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University of Florida. News and Public Affairs.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 14. (Originally labeled Dudley Master #3.)

Date: ca. 1982

Duration: 00:42:53

Reporters: Chris Dudley and Rosemarie Van Camp.

15 news and public service announcements. No date is given, but the appearance of certain individuals places the time between 1981 and 1984.

Originally produced on 3/4" u-matic. Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG-2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

DLC file number UF00015273

Title: [Alternative energy.]
Date: ca.1982
Reported by Chris Dudley.
Duration: 00:01:32

Co-operative efforts with UF and developing countries to produce alternative energy sources for remote areas that are not tied into an existing electrical grid. This particular effort looks at wind generated energy.

Segment 2

DLC file number UF00017497

Title: [100 eyelet camera.]
Date: ca:1982
Reported by Chris Dudley.
Duration: 00:01:28

Development of a camera that employs multiple eyes, similar to a fly's eye, by entomologist Jerry Butler and nuclear engineer Richard Schneider.

Segment 3

DLC file number UF00017498

Title: [Computers in Kindergarten]
Date: ca.1982
Reported by Chris Dudley.
Duration: 00:01:35

Use of a computer program called Writing to Read at the P. K. Yonge Laboratory School by Education Professor Hellen Guttinger.

Segment 4

DLC file number UF00017499

Title: [Listen to you body.]
Date: ca.1982
Reported by Chris Dudley
Duration: 00:01:06

Psychologist Neil Rowland tells us to listen to our bodies and not our minds when eating during the holiday season.

Segment 5

DLC file number UF00017500

Title: [Readers for the blind]
Date: ca. 1982
Reported by Chris Dudley
Duration: 00:01:28

Doug Hall creates textbook tapes for blind students at the University of Florida.

Segment 6

DLC file number UF00017501

Title: [University of Florida Cheerleaders]
Date: ca.1982
Reported by Chris Dudley.
Duration: 00:08:30

Interviews with members of the cheerleading squad and footage of the squad's routines. The first part is a news segment followed by footage without narration of the squad performing its routine. In the opening sequence, as the squad runs onto the field before a game, you get a brief glimpse of George Edmondson, Mr. 2-Bits.

Segment 7

DLC file number UF00017502

Date: ca.1982
Duration: 00:03:37

Unedited snippets of President Robert Q. Marston talking about competition with schools in south Florida for dollars. This is followed by scenes of students walking on campus.

Segment 8

DLC file number UF00017503

Title: [Obsidian storage for nuclear waste]
Date: ca.1982
Reported by Chris Dudley.
Duration: 00:06:00

Material Science professors Larry Hench and David Clark discuss their work with glass as storage material for nuclear waste.

Segment 9

DLC file number UF00017504

Title: [La Navidad]
Date: ca.1982
Reported by Chris Dudley
Duration: 00:01:43

UF archaeologists Kathleen Deagan and Eugene Lyons discuss search for La Navidad site in Haiti and excavations at Puerta Real. Includes footage of crews working in Haiti.

Segment 10

DLC file number UF00017505

Title: [Identifying gifted children]
Date: ca. 1982
Reported by Chris Dudley.
Duration: 00:02:23

Debbie Harris, Education graduate student, discusses program to identify students' skills and talents and apply them in ways that will be useful in future careers. The program was conducted at P. K. Yonge Laboratory School.

Segment 11

DLC file number UF00017508

Title: [Artificial larnyx]
Date: ca. 1982
Reported by Rosemarie Van Camp.
Duration: 00:01:46

VA Hospital speech pathologist Louis Goldstein, Mechanical Engineering professor Calvin Oliver, and Speech professor Howard Rothman discuss development of an artifical larynx that can be worn at all times rather than carried.

Segment 12

DLC file number UF00017509

Title: [Helium 3 as a supercooled energy conductor]
Date: ca. 1982
Reported by Rosemarie Van Camp.
Duration: 00:01:44

Gary Ihas, Professor of Physics, talks about his work with superconductors.

Segment 13

DLC file number UF00017510

Title: [Conservation research]
Date: ca.1982
Duration: 00:00:37

Public Service Announcement. President Robert Marston talks about a conservation preserve funded by a grant from the Goodhill Foundation.

Segment 14

DLC file number UF00017511

Title: [We're number 1!]
Date: ca.1982
Duration: 00:01:05

Public Service Announcement. Highlights honors won by different student organizations at national student competitions. Emphasis is on graduate work in Engineering and Journalism.

Segment 15

DLC file number UF00017512

Title: [The Parker Dexter Howe Collection]
Date: ca.1982
Duration: 00:08:19

President Marston introduces Rare Books Librarian Sidney Ives who talk about the Parker Dexter Howe Collection of New England authors in the Dept. of Special Collections in the University Libraries.

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