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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Papers - Contents List Continued

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Series 3: Miscellaneous

Series 3A: Miscellaneous Papers

The miscellaneous papers include some manuscript material by Rawlings, but mostly include papers held by her, or relating to her. They usually originate from her lifetime and have a relationship that makes them a primary source. Secondary and posthumous documents about Rawlings are found in the "Addenda" section. Included here are examples of Christmas greetings from Charles and Marjorie Rawlings, family history, documents collected by Rawlings, relating to Zephaniah Kingsley, personal memorabilia, notes on writing, yearbooks and documents from the University of Wisconsin and culinary documents. Related material includes Mickens family letters and documents, two letters by Idella Parker, and documents relating to Charles A. Rawlings, Jr., and to Norton Baskin. Arrangement: All items from MP 1 through MP 5, except for MP 5(2), are bound. The remaining items, as well as MP 5(2) are filed in manuscript boxes. When requesting these items, please indicate whether they are bound or boxed. Most of these documents are on Reel 12 of the Rawlings microfilm.

Miscellaneous Papers: Bound.
MP 1. "Blow, Boys, Blow," printed Christmas greeting with music, from Charles and Marjorie Rawlings [192-?] 1 leaf. Shelved on folio shelf.
MP 1A. Block print Christmas greeting: "Ye Crist dide come / So preestes seye / To save ye worlds from folye / But Charles and Marjorie / Rawlings preye / May the goode Lorde on his / Birthe day / Save ye from melancolye." 1 sheet. 35x32.5 cm., bound to 38 cm. Ornamental border and Christmas scenes, hand dated (1923) [Gift of Nancy S. Weyant, in memory of Ethel Fairmont Snyder Beebe, the recipient of the greeting, June 2000.]
MP 2A. Application for Membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, D.C. Printed form filled in by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. 3 copies with variant information 2 pages of appended material.
MP 2B. Application for Membership to the Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy. Printed form filled out by Grace Isabell Kinnan.
MP 2C. "Pierce Family," by Francis M. Smith. Typed ms. 3 leaves.
MP 3. Genealogy of Dominie Evergardus Bogardus and Annake Jans Bogardus. Collected and Compiled by Grace Isabell Kinnan. Typed ms. With this are several items, described in the Short Writings (SW)
MP 4. Traphagen family correspondence and papers, 1844 - 1872: 1) Mary Traphagen to Wessel Traphagen; Detroit, 25 June 1844. 2) Maiders[?] Margaret A. to [Mary Traphagen?] Redford, MI. 29 April 1866. 3) Traphagen, Mary to Helen; 17 March 1864. 4) McCabe, John, to Wessel and Mary Traphagen; Vergennes [MI]. 14 May 1857. 5) [McCabe?] John and Elizabeth to [Wessel and Mary Traphagen?] Vergennes [MI]. 21 July 1858. 6) [Kinnan, Ida Traphagen?] AN (fragment from letter?) 7) Traphagen, Abram and Fanny to "Dear Mother"; Holly [MI]. 23 Jan. 1870. 8) Traphagen, Abram to "Dear Mother"; Holly [MI]. 10 August 1872. 9) Traphagen, Abram and Fanny to "Dear Mother"; Holly [MI]. 13 March 1870. 10) Traphagen, Abram and Fanny to "Dear Mother"; Holly [MI]. 20 Feb. 1870. 11) Bills of sales, receipts, etc. of Wessel, Mary and Abram Traphagen, 185?-1867.
MP 5. Material Relating to Zephaniah Kingsley, collected by MKR.
MP 5(1). May, Philip S. "One of the Most Fit and Discreet Men in the Territory." A paper delivered to the Annual Meeting of the Florida Historical Society. Daytona Beach, Jan. 24, 1939. Typed ms. (carbon) 12 leaves.
MP 5(2). [Kingsley, Zephaniah] A Treatise on the Patriarchal, or Co-operative System of Society.. under the Name of Slavery. By an Inhabitant of Florida, 2d ed. [n.p.] 1829. Photostat of copy from the Free Public Library of Jacksonville. Not bound; filed in Manuscript Box 5.
MP 5(3). Typed notes from public records regarding legal transactions of Rebecca Pengree, Zephaniah Kingsley, and others, 1803-1815. Mostly concerning parcels of land, ownership, etc. 15 pp. Copied from Duval County Records(?).
MP 5(4). Johnson, James. "History of Zephaniah Kingsley and Family." Federal Editors' Project, Jan 4. 1937. Typed ms., 14 ll. References are bound in the back of MP 5(3).
MP 5(5). ALS (photostat) Zephh. Kingsley to Gen. Jos. M. Hernandez; San Jose, St. Johns River, August 12, 1843.
MP 5(6). "Zephaniah Kingsley--Bibliography," and "The Family Background of Zephaniah Kingsley." Typed mss., [1], 2 ll.

Family, Personal, Professional, and Miscellaneous Papers.

