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  One of the most important maps in St. Augustine's history, the Plano Particular by Mariano de la Rocque is the most accurate 18th century plat map of the city.  Photocopies of the map have been used by historians and archaeologists for decades to pinpoint the location of streets, houses, lot lines, and outbuildings in the city, as well as to study colonial architecture.  This facsimile is a full scale reproduction of the original, and was accompanied by a second donation (not shown) of a 19th century copy of Rocque's map.  The act of copying explains the many marks on the Rocque map, which include a pencil gridwork used as a measuring device to create a duplicate and notations about where copies would be sent.  Facsimiles were also donated by the BLM and the PGA to the City of St. Augustine and the St. Augustine Historical Society, thus ensuring that the map, in full color, will be easily accessible to scholars in Florida.  The original map first went to the Library of Congress as part of the East Florida Papers and was later transferred to the Bureau of Land Management, the archive for official plats of U.S. towns.

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