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15 x 16 mm.
© Auk Press
Printer/Publisher: Auk Press. Cheney, William Murray, 1907- .
Country: California (U.S.) City: Los Angeles Date: 1939
Keywords: printing presses, birds, auks
Mottoes, Text:
Names, Initials:
Device Designer: Cheney, William Murray, 1907- .
Device Reference: Weygand, J.L. Collection of pressmarks p. 16
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Notes: "There is no story or history to specak of behind the device of Wlliam M. Cheney, that printer assures us. "I happened once to think about auks," he writes, "and I drew one with a stick in hand standing before a Pilot press." It here makes one of its too infrequent appearances."© James Lamar Weygand
Weygand, James Lamar.
A collection of pressmarks gathered from America's private presses and from others not so private.
Nappanee, Ind., Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1956.
Location: University of Florida