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Library Directions

Library Goals

Library Objectives 2006-2007

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  1. At an inflation-adjusted base of $8,170,000, review the cancellation program to adjust actual expenditures for serials and monographs
  2. In light of a one-time $500,000 addition to the materials budget, implement desiderata list in conjunction with faculty and program needs
  3. Review the local results of the OCLC WorldCat Collection Analysis Service in preparation for a CSUL-wide initiative for coordination in building collection resources
  4. Review ILL transactions as indicators for materials acquisition


  1. Recast retrieval/delivery services to fit with re‐opening of Library West – expand services if funding is available
  2. Develop coherent and well‐managed services for distance learners and other off‐campus UF users


  1. Review and implement recommendations of the Resource Navigation Task Force
  2. Implement and integrate MetaLib interface and redesigned web page into reference services and instruction activities
  3. Redesign the library web page
  4. Continue to improve accuracy and completeness of Library holdings exposed in Google and other open web searches.
  5. Redefine the OPAC, track & collaborate on FCLA initiative to evaluate Primo or Endeca
  6. Define services available to various campus visitors through web page and staff training


  1. Assess recommendations of the Institutional Repository Task Force and define resources needed to make this an operational library resource
  2. Establish a CM/Digital Library Services task force to implement IR/Archives/Program needs. Include in individual assignments
  3. Introduce a program of systematic review of new materials in electronic formats in addition to print. Integrate responses to specific service needs (e.g., materials needed for course reserves, materials borrowed through ILL, etc.)


  1. Build on committee recommendation re: campus needs
  2. Integrate information literacy with campus teaching, especially via WebCT
  3. Develop online modules along with process for managing/monitoring/updating them


  1. Initiate and actively participate in campus initiative to support Open Access alternatives to traditional scholarly publishing models.
  2. Make outreach a key part of staff assignment
  3. Heavily market Smathers Libraries’ services and resources using the re‐opening of Library West as a springboard to talk about all libraries
  4. Begin market segmentation efforts by focusing on market segments that use resources and services delivered remotely
  5. Expand existing public programs such as the Writers Conference, Black History Month, etc. and improve coordination between library units, the Public Relations and Marketing Committee, and support group


  1. Complete moves and re‐open Library West, implement new services and facilities features, evaluate, and make necessary adjustments.
  2. Complete the assessment of programmatic needs for Collection Management and Technology Services and complete a proposal for future use of Smathers Library.
  3. Plan and complete transfer of the Judaica Library collection and bibliographer to Library West and determine processing requirements and location of staff to support the collection.
  4. Redesign space in Marston Science Library and Education Library following departure of Access Services and Judaica staff and services
  5. Support and work toward development of an Architecture/FineArts Library
  6. Review storage facility and services and develop long‐range storage plan
  7. Implement professional signage program to facilitate user self‐service
  8. Continue reclassification of priority Dewey circulating materials
  9. Update the library disaster plan


  1. Increase subject‐based endowments across the disciplines
  2. Increase development and grant funding


  1. Implement an online financial reporting system that will enable management to see at any time the source and status of all available funds, encumbrances, and probable yearly cash flow.
  2. Implement an online tracking system that will enable management to see at any time the status (age and location) of library equipment
  3. Undertake a thorough analysis of the cost effectiveness of Facilities operations including the mail/courier service, the print shop, and supplies operations (including an inventory of all supplies).
  4. Develop and implement a statistics/management information system for the Libraries.
  5. Improve Aleph reports


  1. Working with faculty governance group:
    1. Formalize input into annual library goals
    2. Formalize input into appointment of faculty search committee
    3. Formalize input into tenure and promotion process
    4. Formalize input into allocation of merit for faculty
  2. Helping to establish and working with staff representative group
    1. Formalize input into annual library goal
    2. Formalize appointment to search committees
    3. Formalize input into allocation of merit for non‐faculty


  1. Complete staff structure review and implement recommendations.
  2. Review staff positions to establish consistencies in classification and equity in salaries
  3. Implement an employee training curriculum for all employees that
    1. Addresses findings of a formal needs assessment
    2. Helps employees attain established competencies
    3. Supports organizational goals and individual professional advancement prospects
    4. Utilizes university training resources to maximum efficiency
    5. And track registration and attendance as well as competencies, skills, and abilities of employees.
  4. Improve communication with staff
  5. Review Systems liaison program
  6. Recruit new staff, filling vacated positions promptly


  1. Purchase and implement the Verde Electronic Resource Management system.
  2. Redefine catalog operations – shifts to streamlined authority processing, metadata & special collections support
  3. Redefine Preservation strategies – shift to digitization of brittle materials
  4. Integrate the Libraries’ Active Directory system with the campus AD tree.
  5. Explore the implications of the new campus IT consolidation initiative.
  6. Implement recommendations of the Public Services Computer Task Force
  7. Develop a quality control system for software used in the Libraries
  8. Complete the process of converting the libraries’ network operations to the wallplate model during 2006.
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