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Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 22.  (Originally labeled Blechman Master #7)

Date: ca. 1983

Duration:  00:30:47

Six human interest features.  Five are a series of player/professor teams and one is about the University of Florida band.  No date was given but information gleaned from the academic years of the students indicates the year 1983.  No name is given to the narrator but the name Beth Blechman appears on each introductory screen.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG-2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Mark Herm and Byron Spangler]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:05:20

File name: NPA2201

A feature story concerning Mark Herm who is a center on the UF football team (#57) and civil engineering professor Byron Spangler.  The feature is one of five in the player/professor team series.  Various clips from football games and practices and classroom scenes are shown.

Segment 2

Title:  [Michael Mularkey and Dr. Frederick Shenkman]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:05:18

File name: NPA2202

A second in the player/professor series with Michael Mularkey who plays the position of tight end on the UF football team and Dr. Frederick Shenkman who is a professor of criminal justice.  Footage from football games and practices as well as scenes from Dr. Shenkman’s classes are shown.

Segment 3

Title:  [University of Florida Marching Band]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:05:07

File name: NPA2203

A feature about the UF Marching Band.  Dr. Poe, the director of the band, shows and explains the schema for the band formations on Florida Field and how the formations and music are planned.  Gerald (Gary) G. Langford is the associate band director.  Eight band members (6 men and 2 women) are very briefly interviewed.

Segment 4

Title:  [Wayne Lamar Peace, Jr. and Dr. John (Jack) H. Faricy]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:05:08

File name: NPA2204

The third in the player/professor series with Wayne Peace, the quarterback on the UF football team, and Dr. Faricy who is the assistant dean of Marketing in the Business College.  There are football action clips as well as classroom scenes.

Segment 5

Title:  [Christopher Faulkner and Dr. Owen J. Holyoak]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:05:02

File name: NPA2205

The fourth in the player/professor series with Christopher Faulkner who plays the tight end position on the UF football team and Dr. Holyoak who is the chair of the College of Physical Education, Health & Recreation.

Segment 6

Title:  [Fernando Jackson and Dr. Harry B. Shaw]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:05:04

File name: NPA2206

The fifth in the player/professor series with Fernando Jackson and Dr. Shaw, who is assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Jackson is a student in Dr. Shaw’s English class and is a criminal justice major.


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