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University of Florida. News and Public Affairs.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 20.  (Originally Mort Beach Master #1)

Date:  1979

Duration:  00:10:43

Reporter: Mort Beach

7 news reports and public service announcements about research and events at the University of Florida.

News segments were broadcast on WUFT-TV.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG-2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Lasers and Dr. Roland C. Anderson]

Date:  April 6, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:01:57

File name: NPA2001

Roland C. Anderson, aerospace engineering professor, has utilized laser technology to develop an instrument which can count water droplets in clouds and measure sand particles on Florida’s coasts.

Segment 2

Title:  [Rhino Factory]

Date:  April 16, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:01:00

File name: NPA2002

A special area inside the front entrance of the Florida Museum of Natural History houses a project for the reconstruction of a rhinoceros.  The area is named the “Rhino Factory.  Bob Allen, the chief foreman of the project, is building a steel frame and making a composite skeleton from the bones of many individual rhinoceroses.

Segment 3

Title:  [Reactor Simulator]

Date:  April 24, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:02:37

File name: NPA2003

Under the direction of nuclear scientist Glenn Chesslaw graduate students at the University of Florida have built the only see through reactor simulator in the country.  The simulator uses electricity and not nuclear fuel.  Reactions of temperature and the flow of water are among the features which can be studied.

Segment 4

Title:  [Special Braking System]

Date:  May 1, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:01:22

File name: NPA2004

J. Pope Cheney, an instructor of driver skills at Santa Fe Community College, asked for assistance from Dr. Vernon Roan a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Florida.  Ed Owens devised and built a skid device.  With the device, which can fit into a small section of a car’s trunk, drivers of emergency vehicles can learn to control skids.

Segment 5

Title:  [Century Tower Carillon]

Date:  May 10, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:01:41

File name: NPA2005

A report on the installation of the bronze carillon bells in Century Tower.  Some of the installation is shown.  Willis Bodine, professor of Music, briefly describes the method of playing the carillon.  He says the carillon could best be described by the Latin inscription cast into the largest bell (69” in diameter and 3 ½ tons).  The translation is:  “Call together those who are studious of all good things both human and divine”.   They are at the site of the carillon’s dedication on Monday, May 14, 1979.

Segment  6


Title:  [Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings House and Ronald Haase]

Date:  May 14, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:01:55

File name: NPA2006

Ronald Haase, UF Architecture professor, is studying the conditions which made it possible for people in Florida to live without air conditioning.  For this reason he is studying the Rawlings house in Cross Creek.

Segment 7

Title:  [Forensic Anthropology and Dr. William Maples]

Date:  May 17, 1979

Reported by:  Mort Beach

Duration:  00:01:21

Dr. William Maples, a curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History is one of only twenty-four certified forensic anthropologists in the United States.  He assists the police by identifying bodies which are badly decomposed.  In studying recent or ancient bones he can determine the age, sex, and medical history of that individual. 


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