The Spanish Borderlands:
Guides to the Spanish Colonial Records
Detail, A View of the Town and Castle of St. Augustine and The English Camp before it June 20, 1740 by Thos. Silver 

You can now access the Index to the East Florida Papers (1784-1821) Online.

Made possible by a grant from The St. Augustine Foundation at Flagler College and the Historic St. Augustine Research Institute.

Since its inception, the P.K. Yonge Library has dedicated itself to collecting records on Florida's Spanish and British colonial history from archives around the world.  The library currently holds more than 2.5 million microfilm images of important colonial documents.  The Yonge Library also curates the Joseph Byrne Lockey Collection comprising all of Lockey's copies, transcriptions, and/or translations of British and Spanish  colonial records from the Public Record Office, the Archivo General de Indias, the Archivo Historico Nacional, the Library of Congress, and other repositories. 

For general descriptions of our major holdings see:  

The calendars developed by the Spanish Florida Borderlands Program consist of a series of 3 x 5 catalog cards, arranged chronologically within legajos or sections. Each card reflects a document, and each document is described on cards which are divided into sections:  
  • Date of document and its location within the collection.
  • Place of origin, author, addressee, length of document.
  • Brief summary in English (annotation) of its contents noting subjects and all proper names.


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