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University of Florida. News and Public Affairs.

Formerly, Division of Information and Publications Services.

Broadcast Tape 5.  (Originally labeled Van Camp Master #8)

Date:  ca. 1980

Duration: 00:23:38

Reporter: Rose Marie Van Camp.

There are five news reports and public service announcements dealing with a variety of subjects as the major donation to the UF libraries, interviews with faculty members, and four ads which promote BACCHUS.

News reports were broadcast on WUFT-TV.

Originally produced on ¾” u-matic.  Reformatted to Betacam SP in 2003 and MPEG2 in 2005.


Tape contents

Segment 1

Title:  [Howe Collection]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Rose Marie Van Camp

Narrated by:  Robert Marston and Sidney Ives

Duration:  00:08:27

File name: NPA0501

University of Florida President Robert Q. Marston enters the Rare Book area of Library West.  He states that the Howe Collection will be housed there in this attractive space.  Sidney Ives, curator of the Rare Book Collection, tells how it was initially built by Henry Salton Howe starting in 1864 who was later joined by his son Parkman Dexter Howe.  The Howes assembled their collection of the works of major New England authors over a period of one hundred years.   Various rare books from the collection are shown as Ives mentions them.

This segment also appears on broadcast tape 14.


Segment 2

Title:  [Dr. Fishkind and the Economy of Florida]

Date:  Sept. 17, 1980

Reported by:  Rose Marie Van Camp

Duration:  00:06:56

File name: NPA0502

Rose Marie Van Camp interviews Dr. Fishkind and asks him a series of questions relating to the Cuban situation, the decrease in tourism as a result of increased gas prices, mortgage rates, and the cost of food for families.

Segment 3

Title:  [Ruth Alexander and Exercise for Women]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Rose Marie Van Camp

Duration:  00:01:39

File name: NPA0503

A report on Ruth Alexander and her work with fitness with women.  She finds that significant progress can be made in three to six months with a regular exercise program and that even older women in their eighties can have success.

Segment 4

Title:  [Gerardo Gonzales and BACCHUS]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Rose Marie Van Camp

Duration:  00:04:00

File name: NPA0504

Gerardo Gonzales started the BACCHUS (Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) Club.  Instead of stressing prohibition which was found to be ineffective they instead stress the responsible use of alcohol. This is followed by segments featuring Drew Pearson of the Dallas Cowboys and Rocky Bleier of the Pittsburgh Stealers talking about BACCHUS and responsible drinking.

Segment 5

Title:  [Howe Collection]

Date:  ca. 1980

Reported by:  Rose Marie Van Camp

Duration:  00:02:06

File name: NPA0505

A report on the University of Florida Library’s acquisition of the notable Howe Collection.  Sidney Ives, the curator of the Rare Books negotiated the donation of the collection which cost half a million dollars. 

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