florida Uncovered in Colonial Era”.

Segment 2

DLC file number

Title:  [Women’s Swim Meet]

Date:  ca. 1986

Duration:  00:21:45

The tape features a swim meet at the O’Connell Center natatorium.  The UF women’s team is shown swimming in competitive races including freestyle, breaststroke, and back stroke.  The diving competitions are also shown.  Occasionally views of the spectators in the bleachers are shown.


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