Views of Alachua
Harrison and Flora George Photographs

Packing Radishes

Accompanying Handwritten Caption Reads:
Front:  Packing radishes
Reverse:  Packing radishes on the farm of Jnop Wills from [???].  Mr. [???} had received more than 100 and all have not yet been shipped.  The [farm?] may be seen in the long dark strip extending across the field.  [illegible] Framework in background is an acre and a half under canvass.  Canvass rolled up may be seen in the white [line?] surmounting frames.  There are eight or nine beds thirty feet wide where the white line appears to descend to the ground.  Canvass  [is set] down over [the rows] during cold weather and frosty nights  The beds are planted to lettuce but have not been profitable this year from various causes though it has been a lettuce year.  [remainder illegible except for the figure "$1000"]..
Scanning of this photo was funded by the E. Ashby Hammond Memorial Fund.

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