Includes family and personal Documents, professional papers, awards and honors, presentation copies, papers of associates, and miscellaneous papers. Several items, marked "Oversize" are filed in the Manuscript Map and Oversize Drawer in the Processing Area. The documents in folders 30-31 were the gift of Mrs. Straty, Boulder Colorado, 1975. Whether the two Idella Parker letters actually have the same provenance as the others is uncertain.

Box Folder
1 1 Notebook of Abram Traphagen, ca. 1864.
1 2 Personal Documents of MKR and family: Passport, birth certificate, report card, death certificate, Bogardus and Kinnan family crests, checkbook, Will, 1949-51, and others.
1 3 Certificate of Pedigree. Printed form made out for a Siamese cat, March 10, 1943. Name of "Smokey" written on verso.
1 4 To the Author. Information sheet from Charles Scribner's Sons. New York [193-?]
1 5 Reading Hour Featuring the Works of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Mimeographed program with autograph note [n. p.] 3 October 1940.
1 6A Yearling Movie Set, March 7, 1939 - Two photographs of Piety and Leonard Fiddia at cabin, and copies of other photos (Original prints are in the Photograph file.)
1 6B Yearling (movie, 1945) - Photograph of Gregory Peck and Claude Jarman, Jr., and copy of "Filming 'The Yearling' in Florida, by Wylly St. John, Atlanta Journal Magazine, June 24, 1945.
1 7 Sun in the Morning [Sun Comes Up] Trailer, 1948. May be from Brandt and Brandt Papers.
1 8 Program for the Fisk Festival of Music and Art, Nashville, 1949. MKR, a speaker.
1 9 Sojourner Publicity, 1952. "Publicity for Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings," memo from P. English to [J. H.] Wheelock, 19 Nov. 1952, and "Schedule of Appointments," 29 Dec. 1952.
1 10 National Institute of Arts and Letters. Constitution and List of Members, 1938, and Certificate of election to membership, MKR, 1939.
1 11 Woman of the Year in Service to Florida Rural Women, 1940, from The Progressive Farmer.
1 12 University of Florida Doctor of Humane Letters diploma and citation, June 2, 1941. 2 portfolios.
1 13 University of Tampa. 1942 Commencement Program. Doctor of Literature degree awarded to MKR. With copy of citation.
1 14 St. Lawrence University. 1953 Commencement Program. Doctor of Letters degree awarded to MKR.
1 15 Baro, Gene. Lonesome in the Evening, for Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Rome, Botteghe Oscure XIV, 1954. Author's inscribed presentation copy to Ants Oras. Gift to the Library of Dr. Oras.
1 16 Intolerance, an address delivered by Hamilton Holt, Winger Park, FL, 14 March 1937. Presentation inscription to MKR.
1 17 The Lion and the Archer, poems by Robert Hayden and Myron O'Higgins. Counterpose series, 1948. Presentation inscription from Robert Hayden to MKR.
1 18 Scandinavian Literature, by Sigrid Undset. Reprint from the Quarterly Bulletin of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America, July, 1943. Inscribed to MKR.
1 19 Bulletin -- St. Ansgar's Scandinavian Catholic League of New York, no. 41: Feb. 1943. Presentation inscription from Sigrid Undset to MKR. Contains articles by Undset.
1 20 Yale University Library Gazette, v. 23:1 (July 1948). Presentation inscription from Carl Van Vechten, 26 June 1948, to MKR. Article by Van Vechten on J. B. Cabell.
1 21 Diary of Bernice Gilkyson, June 1 - August 1, 1948, trip to England.
1 22 Tarrant, Ida (aunt of Charles A. Rawlings). "My Trip to Florida,", April 1936, [10] pp.
1 23 Compass, published by the Shipley School, v. 2:1 (Feb. 1, 1948) with letters from Jane T. Sagendorph, exchange editor, to MKR; Bryn Mawr, PA, 26 Feb. 1948.
1 24 Recent Books for Hospital Use in Veteran's Administration Facilities. No. 63, July, 1942. Includes Cross Creek in list.
1 25 Photograph of Evangeline Booth, signed by the photographer "Mishkin, NY," and inscribed by Booth "to one of my treasured and faithful officers in the great war, June 27 1920."
1 26 Photograph of Woodrow Wilson, Harris and Ewing, Washington.
1 27 Invitation to the installation of Dwight David Eisenhower as president of Columbia University, 12 October 1948.
1 28 Two Worlds Monthly, 1:4 [1925]
1 29 "Margaret Mitchell and Her Novel 'Gone with the Wind.'" New York, 1936.
1 29A Talk by MKR to the Twentieth Century Book Reviewers, Gainesville, March 2, 1942: Announcement of and comments [by Gladys or Cliff Lyons] Announcements of lecture at UF, and lecture note. All Xerox copies. Believed to have been received from Clifford and Gladys Lyons. [Added 7/30/99]
1 30 [Mickens, Martha and Will, ca. 1930-1960] Correspondence to Martha and Will Mickens, mostly from their children, especially Fred and Adrenna. Included are two letters from Idella [Parker] including one to her husband Bernard, written at about the time she left MKR's employment in 1950. [Gift of Mrs. Straty, Boulder Colorado, 1975]
1 31 Mickens, Martha and Will. Documents including insurance policies, driver's license, health benefit documents, etc. [Gift of Mrs. Straty, Boulder Colorado, 1975]
Oversize: Pulitzer Prize Certificate, 1939. Awarded to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings for The Yearling. Filed in Manuscript Map and Oversize Drawer in Processing Area. A digital reproduction is available in the University of Florida Digital Collections.
Oversize: Yearling Country Map. U.S.D.A. Forest Service Map of the Ocala National Forest, 1938. Annotated by MKR to show where scenes in The Yearling occurred. Copies given to MGM crew. Acquired by the Smathers Libraries after 1990. Filed in Manuscript Map and Oversize Drawer in Processing Area.
Oversize: Diplomas awarded Arthur Frank Kinnan: State Agricultural College, Michigan, B.S., 1883; Columbia University, B.A., 1895; Columbia University, Master of Patent Law, 1899.
Oversize: Western High School of the District of Columbia. Graduation Diploma, Marjorie Kinnan, June 17, 1914.
Oversize: University of Wisconsin. Diploma awarded Marjorie Kinnan, B.A., June 19, 1918.
Oversize: Rollins College. Diploma awarded Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Doctor of Literature, February 28, 1939.
Tape of Dedication of new University of Florida Library Wing. Includes remarks by MKR. Filed with Tapes in Addenda, Box 4.

