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Library Public Relations & Marketing Committee

Meeting Notes - October 3, 2005

Public Relations and Marketing Committee Minutes
October 3, 2005

Members Present: Carol Turner, Tom Minton, Barbara Hood, Chelsea Dinsmore, John Nemmers, Angela Mott, Susy Potter, Val Davis, Steve Carrico and Marina Salcedo.

Introduction of new members: Val Davis and Steve Carrico

Library West Re-Opening –

Read-A-Thon Committee –

Discussed having the Read-A-Thon committee as a subcommittee of this committee, since there is so much shared membership. Barbara announced that she is talking with subject specialists to ask faculty to promote the event and try to get it onto their syllabi.

Library Website -

Server updates -

Update on faculty welcome folders –

Facebook -

Marina reported that Jana wants posters to advertise the chat service. Barbara will handle this.

Chelsea reported that the PSC committee wants photos of the presentation panels we purchased to be included on the Resources Page. Also, the Map Library has panels that we can borrow when they are not using them. We discussed possible Resources Page elements:

Marina will be absent at the next meeting, but Chelsea will lead the discussions on planning for the Grand Re-Opening events.

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