Archival Resources about UF Architecture
These resources are located in the Special Collections Department of Smathers Library, University of Florida.

Fulton, Guy Chandler, 1892-
Building plans, ca.1930-1948.
Description:  1 box. Bio/historical note:  Guy Chandler Fulton served as Architect to the Florida  Board of Control from 1945 to 1956. Previously, he worked in the Architect's  office as a draftsman and then Assistant to the Architect. He received his  architect's license in 1932 and engaged in private practice for many years.
Summary:  The collection consists of plans for private residences and  commercial buildings in Gainesville and elsewhere in north Florida.
CALL NO.: UAMS 78   (Special Collections, Archives)

Reeves, F. Blair, 1922-
Papers, 1964-1992.
Description:  5.5 linear ft. (9 boxes) Bio/historical note:  F. Blair Reeves served on the faculty of the College of  Architecture at the University of Florida from 1949 to 1987. Reeves was  active in the area of architectural preservation. He participated in the  Historic American Building Survey and also served on the executive committee  of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. At the University of Florida, Reeves organized the Preservation Institute and  the Research and Education Center for Architectural Preservation. He was also  a leader in the campaign to preserve the University's historical campus.
Summary:  The collection contains reports, correspondence, class materials,  and project files. There are 17 binders dated 1970 to 1987 that document the  Preservation Institute's summer program at Nantucket. Of local interest are  Reeves' files on the University's Bicentennial Committee for which Reeves  served as chair.
CALL NO.: UAMS 57   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida Faculty Club.
Records, 1930-1974, bulk 1963-1974.
Description:  .8 linear ft. (2 boxes) Bio/historical note:  Originally named the University Club, the UF Faculty  Club was formed to promote science, literature, and art and to create a  social setting for the faculty. Most of the extant records concern the  operation of the Rathskellar and unsuccessful plans to build a club  building.
Summary:  Records include constitutions, minutes for 1964-1974, membership  lists, and audit reports.
CALL NO.: UAMS 61   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida. College of Architecture. Office of the  Dean.
Administrative policy records, 1929-1969.
Description:  4.4 linear ft. (11 boxes)
Summary:  Series 72 of the University of Florida Public Records Collection  contains the administrative records of Rudolph Weaver, William T. Arnett, and  Turpin C. Bannister, deans of the College of Architecture and its  predecessors. The series includes material on curriculum development, the  beginnings of the urban planning program in the early 1950s, and the planning  of the Architecture and Fine Arts complex. There are also files on faculty  meetings, the Music Department, the construction of the Murphree Memorial  Statue, and records of the Committee on Education. Of special note are the  extensive files related to regional and state activities of the American  Institute of Architects.
CALL NO.: UAPR 72   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida. J. Wayne Reitz Union. Office of the  Director.
Records, 1946-1984, bulk 1953-1984.
Description:  3.3. linear ft. (8 boxes) Bio/historical note:  The first student union at the University of Florida was  completed in 1936 and was named the Florida Union. Part of the contruction  funds for that building were raised by the YMCA. A new union was constructed  in 1967 and was named in honor of the university's fifth president, J. Wayne  Reitz.
Summary:  Series 85 contains the administrative records of the director of the  student union. The earliest records deal primarily with the planning and  development of the Reitz Union. Later records include files on the Committee  on Public Functions and Lectures, the Committee on Social Organizations and  Activities, and the union's Board of Managers. There are also files on  student protests in the 1960s. Of local interest are files on the management  of recreation facilities at Lake Wauberg.
CALL NO.: UAPR 85   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida. Office of the President.
Administrative policy records, 1974-1984.
Description:  52 linear ft. (125 boxes)
Summary:  Series P13 of the Archives Presidential Collection contains the  administrative records of Robert Q. Marston, seventh president of the  Universty of Florida. The series emphasizes the public and external aspects  of university administration. Included are records of national and regional  academic organizations and records related to alumni and donor relations.  Marston's relationship with the local community and city government are also  well documented. As in other presidential papers, the university's relationship with the  Florida Board of Regents and other universities in the State University  System constitutes a major portion of the series. Proposed state legislation  involving the university and higher education is also critiqued. Internal  administration topics include affirmative action efforts, expansion of  sponsored research, and building construction. Changes in faculty and students affairs are also indicated. The university  grappled with a new age of majority, an independent student newspaper, and  sexual misconduct at a social fraternity. Faculty achieved collective  bargaining rights and the university dealt with issues concerning salary  equity for women instructors. The energy crisis of the 1970s was also a major  concern.
Notes:  Forms part of the University of Florida Archives Presidential  Collection.
CALL NO.: UAPC P12   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida. Office of the President.
Administrative policy records, 1955-1967.
Description:  33.3 linear ft. (80 boxes)
Summary:  Series P14 contains the administrative records of J. Wayne Reitz,  fifth president of the University of Florida. Included in the series are his  correspondence files, memoranda, building project files, and biennial reports  to the Florida Board of Regents. In addition to extensive files on the  development of the colleges, the series documents alumni relations, student  affairs, and campus planning and development. Several key events and  controversies are recorded.  These include desegregation, football  controversies, academic freedom, and the early stages of student protest in  the 1960s.
Notes:  Series P14 forms part of the Presidential Collection of the University  of Florida Archives.
CALL NO.: UAPR P14   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida. Office of the President.
Administrative policy records, 1928-1947.
Description:  35.3 linear ft. (85 boxes)
Summary:  Series P7 contains the administrative records of John James Tigert,  third president of the University of Florida. The series contains  correspondence, memoranda, building construction records, reports, committee  minutes, and other records. Included in the series is Tigert's correspondence  with the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities' Executive  Committee and the Joint Committee on Accrediting.  Tigert's relationship to  the Florida Board of Control is well documented as are the university's  academic and administrative units. Of particular note are the extensive files related to military training at the  University of Florida during World War II. Also of interest are Tigert's  files on the construction of several campus buildings, the development of  radio station WRUF, and Tigert's influence on the university's sports  programs.
Notes:  Forms part of the University of Florida Archives Presidential  Collection. Finding-aid available. Item level description provided.
CALL NO.: UAPC P7   (Special Collections, Archives)