University of Wisconsin.

2 The Badger, University of Wisconsin Yearbooks, 1917 and 1918. 2 vols.
3 The Badger, University of Wisconsin Yearbooks, 1919 and 1941. 2 vols.
3 University of Wisconsin Documents relating to MKR: MKR's Grade Report 1914-15. Commencement Booklet, 1918. Certificate of election, Phi Beta Kapa, Alpha Chapter of Wisconsin, 1918. Drama Programs, 1916-1917. Wisconsin Alumnus (Cover) June 1949. University of Wisconsin diploma awarded Marjorie Kinnan, B.A., June 19, 1918 (Shelved in the Manuscript Map and Oversize Drawer in the Processing Area.).

Cooking and Food.

Box Folder
4 1 The Boston Cooking School Cook Book. MKR's copy. Lacking title page. Includes ms. annotations in the covers.
4 2 Folder of clippings that were removed from between the leaves of the book. Some have been photocopied.
4 3 Recipe for Shrimp Remoulade, Weidmann's Restaurant, Meridian, MS. "For Mrs. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings."
4 4 Cross Creek Cookery (Scribner's) dust jacket.
4 5 Jellies, Preserves and Marmalades. [USDA] Bulletin 42, June, 1922.

Charles Rawlings Papers.

The following were among the Charles Rawlings - MKR correspondence opened for use in April, 1998.

5 Rawlings, Charles, Military Papers, 20 August 1917 - 4 December 1918. Includes order of induction and discharge.
5 Rawlings, Charles. Business papers, 4 September 1918 - 7 May 1919.
5 Rawlings, Charles. Group photograph, including Charles Rawlings (?) [ca. 1918]

Norton Baskin Papers.

The following records, primarily relating to Norton Baskin, were given by him to his great-niece Judith P. Oliver in 1988. They, along with several hundred of letters, were acquired by the University of Florida in May, 1998. Some items relating to MKR are included.

5 Certificate of NB as Godparent to Sandra Elizabeth Harris, born 23 May 1942. St. Augustine, 21 August 1954.
5 American Indian; Bulletin of the American Field Service in India. January, February 1944. Contain contributions by Norton Baskin.
5 Roster of American Field Service Volunteers, 1939-1945. New York.
5 American Field Service memorabilia. Includes insignia, a metal tag (possibly from an ambulance) and some cards with written notes.
5 Discharge slip, discharging Baskin from hospital; 15 August 1944.
5 American Field Service (India). Pass book in account of NB. 1944
5 Baskin, Norton. AFS Certificate of identity with photo, 22 June 1943.
5 Baskin, Norton. Notice of classification, 7 Nov. 1944.
5 Thompson-Ryman Realty Co., St. Augustine. Invoice for insurance to NB; 29 March 1945.
5 Weeks, John Wesley. In account with estate of Norton F. Sanford, 1952-1953.
5 Address book, probably Norton's.
5 Safari to Oblivion, or Drunks Take a Holiday typed ms.1 p. Fantasy scenario featuring Norton Baskin.
5 The Four Prominent Citizens, 4 p. Political satire. Author unknown.
5 [Baskin, Norton] A.Ms. (fragmentary) or fragment from letter, describing an actual or fictional AFS episode in India, 5 p.
5 [Rawlings. Marjorie Kinnan]. Typed document, purporting to be written by MKR's cats, Marco Polo, etc., and signed with a paw print, renouncing communism. [195?] 1 p.
5 Aetna Insurance. Automobile Identification card issued to MKR; 4 Sept. 1952.
5 Map of Southwest England. Probably used by the Baskins on their trip to England and Ireland in 1952.
5 Unidentified list with verse "Have you ever felt Svelte?" on verso.

