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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Papers - Contents List Continued

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Series 5: Photographs

Photographs are grouped and listed according to subject. Digital reproductions of the photos are available online via the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). In addition, there is a Photograph Name Index listing names of other people portrayed in the photos.


PH/1 Marjorie, age 9 months
PH/2 Marjorie's first Christmas, 1896
PH/3 Marjorie at an early age
PH/4 Marjorie at age 2 or 3 years


PH/5 Marjorie (teens)
PH/6 Marjorie (teens at Madison, Wis.)
PH/7 Marjorie (teens)
PH/8 Marjorie (teens)
PH/9 Marjorie (teens)
PH/10 Marjorie in costume (negative)

Adult (Age 30-40)

PH/11 Marjorie (age 30-40) seated at desk
PH/12 duplicate of above
PH/13 Marjorie (portrait) all of these are similar views
PH/14 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/15 Marjorie (portrait)

Adult - Middle Age

PH/16 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/17 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/18 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/19 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/20 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/21 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/22 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/23 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/24 Marjorie (portrait, duplicate of photo no. 23)
PH/25 Marjorie (portrait)
PH/26 Marjorie (2 passport pictures)
PH/27 M. small photo seated
PH/28 Marjorie, small photo
PH/29 Marjorie in Florida to give a speech
PH/30 Marjorie in yard
PH/31 MKR seated under banyan tree
PH/32 MKR seated on a fence
PH/33 MKR seated at desk
PH/34 MKR on porch at Crescent Beach
PH/34a MKR on porch at Crescent Beach
PH/34b Crescent Beach House
PH/34c B. MacNeal? at Crescent Beach House
PH/34d. MKR under beach umbrella

At Crescent Beach

PH/35-48 MKR at Crescent Beach House with Hunting dog Moe. Photos No. 35-48 are same pose
PH/49 MKR at Crecent Beach House with hunting dog Moe. MKR seated. 2 negatives
PH/50 MKR at Crescent Beach House with cat Marco Polo. M. in background
PH/51 MKR at Beach House. Marco Polo, cat at Norton Baskin's feet. M. in background
PH/52 MKR on sand dunes at Crescent Beach

At Cross Creek

PH/53 MKR in Garden at Cross Creek, 1939
PH/54 MKR seated at table in yard
PH/55 MKR with pet dogs
PH/56 MKR at Cross Creek with Pat her pet dog. c.1939
PH/57 MKR at Cross Creek at the gate entrance to the grove
PH/58 MKR in flower garden at Cross Creek
PH/59 MKR at grove gate, 1939
PH/60 MKR, newspaper clipping with 3 photos in one: Cross Creek grove, home and Crescent Beach house

At Salt Springs

PH/61 MKR - Crabbing
PH/62 MKR - seated on stool

At Van Hornesville

PH/63 MKR at Van Hornesville, N. Y. before house was repaired
PH/64 MKR at V. H. house with Marco Polo and other cats
PH/65 MKR at V. H. house with cats (photo in color)
PH/66 MKR at V. H. with pets
PH/67 MKR at Van H. with pet dog Moe (photo in color)