University of Florida. Office of the Vice President for  Agricultural Affairs.
Administrative policy records, 1947-1956 (bulk 1949-1956).
Description:  3.92 lin. ft. (10 boxes). Arrangement:  Subseries: Forms part of Series 100 in the University of Florida  Archives Public Records Collection.
Summary:  Subseries 100a contains the correspondence and other administrative  papers of J. Wayne Reitz during his tenure as Provost for Agriculture (now  Vice President for Agricultural Affairs). Included in the subseries are  records related to the accreditation of the University's Agricultural  Engineering program, the building program for the agricultural units, the  Welaka Conservation Reserve, and the state's citrus industry. The latter  includes records of the Citrus Fruit Advisory Committee, Citrus and  Sub-tropical Advisory Committee, the Citrus Industry Planning Committee, and  Florida Citrus Mutual. The University of Florida's participation in the  development of the Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences  (Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias Agricolas) in Costa Rica is  substantially documented. Related material(s):  In University of Florida. Office of the Vice President  for Agricultural Affairs. Administrative policy records, 1947-
CALL NO.: UAPR s100a   (Special Collections, Archives)

Weaver, Rudolph, 1880-1944.
Architectural records, ca.1920-1940.
Description:  3 boxes. Bio/historical note:  Rudolph Weaver was Architect to the Florida Board of  Control (later Board of Control) and the first director of the School of  Architecture (now College of Architecture) at the University of Florida. He  taught at the University of Illinois and the University of Idaho and was  architect for Washington State University (then State College of Washington)  before coming to Florida.
Summary:  The collection includes technical drawings, plans, photographs, and  sketches of buildings at the State College of Washington, the University of  Illinois, and the University of Idaho. Also included are materials for  private residences and commercial structures.
CALL NO.: UAMS 40   (Special Collections, Archives)

Young Men's Christian Association (University of Florida)
Records, 1922-1953.
Description:  2.1 linear ft. (5 boxes)
Summary:  This collection contains the minutes, correspondence, and project  files of the University of Florida YMCA. Of special interest are the records  related to efforts to build a YMCA building. Money raised for the project was  eventually used to construct a student union. Also of note are the records  related to the Y's work with freshmen.
CALL NO.: UAMS 58   (Special Collections, Archives)