re, Joseph Gibbs, breeder and dealer, who supplied the Eales  
  Text of letter, W.J. Morris, Archer, Fla., to James Eales, Barry, Ill., on deaths in family:

Archer, Florida

Dec 31 1,86

Mr. Eales Sir

Your brother Robt. was burried yesterday after a long illness.  I am his nearest white neighbor, a half a mile east.  I helped to burry your Father and burried your Sister alone and had all to do in burrying Robt. except some help from two colored men.  I did all for Robt. that I could do seeing after him & taking things to him to eat.  Henry Allen died Sunday last then we got Rodgers to stay with Robt.  Last Monday Robt. sold the team harness & wagon for 50 dollars got ten dollars cash simanote [?] a note due first of March next of forty dollars.  Robt gave Rodgers the ten dollars for his services & had 70 cts in change left & a due bill of forty five cents.  The due bill & 70 cts I paid to the doctor.  There is 35 cts still due the doctor, a store bill & the funeral expenses which will be small.  Robt. had sold a good many of his pets and has now got one dog two prairie gophers nine rabbits nine China pigs thirty one guinea pigs and two cages of white rats.  I have Rodgers employed to feed them until we can hear from you. We are paying him 40 cts per day.  I made a statement to the proper officers and they told me to go ahead & buy things and burry Robt, collect the note, pay the expences and send you what was left.  Now we want you to write at once and let us know what you want done and who you want to do it.  If you want me to be your agent give us your directions about the animals.  Every body says kill them but we cant without your orders. Then the farm.  The colored men Robt. was [was] renting to seems as good as any chance.  Let us know at once for the fences need a good deal of repairs and it is time to commense farming.  Do you want to till, What is your prices and so on.

Hoping to hear from you at once, I remain

W.J. Morris

P.S.  The tax on the farm has not been paid and is now due but will be no per cent added untill the first of May 1887.


 Dock Rodgers, Archer, Fla., to James Eales, Barry, Ill., 1/13/1887
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