Group Pictures

PH/68 MKR with Robert Camp at autographing party at Cohen's Department Store in Jacksonville
PH/69 MKR with two unidentified fishermen
PH/70 MKR, second from left. John Stewart Curry man with pipe
PH/71 MKR and John Stewart Curry, Madison, Wisconsin, 1940
PH/72 MKR with Ana Bontempes and J. E. Palmer. Fisk University, 1948
PH/73 U. of F. Library Dedication on steps of President's house. L. to R. Louise Young (Mrs. Owen D. Young), Owen D. Young, Mrs. Jessie Ball Dupont, Douglas Southall Freeman, Mrs. Freeman, Norton Sanford Baskin, MKR, and J. H. Miller
PH/74 MKR, Charles Saymour, etc. at Presentation of Honorary Degree at Rollins College. Autographed to "MKR with admiration and friendship, Hamilton Holt"
PH/75 MKR at St. Lawrence University Commencement. 1953, Canton, N. Y.
PH/76 MKR with Metro Goldwyn Executives at Salt Springs. (Marchant and Freeman)
PH/77 MKR with Metro Goldwyn Executives at Salt Springs. (Marchant and Freeman)
PH/78 MKR and Jay Marchant, location manager of The Yearling
PH/79 MKR and Freeman at Salt Springs
PH/80 MKR at The Yearling set no. 1. The set was unused.
PH/81 MKR and Dave Newell and unidentified man (after fishing trip)
PH/82 MKR, Dave Newell and unidentified man (after fishing trip)
PH/83 MKR, Dave Newell and others seated on curb
PH/84 Play, MKR in The Admirable Crichton (players on stage)
PH/85 Play, MKR in The Admirable Crichton (MKR as Tweeney at extreme right)
PH/86 Play, MKR in Green Stockings at University of Wisconsin
PH/87 The gentleman is a professor from NYU. Jo. F. is at her far left. One of the other women is Gertrude Johnson who taught execution and dramatics at the U. of Wisconsin, Madison
PH/88 MKR at 4th of July picnic at Van Hornesville House
PH/89 Owen D. Young picnic
PH/90 Owen D. Young picnic
PH/91 Young family picnic, 4th of July. Van Hornesville, N. Y.
PH/91a Owen Young and MKR

Relationships - Ida Kinnan (Mother)

PH/92 Ida Kinnan, MKR's Mother
PH/93 Ida Kinnan, MKR's Mother

Relationships - Father

PH/94 MKR's Father
PH/95 MKR's Father

Relationships - Arthur Kinnan (Brother)

PH/96 Arthur Kinnan, MKR's brother upon his graduation from U. of Wisconsin
PH/97 Arthur Kinnan, MKR's brother upon graduation from the U. of Wisconsin
PH/98 Arthur Kinnan, MKR's brother
PH/99 Arthur Kinnan, MKR's brother, a Christmas greeting card
PH/100 Arthur Kiannan in uniform
PH/101 Arthur Kinnan (middle aged)
PH/102 Arthur Kinnan (middle aged)
PH/103 Arthur Kinnan (middle aged)
PH/104 Arthur Kinnan (in Alaska)
PH/105 Arthur Kinnan and Dave Newell in Alaska
PH/106 Arthur Kinnan and Dave Newell in Alaska (duplicate of 105)
PH/107 Arthur Kinnan (back of head)
PH/108 Arthur Kinnan taking photos autographed "to Skipper Jim"

Relationships - Norton Baskin (Husband)

PH/109 MKR's husband, Norton Baskin
PH/110 MKR and Norton Baskin, husband, at Union Springs

Relationships - Maid

PH/111 MKR's maid, Martha Mickens and her husband, 1963, seated on porch
PH/112 MKR's maid, Martha Mickens and her husband, old Will (standing in yard)
PH/113 MKR's Maid, Martha Mickens and her daughter Adrinna

Relationships - Distant Relatives

PH/114 Family Portrait, unidentified
PH/115 Family Portrait, unidentified
PH/116 Aline Eiles
PH/117 "Mary" Kinnan wrote Badgen Scene Section verses in 1918-19 books
PH/118 MKR and Aunts, Wilmer and Grace
PH/119 Marjorie Kinnan Ellis, 3 yrs. 5 mos.

