The Tallahassee Sentinel

Observations in Tropical Florida

In five articles published between April 19th and May 7th, 1867, the Sentinel reproduced George F. Thompson's official report on Florida as submitted to the Freedmen's Bureau.  Although in many ways a more sterile account than what Thompson entered in his journal, the report covers his analysis of continuing tensions between former secessionists and unionists, outlines his thoughts on the needs and abilities of the freedmen, and presents his assessements of stock raising, fishing, agriculture, and other activities around the state. The conclusion of his report on Dade County contains rather erroneous and second-hand information about the Seminole, together with his recommendation for draining land and lowering the level of Lake Okeechobee.
Tampa and the Gulf Coast
Social Tension in Tampa
Labor and Produce
Dade County (1)
Dade County (2)
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