Photographs (Acquired with Oliver Accession).

The photographs are lettered "a" - "u." Items a-c are negatives, and items d-u are prints.

5 a. Negative (nitrate?), 1x2." Tenant house(?) cf. #.
5 b. Negative (nitrate?), 1x2." Tenant house(?), woman holding a bucket (out of focus).
5 c. Negative (nitrate?), 1x2." Tenant house(?), woman holding a baby(?) (out of focus).
5 d. Small black dog (2x2")
5 e. Norton Baskin (2 1/2x2.5") - 2 copies.
5 f. Tenant house(?) 2 - 2x3." Cf. negative #1.
5 g. India scenes(?) 6 - 2x3.5"
5 h. Man and woman among trees, Dec. 18, 1930. 2.5 x 3.5"
5 i. MKR and hunting dog. 4x5."
5 j. Unidentified people at waterfront, 2.5 x 3.5."
5 k. Norton's "compound headquarters, Imphal, May, 1944." 3.5 x 4."
5 l. Unidentified man operating outboard motor. 3.5 x 4."
5 m. Older man behind car, 3.5 x 4."
5 n. Unidentified man at waterfront. 3x5."
5 o. "Murray and Monty Beebe (Ethel Fairmont) Cheshire, Conn., May, 1932." 3x4."
5 p. Unidentified family, "taken Xmas for the grandmothers." 4 x 4.5."
5 q. Unidentified people on boat, 3 x 5."
5 r. Cooking outdoors with a Dutch oven, 2 - 3x4.5," and Cooking/camping prints, 2 - 2x3 One photo appears to include MKR. (These may be photos from MKR's trip on the St. John's River with Dessie Vinson. One of the small photos was found in the accompanying envelope, mailed from Tampa, where Dessie sometimes lived.)
5 s. MKR and other women. 2 - 4x6."
5 t. Unidentified people on boat, Includes MKR(?) 4x6."
5 u. Four photographs of NB in AFS uniform, including one working under a vehicle hood, 5 x 7".

Series 3B: Scrapbooks and Clippings

Two scrapbooks include information on the Kinnan family and MKR's works, including The Yearling. Four scrapbooks contain book reviews. Many of the clippings in this group were probably collected by MKR herself. Others have been added later, including folders of clippings published after her death. The original clippings in Box 3 have been copied (Box 4) and the copies should be used by readers, rather than the originals. Two of the folders exist only as "copies" in Box 4. A partial list of the clippings is available in the Department of Special Collections. These clippings contain several examples of original writing by MKR. Folder II contains examples of her student and newspaper writings. Folder XVII contains copies of letters to editorial pages of newspapers, and copies of some of her published book reviews are in folder XIX.


1 Two leather scrapbooks with her name stamped on the cover, ca. 1898-1945. (Formerly catalogued and shelved as 813.5 R259Yr). Gift of Norton Baskin, April 20, 1960. "This data was compiled... by Grace I. Kinnan and Wilmer Kinnan." Restricted - Very fragile condition. Not available for use. Photocopies are available in Notebooks 1-3. Contents of volume 1 include a photograph of the home of Arthur F. Kinnan, Washington, D.C., where Marjorie was born, two letters from him to his mother, genealogical data on the Kinnan and related families, and numerous clippings, primarily but not exclusively relating to The Yearling. Volume 2 contains clippings relating to other of Rawlings' works.
1 Notebook 1. Photocopies of scrapbook volume 1.
1 Notebook 2. Photocopies of scrapbook volume 2 (2A).
1 Notebook 3. Photocopies of scrapbook volume 2 (2B).
1 Notebook 4. Scrapbook of Book Reviews. Collected and Presented to the University of Florida by Patrick D. Smith. (Formerly classed as 813.5 R259Yr 1965). One of four. The four original notebooks are in fragile condition. Use is restricted. Photocopies are available for use in Box 2.
1 Notebook 5. Scrapbook of Book Reviews. Collected and Presented to the University of Florida by Patrick D. Smith. (Formerly classed as 813.5 R259Yr 1965). One of four. The four original notebooks are in fragile condition. Use is restricted. Photocopies are available for use in Box 2.
1 Notebook 6. Scrapbook of Book Reviews. Collected and Presented to the University of Florida by Patrick D. Smith. (Formerly classed as 813.5 R259Yr 1965). One of four. The four original notebooks are in fragile condition. Use is restricted. Photocopies are available for use in Box 2.
1 Notebook 7. Scrapbook of Book Reviews. Collected and Presented to the University of Florida by Patrick D. Smith. (Formerly classed as 813.5 R259Yr 1965). One of four. The four original notebooks are in fragile condition. Use is restricted. Photocopies are available for use in Box 2.

