Sledd Hall
S.Facade (Mar.1999)
---- Known originally as the New Dormitory, this building opened in 1929 and connected at its southeast corner to Thomas Hall.  In the late 1930s, New Dormitory was renamed for Dr. Andrew Sledd, UF's first president (1905-1909).  Sledd Hall was renovated in 1984.

Architect Rudolph Weaver designed Sledd Hall in the Collegiate Gothic style following the the tradition established by William Edwards, his predecessor as architect for the state's Board of Control.  It was constructed by Sutton Brothers Company.  Decorating its exterior surface are numerous cast-concrete replicas of the seals of great European universities.

The south entrance of Sledd Hall is often called the Mucozo Tower because of a distinctive relief sculpture ornamenting both sides of the arched entrance.

Sledd Hall is a part of the University of Florida Campus Historic District, a collection of buildings added to the National Register as an historic district in 1989. 

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