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Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 11.  (Originally UF and Honor Students)

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:38.33

6 features comprising promotional spots and interviews.  No date is given but the comments made by Dr. Fishkind suggest that the year is 1983.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.


Tape contents.

Segment 1, chapters 1-4

Title:  [The Honors Student at the University of Florida]

Date:  ca. 1983

Reported by:  Teresa Rush

Duration:  00:11:05

File name: NPA1101

Teresa Rush narrates this promotional overview of the advantages for the honors undergraduate students at the University of Florida.  In the last part of the tape Rosemarie Van Camp asks six honors students what made them choose to attend UF.

Segment 2, chapters 1-4

Title:  [Dr. Fishkind and the Improved Florida Economy]

Date:  ca. 1983

Reported by:  Rosemarie Van Camp

Duration:  00:09:32

File name: NPA1102


Van Camp asks Dr. Fishkind questions about the economic situation in Florida and asks specific questions about various areas.  All are in balance or doing well (especially Orlando) except for Dade County (Miami), Tallahassee and Gainesville.


Segment 3, chapters 1-4

Title:  [Dr. Fishkind and the Florida Economy]

Date:  ca. 1983

Reported by:  Rosemarie Van Camp

Duration:  00:08:46

File name: NPA1103

Dr. Fishkind responds to questions from Van Camp and reports that the Florida economy looks good generally.

Segment 4, chapters 1-3

Title:  [Dr. Fishkind Discusses the Economy]

Date:  ca. 1983

Reported by:  Rosemarie Van Camp

Duration:  00:05:59

File name: NPA1104

In answer to Van Camp’s questions Dr. Fishkind discusses the stock market, the effect on Florida of the President’s budget which was submitted in February, real estate investment, and the delay of the rebound in Dade County.

Segment 5

Title:  [Galen Hall Profile]

Date:  ca. 1983

Duration:  00:02:25

File name: NPA1105


A profile of Galen Hall the new interim football coach at the University of Florida.  Hall and his family are pictured and an unidentified man speaks about Galen Hall’s achievements.


Segment 6

Title:  [Honor for Jim Walter]

Date:  ca. 1983

Reported by:  Rosemarie Van Camp

Duration:  00:01:26

File name: NPA1106


A new chair in entrepreneurship in the University of Florida graduate school of business will be named in honor of Jim Walter of Tampa who heads the corporation which bears his name.  Robert Lanzillotti, dean of the College of Business Administration, mentions the positive repercussions of attracting a scholar of national prominence to UF. 


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