Box Folder
2 1 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: South Moon Under, 1933-1934
2 2 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Golden Apples, 1935-1944
2 3 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: The Yearling, 1938-1948
2 4 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: The Yearling, 1938-1948
2 5 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Cross Creek, 1941-1944
2 6 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Cross Creek, 1941-1944
2 7 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Cross Creek Cookery, 1942-1950
2 8 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Sojourner, 1952-1954
2 9 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Sojourner, 1952-1954
2 10 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Sojourner, 1952-1954
2 11 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: The Secret River, 1955-1956
2 12 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (biographical) 1933-1953
2 13 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: I Dream of the Day, 1945. MKR wrote an introduction to this volume of letters by Caleb Milne.
2 14 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: "The Pelican's Shadow," 1940
2 15 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: Jacob's Ladder, 1931, 1950-1951
2 16 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: The Marjorie Rawlings Reader, 1958
2 17 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: When the Whippoorwill, 1940
2 18 Copies of Scrapbook of Book Reviews: When the Whippoorwill, 1940


Box Folder
3 I-1 Articles about MKR, 1916-1953
3 I-2 Articles about MKR, 1945-1953
3 II Articles by MKR, 1918-1926 (Student and journalism writings)
3 III Autobiographical material, 1938 and 1953 (Los Angeles Times)
3 IV Book Reviews, etc. -- Cross Creek, 1942
3 V Book Reviews, etc. -- Cross Creek Cookery, 1942
3 VI Book Reviews, etc. -- Golden Apples, 1935
3 VII Book Reviews, etc. -- Jacob's Ladder, 1931, 1951
3 VIII Book Reviews, etc. -- "Mountain Prelude," 1947
3 IX Book Reviews, etc. -- Sojourner, 1953
3 X Book Reviews, etc. -- South Moon Under, 1933-1937
3 XI Book Reviews, etc. -- When the Whippoorwill, 1940, 1946
3 XII Book Reviews, etc. -- The Yearling, 1938-1951
3 XIII "Cracker Chidlings" Controversy
3 XIV A-B Originals only. Copies are in Cason v. Baskin (Ms. Group 33, Box 7, folder 1). Cross Creek Trial, Feb. Feb., 1943-1946, 1948.
3 VX Death of MKR, December 14, 1953
3 XVI Maxwell Perkins's Death, 1947 (Includes telegrams from C. Scribner and Carl Brandt)
3 XVII Miscellaneous Articles, 1936-1950
3 XVIII Pulitzer Prize, 1939
3 XIX Book Reviews by MKR, 1941, 1946
3 XX Use of "Nigger" in The Yearling, 1946
3 XXI Clyde Line Steamers, Jacksonville Times Union, 1914
3 XXII (copy file only). "Private Lives," by Edwin Cox; comic panel re MKR, Sept. 3, 1939. Accessioned 1999.
3 XXIII (copy file only) Original shelved in MKR Collection Map and Oversize Drawer. The Sojourner; newspaper abridgment from the Montreal Standard, Sept. 26, 1953.
4 I-XXIII Photocopies of original clippings in folders I - XXIII in Box 3.

Series 3C: Addenda (Posthumous Records and Secondary Sources)

The Addenda is typically material relating to Rawlings, but not originally part of her papers or created contemporaneously. They are records which were created and added posthumously. Some of the items, such as transcripts of interviews with people who knew her, may be primary sources. Included are records from organizations with an interest in her, such as the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society and the University of Florida Foundation, heir to part of her estate. Other documents include secondary writings about her, newspaper clippings, etc. The Department of Special Collections is not endeavoring to maintain a comprehensive collection of material about Rawlings. Business papers relating to the estate of Rawlings, primarily correspondence and statements from Scribner's and Brandt and Brandt, were acquired in 2002 (Boxes 7-8). This series also contains drawings and prints by Robert Carson and posters relating to Rawlings.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society Records (1986) and MKR Festival (1976, 1988-1989).

Box Folder
1 1 MKR Society Organizational records, 1986-1987.
1 2 MKR Society Organizational records, 1988.
1 3 MKR Society Organizational records, 1989-1990.
1 4 MKR Society Organizational records, 1993-1994.
1 5 MKR Festival, 1976. Records.
1 6 MKR Festival, 1976. Photos by Dwight Godwin.
1 7 MKR Festival, 1976. News clippings.
1 8 MKR Festival, 1976. Publicity.
1 9 MKR Festival, 1988.
1 10 MKR Festival, 1989.

University of Florida Foundation (UFF) Records Relating to the Estate of MKR, 1951-1991.

