J. Lowell


James Russell Lowell

Edited by Kevin B. MacDonnell

"Behind his conservative Victorian exterior, Lowell was a man who had as varied a career as any of his contemporaries: he was a student whose irreverence got him rusticated to Concord, an idealistic young lawyer, ardent romantic, passionate abolitionist, erudite scholar, successful diplomat, humorist, lecturer, stairist, poet, essayist, respected professor, and influential editor.
Parkman Howe's Lowell collection overflows with evidence of every aspect of Lowell's public and private life and his multiple careers."
Contains: 296 printed titles; 21 manuscripts, 22 Ana.
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A. Lowell Amy Lowell

Edited by Carmen Russell Hurff

"S. Foster Damon records Amy Lowell's coaching of an unresponsive audience: 'Well?--Clap or hiss, I don't care which; but do something!'
Above all, biographers continue to be dazzled by Miss Lowell's vigor under persistent ill health and the sheer range of her capabilities, especially given the limitations of her formal education. Besides achieving poetic stature herself, she created a stir as critic, biographer, and lecturer-performer."
Contains: 47 printed titles; 1 manuscript.
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