Relationships - Friends

PH/120 MKR and Margaret Michell
PH/121 Leonard Fiddia (Lant) and Daniel Wells
PH/122 Marcia Davenport. Autographed to Marjorie from Marcia, 1941
PH/123 Marcia Davenport with cat
PH/124 Rudolph Weaver, Dean of College of Architecture and Allied Arts (School?)
PH/125 MKR and unidentified lady
PH/153 Barney Dillard, Sr., skinning bear, Slewfoot


PH/126 The Huston House, Scotland. Trees planted by John Huston
PH/127 Huston House, Scotland
PH/128 The Coat-or-Arms, Huston House, Scotland
PH/129 Lodge at entrance of Huston House
PH/130 Ancient iro -- of Huston. Erected by Knights of Huston in village of Huston about 1 1/2 hrs drive from Glasgow, Scotland

Places - Crescent Beach

PH/131 Crescent Beach, Pelican at Beach
PH/132 4 views of Crescent Beach House, 1939
PH/133 Beach House, 1939
PH/134 Crescent Beach House, 1939
PH/135 Cross Creek, 1963
PH/136 Cross Creek (Channel connection for Lake Lusie to Ornage Lake)
PH/136a Cross Creek - Interior of House

Places - Cross Creek

PH/137 Cross Creek House, 1939
PH/138 Coss Creek, Table at House, 1963

Places - Van Hornesville

PH/139 Van Hornesville House at time of purchase
PH/140 Van Hornesville House at time of purchase
PH/141 Hop House adjacent to the V. H. House
PH/142 View from V. H. house across field in winter
PH/143 V. H. house in winter
PH/144 V. H. house in winter
PH/145 V. H. house in winter with Moe, dog


PH/146 Pet cat, Jib
PH/147 Pet cat, Uke, MKR's Siamese


PH/147a A promotional picture for the Sojourner

Unidentified Photos

PH/148 Baby Picture (Brass frame)
PH/149 Baby seated in chair (Brass frame) Possibly Arthur Kinnan
PH/150 Family Portrait, 4 boys and a woman
PH/151 Young man in front of house
PH/152 Girl on beach
PH/154 Fraternity Composite, Chi Phi
PH/155 Fraternity Composite, Chi Phi
PH/156 Sidewalk scene in city?
PH/157 Corner of house with fountain in front
PH/158 Two story house (possibly Kinnan family home)
PH/159 Courtyard, walk and sun dial
PH/160 Doorway, entrance
PH/161 Front walkway, two story building in background
PH/162 Porch, entrance

Photograph Name Index

Baskin, Norton Stanford - PH/73, 109, 110
Beard, William S. - PH/74
Bontempes, Arma - PH/72
Camp, Robert - PH/68
Curry, John Stewart - PH/70, 71
Davenport, Marcia - PH/122, 123
Dillard, Barney, Sr. - PH/153
Dupont, Mrs. Jessie Ball - PH/73
Eiles, Aline - PH/116
Elllis, Marjorie Kinnan - PH/119
F., Jo. - PH/87
Fiddia, Leonard (Lant) - PH/121
Florez, Luis de - PH/74
Freeman, Douglas Southall - PH/73
Freeman, Mrs. - PH/73
Grace (MKR's Aunt) - PH/118
Holt, President - PH/74
Homer, Sidney - PH/74
Johnson, Gertrude - PH/87
Kinnan, "Mary" - PH/117
Kinnan, Arthur - PH/96-103, 105, 106-108
Kinnan, Ida - PH/92, 93
Kinnan, MKR's Father - PH/94, 95
MacNeal, B.? - PH/34c
Marchant, Jay - PH/76, 77, 78
Mickens, Adrianna - PH/113
Mickens, Martha - PH/111, 112, 113
Miller, J. H. - PH/73
Mitchell, Margaret - PH/120
Newell, Dave - PH/81, 82, 83, 105, 106
Palmer, J. E. - PH/72
Peoples, Fleetwood - PH/74
Seymour, Charles - PH/74
Siddenburg, Paula W. - PH/74
Sprague-Smith, Isabel - PH/74
Strong, Hattie M. - PH/74
Sulzberger, Arthur Hays - PH/74
Weaver, Rudolph - PH/124
Wells, Daniel - PH/121
Williams, Jesse F. - PH/74
Wilmer (MKR's Aunt) - PH/118
Young, Louise - PH/73
Young, Owen - PH/73, 89, 90, 91a

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