Box Folder
2 1 Baskin [MKR] will and correspondence, 1951, 1980-1983.
2 2 Cross Creek Leases, 1957-1962.
2 3 Baskin [MKR] Publications, 1954-1962, 1982
2 4 Cross Creek Groves, 1955-1963
2 5 Cross Creek Property, 1954-1968
2 6 Baskin and UFF vs. Seajay Society. Amended Complaint, Sept. 21, 1990
2 7 Baskin vs. Seajay Society. Answer to Amended Complaint and Counterclaim, Oct. 1, 1990.
2 8 Baskin and UFF vs. Seajay Society. Deposition of Charles Scribner, April 10,1991.
2 9 Baskin vs. Seajay Society. Deposition of Anne B. Hutchins, Sept. 27, 1990.
2 10 Baskin vs. Seajay Society. Deposition of Glenn Horowitz, Oct. 8, 1990.
2 11 Baskin and UFF vs. Seajay Society. Final Order and Permanent Injunction (rough draft), and letter from H. Allen to J. Kaney, Sept. 10, 1991.
2 12 Blythe, Anne. "Blood of My Blood," typed ms. (photocopy labeled "Plaintiff's Exhibit.")
2 13 Cross Creek Property. Title Abstract with addenda 1897
2 14 Cross Creek Property. Warranty Deed from McKay to Herbert 1913 February 14
2 15 Cross Creek Property. Deed transfer from Herbert to Saunders 1916 August 4
2 16 Cross Creek Property. Title Abstract for Herbert (4 parcels) 1916 August 19
2 17 Cross Creek Property. Quitclaim Deed McKay heirs to Herbert 1916 October 21
2 18 Cross Creek Property. Deed transfer from Saunders to Myers 1917 March 28
2 19 Cross Creek Property. Release of mortgage - Herbert 1917 April 7
2 20 Cross Creek Property. Deed transfer from Myers to Armstrong 1921 October 15
2 21 Cross Creek Property. Deed transfer from Armstrong to Rawlings 1928 July 17


Includes primary material, biographical material, critical articles, clippings, ephemera, and movies, plays, etc., based on the life or works of MKR.

Box Folder
3 1 Kennedy, Stetson. "The Magic Circle," typed ms. (copy) [ca. 1988]
3 2 Wardlow, Jean, compiler. Transcripts of interviews with Charles Rawlings, Bea McNeill, Norton Baskin, and Steve Trumbull. Letter from Charles Rawlings. 1970.
3 3 Mason, Walter Scott, Jr. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Florida Cracker," and "The Florida Scene in The Yearling The Folk-Way and the Folk-Say of It," typescripts. University of Miami [ca. 1956?]
3 4 Bigelow, Gordon. Frontier Eden, 1966. Correspondence re: MKR letters, review, and clipping.
3 5 Photographs (prints and some negatives) of MKR, Will Mickens, Chet Crosby and of scenes from the Cross Creek area (dated 1966) used in Frontier Eden.
3 6 Belman, S.I. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Twayne Books), 1974. Review.
3 7 Kraft, Stephanie. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: A Newcomer at Cross Creek," in No Castles on Main Street (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1979). 75-82. Photocopy.
3 8 Shaw, Peggy Jo. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Her Life at Cross Creek, 1928 - 53." M. A. Thesis, UF, 1982. Typescript.
3 9 Bigelow, G. and Monti, L., eds. Selected Letters of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1983. Reviews.
3 10 Photographs of MKR, NB, and Charles Rawlings Used in Selected Letters.
3 11 Meeker, Darcy. "The Real Rawlings," Florida Today, Winter, 1984.
3 12 Slides, proof sheet, and photos made for Florida Today article. Only a few were published.
3 13 Ribblett, David L. "From Cross Creek to Richmond: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Researches Ellen Glasgow." Virginia Cavalcade, Summer 1986. Pp. 4 - 15.
3 14 Cullu, Aliye. "Studies of the Cross Creek Experience," typescript, 1987.
3 15 Rogers, Mary F. "Be Proud Things Come So Bountiful: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Florida." F.E.H. Florida Forum, Fall 1987, pp. 1 - 3.
3 16 Acton, Patricia Nassif. Invasion of Privacy: The Cross Creek Trial of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1988. UF Press kit, including book galley. Article by William Schreiber in Florida Today, March 1989, pp. 15 - 18.
3 17 Silverthorne, Elizabeth. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Sojourner at Cross Creek, 1988. Reviews, book jacket.
3 18 Schreiber, William. "Cross Creek: The Final Chapter," University of Florida Today, March, 1989.
3 19 Obelisk (St. Petersburg Junior College) 21, 1990. Issue dedicated to MKR and contains several pieces and photographs relating to her.
3 20 Tarr, Rodger L., ed. Short Stories by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1994. Blurb and order form.
3 21 Reich, Kathleen J. "Rollins College's Animated Magazine and the Hamilton Holt - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Correspondence," typescript, 1997.
3 22 Copyright Information - Memorandum from the Library of Congress Copyright Office to Cobb and Cole, P.A., 23 March 1984 re registered works of MKR.
3 23 Cross Creek Home - Floor plan, state historic site, etc.
3 24 Winegar, Otis. "Memories of Marjorie," Floridian, May 31, 1981.
3 25 Keen, Larry. "The Book That Shook Cross Creek [Cross Creek Trial] Gainesville Sun, October 10, 1982.
3 26 Donation of legal records from Cross Creek Trial to UF Libraries, 1984.
3 27 Posthumous articles about MKR, 1954-.
4 1 Cross Creek -- Promotional and other material re the movie, 1983.
4 2 Gal Young Un -- Article from Gainesville Sun about making the movie, 1979, and journal article, 1986.
4 3 "My Friend Zelma," a play in two acts by Michael Gannon. Typescript, 1982.
4 4 The Yearling (Broadway musical, 1965) Vocal Selections, lyrics and music, and clippings. Note: See also the playbill for the world premiere at the Schubert Theatre in New Haven from October 30-November 6, 1965 in the Belknap Collection for the Performing Arts here at UF.
4 5 Mockingbird Books - Copies of covers of paperback editions of Cross Creek, South Moon Under, and When the Whippoorwill.
4 6 The 1987 N. C. Wyeth Yearling Calendar. Illustrations from the Yearling.
4 7 MKR Keepsake (UF Libraries) - Correspondence re the design, production, etc., 1991.
4 8 Announcements of events honoring MKR.
4 9 Norton Baskin memorabilia.
4 10 Cross Creek - Color photo (8x8 "). By Lew Bush, Sunday Magazine, according to information on verso.
4 11 "The Cross Creek Trial," a play by W.R. Hutchinson and Jamie Elliott. [s.l.] Experiential Company, c1966. "5th draft," Feb. 9, 1997. (Gift of W.R. Hutchinson. Added to collection, 2/2001).
4 12 Idella Parker: from Reddick to Cross Creek / Idella Parker with Bud and Liz Crussell. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1999. Uncorrected poof copy.
4 13 Frontier Eden: the Literary Career of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, by Gordon E. Bigelow. Typed ms. (carbon) 256 leaves.
4 14 "Soul of the Wild," by Cathy Keen. Photographs by Ray Carson. University of Florida Today," 25:1 (March 2000), 34-39. With correspondence and prepublication draft.
4 15 "Dear Honey, the Wartime life and letters of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings," by Betty Jean Steinshouer, Forum (Florida Humanities Council) 22:3 (Fall, 1999), 22-25.
4 16 Nielsen, Arthur C., Jr. Letters to John W. B.Canetta, June - November, 1997, enclosing MKR photographs and information about her. (Gift of John Canetta, Feb. 1990)
4 17 Silveri, Louis D. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: a Mountain Passage," Appalachian Heritage 18:4 (Fall 1990), p.14-21. MKR and James Still.
4 18 O'Brien, Claudia. "Revisiting Cross Creek," Ocala Style, p. 40-45, 77.
4 19 Carlson, Paul. H. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Illustrated. Gainesville, MKRfan Publications, 2000.

