Henry Adams

Edited by Roger E. Stoddard

"The problem, however, concerns not a rare trade edition of a pseudonomynous novel, but the trial editions and thin-paper issues of the History, as well as the first edition of the Memoirs of Marau Taaora. The 1885 and 1888 trial editions (HA 10 & 11) were privately printed in six copies each ... The thin-paper issues of the first four volumes of the trade edition published by Charles Scribner are identified here in four sets apiece (HA 12 & 13). Memoirs is identified here in ten copies ...
PDH acquired copies of all of the above ... "
Contains: 35 printed titles; 4 Ana.
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AB Alcott Amos Bronson Alcott

Edited by Roger E. Stoddard

"Bronson Alcott is neither collected nor collectible, but Parkman D. Howe assembled a serviceable shelf of books as an adjunct to stronger collections of the other Concord authors. Dutifully he accumulated Alcott's school reports, and he discovered and acquired the original book from which 'On the Nature and Means of Early Intellectual Education' had been offprinted (ABA2)."
Contains: 23 printed titles; 1 manuscript; 3 Ana.
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LM Alcott Louisa May Alcott

Edited by Roger E. Stoddard

"Early works such as 'The Masked Marriage' and 'The Skeleton in the Closet' were written for the 'pulp' publications of the 1850s and 1860s, story papers and news-stand paperbacks; they have proven as difficult to identify as to collect ...
PDH formed a solid collection of her books, including rarities such as Hospital Sketches, The Mysterious Key, and Will's Wonder Book. Together with the prime copies of first editions, his collection is supplemented in an almost magical way now by the reprints and British editions collected by the late Ruth Baldwin and now at UF in the Baldwin Library."
Contains: 75 printed titles; 16 manuscripts; 5 Ana.
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Spofford Harriet Prescott Spofford

Edited by Ruth Mortimer

"Of all the authors in the Parkman Dexter Howe Library, Harriet Prescott Spofford may be the least known to late twentieth-century readers. Her association with John Greenleaf Whittier probably gained her admittance to the Howe Library, and her early literary reputation can be verified through her connections with other Howe authors."
Contains: 55 printed titles; 34 manuscripts.
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Stowe Harriet Beecher Stowe

Edited by Michael Winship

"P.D. Howe's Stowes contain both the original text of Uncle Tom's Cabin, serialized in the National Era (1851-52), and the first book edition (1842) ... Other highspots include a copy Stowe's first separately published fiction. A New England Sketch (1834), and a set in original parts of the illustrated London edition of her best novel, The Minister's Wooing (1859)."
Contains: 83 printed titles; 4 manuscripts.
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