Audiovisual Recordings.

Box Folder
5 1 (A) Tour of MKR house by Dr. Robert Carson; (B) Interview with Mrs. Williams (daughter of Boss Bryce) with Marilyn Mullis, Jim Stevenson, and Dan Younker (Florida Recreation and Parks Division) 1970.
5 1B 2 CD Rom copies (3 disks, made by Carole Bird, Department of Special Collections)
5 2 Radio Interview - Norton Baskin and Stanley West, 1976.
5 3 (Side 1) Tape of Dedication of new University of Florida Library wing. Includes remarks by MKR. (Side 2) MKR Radio Program -- Norton Baskin, Idella Parker, Gordon Bigelow, and Sally Morrison, 1978.
5 3B Also available on a compact disk (MKR Society 2001) 54:36.
5 4 Norton Baskin and Otis Winegar, St. Augustine, 1981.
5 5 Robert Camp Interview, Cross Creek, August, 1988. Audio cassette and CD formats.
5 6 Cross Creek Trial (Cason vs. Baskin) - VHS. Film-to-Tape Transfer to 16 mm. black and white, silent film. 16 feet/125 seconds, taken by Charles V. and Onyx G. Shaffer, May,1946. Accompanied by a one page, typed document by the Shaffers documenting the film.
5 7 Creative Fire. Produced by Rachel Sanders and David Striepe. The Documentary Institute, College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida, c2002. VHS.
5 8 Interviews of Norton Baskin by Michael Gannon 1983 (VHS and DVD)
5 9 Rawlings Country. VHS (20 minutes)
5 10 The Yearling. VHS. Length: 98:00. Worldview Entertainment, 7/27/2001. A made for television remake, presented April 24, 1994, on CBS. Accompanied by a screen play by Joe Wiesenfield (100 pages) and promotional material for the TV production in a loose-leaf binder. Gift of Sandra Birnhak, 2001. [Note: There is also an LP recording of The Yearling (1974) read by David Wayne, who played Penny Baxter in the original version of the Broadway musical, and others. This can be found in the Florida Recordings section of the Belknap Collection for the Performing Arts here at UF.]
5 11 Tour of the Rawlings House, by Dr. Robert Carson; Powerpoint slideshow created by Carole Ward Bird, Presented at a Howe Society program, October 2001.
5 12 Video Interview of Arthur "Buddy" Jacobs, by Robert Lauriault 2/6/2010. Also present: Roy Hunt, Valerie Rivers, Jan Matthews, and Florence Turcotte. Interview took place in the staff office at Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park, Cross Creek, FL.
6 1 RESTRICTED - Master copies of audiovisual recordings in Box 5, numbers 1-6. For staff use only. RESTRICTED. [Box 6 also includes a (1) 16 mm positive film, on loan from the Florida Division of Recreation and Parks (2) a B&W "negative master" made in 2002, and (3) a 16 mm positive B&W film. The "negative master" is to be used only for making new copies. Public use is ordinarily restricted to the VHS copy. The positive film is available, with permission from the Manuscripts Librarian, if access to a film copy is needed. ]

Papers of Norton Baskin Relating to the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Acquired from Rodger Tarr, 2002).

Box Folder
7 1 Charles Scribner's Sons Royalty Statements to the Account of the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; semiannual statements, January 1965 - July 1978; statement of August 1, 1953, to MKR, other statements from 1957-1958, 1982, and 1984. Forms 1099 for 1961-1962, 1964, and 1967-1968. Continued by
7 2 Macmillan Publishing Company Royalty Statement Summaries to Norton Baskin, executor, Feb., 1985 - Jan. 1986.
7 3 Charles Scribner's Sons. Three letters (Xerox copies) to MKR May 27, 1952 - December 10, 1973 re Sojourners, including copy of publication contract. Correspondence (mostly Xerox copies) to Norton Baskin; April 15, 1954 -May 3, 1985, re the estate of MKR.
7 4 May, Philip, Sr. Correspondence with Julia Bigham, Carl Brandt, and others (Xerox and carbons) re the estate of MKR, 1954-1958. (Norton Baskin's file copies) Related material can also be found in Box 9 of this series.
7 5 Miscellaneous correspondence re the estate of MKR, 1955 to 1988 (Xerox, carbons, and originals), principally to Norton Baskin. Includes correspondence between Baskin and Michael Ching regarding an operatic production of "Cocks Must Crow."

Papers from Brandt and Brandt to Norton Baskin Relating to the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Acquired from Rodger Tarr, 2002).

Box Folder
8 1-17 Correspondence and reports from Brandt and Brandt to Norton Baskin regarding the estate of MKR, 1954-1986. 17 folders. Acquired from Rodger Tarr, 2002. Cf. the Brandt and Brandt Papers.

Papers of Philip S. May Relating to the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Acquired from Phil May, Jr., 2005).

Box Folder
9 1 Correspondence regarding the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Baskin (MKRB) 1954.
9 2 Correspondence regarding the Estate of MKRB 1955.
9 3 Correspondence regarding the Estate of MKRB 1957-58.
9 4 Correspondence regarding the Estate of MKRB 1960-61.
9 5 Correspondence and legal records regarding the Estate of MKRB 1962-64.
9 6 Correspondence with and concerning Norton Baskin 1954-55.
9 7 Correspondence with and concerning Norton Baskin 1956-58.
9 8 Correspondence with and concerning Norton Baskin 1959-62.
9 9 Correspondence with and concerning Norton Baskin 1963-66.
10 1 Notes from the 1949 will of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and 1951 codicil.
10 2 Correspondence concerning Antioch cemetery marker at MKR gravesite 1953-55.
10 3 Inventories 1954-55.
10 4 Correspondence and legal records concerning the Estate and the family of Martha Mickens 1954-60.
10 5 Correspondence with Julia Scribner Bingham, Literary Executrix 1954-56.
10 6 Correspondence and legal records concerning the Estate and the First National Bank of Madison, Wisconsin.
10 7 Correspondence regarding the University of Florida Endowment Corporation 1955-66.
10 8 Executor's Reports 1-10, 1953-65.
10 9 Estate of MKRB - Probate Court Records 1954-56
10 10 Estate of MKRB - Probate Court Records 1957-63.
10 11 MKRB and Norton Baskin, Federal Income Tax Returns 1949-53.
10 12 Estate of MKRB - Fiduciary Income Tax Returns 1954-64.
10 13 Estate of MKRB - Estate Tax 1955-58.
10 14 Estate of MKRB - Accounting 1953-1965.
10 15 Estate of MKRB - Intangible Taxes 1954-62.

Art and Posters.

Oversize - filed in the Manuscript Map and Oversize Drawer in the Processing Area.

Four ink drawings, "Cross Creek, Florida," (2) dated July 6 and July 14, 1998; "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Home, Cross Creek, Florida," July 12, 1968, and Lake Lochloosa, August 17, 1968. All signed Robert E. Carson.
Three ink drawings of Frontier Eden illustrations.
Cross Creek [poster for movie] 1983.
Carol Sadowski poster. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: Cross Creek," Gainesville: Thomas Center Gallery, 1985.
20x30 color poster of Equinox Documentaries' "In Marjorie's Wake", 2008. Signed: Bill Belleville, Bob Giguere, Leslie Poole and Jennifer Chase.
50th Year Celebration of the Great Works of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings poster. Tampa: Florida Endowment for the Humanities [198-]

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