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A Guide to the Charles A. Hoffman Papers

Finding aid created by Jessica Peters

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
October 2011

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hoffman, Charles A. (Charles Andrew), 1929-2005
Title: Charles A. Hoffman Papers
Dates: 1958-2005
Bulk dates: 1966-1990
Abstract: Charles A. Hoffman was a distinguished archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest, Florida and the Caribbean. His areas of interest included eastern Arizona archaeology, mammoth and Native Peoples interactions (big game hunting) and Columbus' first landfall. The collection is comprised of materials primarily related to Florida and the Caribbean, including his field notebooks, publications and research files, photographs, membership and association files, correspondence, and grant proposals.
Extent: 4 Linear feet. 8 boxes.
Identification: MS Group 292
Language(s): Materials are in English, but some materials, including some correspondence, are in Spanish.

Biographical/Historical Note

Charles Andrew Hoffman was born in Wildwood, New Jersey, on August 17, 1929. He attended the University of Florida where he earned his B.S.J. in Journalism, as well as his MA in Anthropology concurrently with a minor in Geology. He went on to achieve a Ph.D. in Anthropology with a minor in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Arizona in 1967. He served in the U.S. Navy in Korea.

His disciplines included people and cultures of the Caribbean area, past and current anthropology of historic sites, Paleo-Indians of the New World, Columbus' first landfall, eastern Arizona archaeology and anthropological theory. A major portion of his work and interest were the excavations of the Silver Springs Paleo-Indian Run and Guest Mammoth Kill Site in Florida. He often traveled to the Caribbean to study the cultures of the native people and investigate Columbus' first landfall. He was considered an expert on Columbus' first landfall and was very active in conferences and discussions relating to the topic.

He studied under and worked closely with University of Florida anthropologist, John M. Goggin. Hoffman also worked closely with the Florida State Museum, now the Florida Museum of Natural History. Indeed, while analyzing some of the materials at UF which he had brought back with him from the Caribbean he realized there were no fish skeletons on hand with which to compare his samples. He wrote to a friend at the museum in 1962, "If you have ever felt a strong urge to mail someone a cold fish, now's your chance. By all means, exercise this desire to the utmost and you will have made a tremendous contribution to science." He finished his career as Professor of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University, retiring in 1995. He died July 1, 2005 in Flagstaff, Arizona at the age of 75.

Scope and Content

The Hoffman collection covers Hoffman's work in the fields of Caribbean studies, Columbus' first landfall, big game hunting and early Florida Native Americans. The collection includes his correspondence, publications and writings, an assortment of project files, and field notebooks on his Columbus and Caribbean research and the Silver Springs Paleo-Indian Run and Guest Mammoth Kill Site. His fieldwork is also documented in photographs and slides. Field notebooks and images are housed with their corresponding manuscript or project file in most cases. Some slides, negatives and images were identified by Hoffman; others are unidentified. Other audio-visual material can be found in box 8 of the collection. Some field notebooks were written by Hoffman; others were created by students or assistants who helped with the project.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

Materials regarding Hoffman's work after he left Florida can be found at Northern Arizona University. Additional Caribbean materials collected by Hoffman are housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. The University of Florida Libraries also hold other collections relating to anthropology and archaeology in Florida and the Caribbean, including the John M. Goggin Papers.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Charles A. Hoffman Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

The collection was transferred to the University of Florida Smathers Libraries from the Cline Library at Northern Arizona University.

Contents List

Project Files

1 A-356, APY 500 Papers.
1 A-356.
1 A-356.
1 Antigua, Goggin Notes Bahamas.
1 Antigua, NSF Travel Request. 1981
1 Antigua, The Mill Reef Site.
1 Antigua, Some Notes on the Prehistory on Antigua.
1 Big Mound City, Big Mound City.
1 Columbus, Commemorating Columbus' Landing.
1 Columbus, Molander.
1 Columbus, Campbell Evelyn.
1 Columbus, Notebook Columbus # 3- Hoffman, San Salvador.
1 Columbus, Notebook Columbus # 4. 1986-1990
1 Columbus, Notebook Columbus # 5. Circa 1991
1 Columbus, Notebook Columbus Unnumbered- Keith Vander Loan, San Salvador. 1985-1986
1 Columbus, Fortune Island F I- 1, Photographs. 1986
1 Columbus, January, June Trips Long Island, Photographs. Not dated
1 Columbus, Geographic Survey- Samana Cay, Photographs. 1983 March
2 Columbus, Notebook Long Bay Site- Brian Withrow. 1984
2 Columbus, Notebook Columbus # 2, Long Bay. 1984-1985
2 Columbus, Notebook Columbus # 1, Bahamas. 1983
2 Columbus, Notebook Columbus Unnumbered- Hoffman. 1987
2 Columbus, Notebook Columbus # 6 Darbie Inau. 1983 June-July
2 Columbus, Notebook St. Kitts- Hoffman. 1961 July
2 Columbus, Notebook Names Notes Etc.- Hoffman. 1965
2 Columbus, Notebook- Paul Adams. 1983
2 Columbus, Kelly, Basil Correspondence.
2 Columbus, Rainey, Frolich G. Correcpondence.
2 Columbus, Fuson, Robert Corresponcence.
2 Columbus, Columbus Landing Co.
2 Columbus, Commemorating Columbus' Landing Correspondence - 1 of 4. Circa 1990
2 Columbus, Commemorating Columbus' Landing Correspondence - 2 of 4. Circa 1990
3 Columbus, Commemorating Columbus' Landing Correspondence - 3 of 4. Circa 1990
3 Columbus, Commemorating Columbus' Landing Correspondence - 4 of 4. Circa 1990
3 Columbus, San Salvador Images. 1985-1991
3 Columbus, Fortune Island Images. Circa 1986
3 Columbus, Long Island Images. 1986
3 Columbus, Nassau Images. 1984
3 Columbus, Dominican Republic Museums Images.
3 Columbus, Haiti Images.
3 Columbus, Miscellaneous Images of the Caribbean.
3 Guest Mammoth, Hevly Paper- Silver Springs.
3 Guest Mammoth, Hoffman Mammoth Kill Site Fla. Anth.
3 Guest Mammoth, Silver Springs Hoffman.
3 Guest Mammoth, Hoffman, C. A. Guest.
3 Guest Mammoth, Hoffman : Silver Springs NSF Proposal.
3 Guest Mammoth, Guest Site C14.
3 Guest Mammoth, Ledger- Hoffman. 1974
3 Guest Mammoth, Journal- Hoffman. 1973
3 Guest Mammoth, S.E. Ledger. 1975-1978
4 Guest Mammoth, Loose Notebook Pages. 1970-1973
4 Guest Mammoth, Correspondence.
4 Guest Mammoth, Big Game Hunting.
4 Guest Mammoth, Silver Springs.
4 Guest Mammoth, Silver Springs Run NSF Proposal.
4 Guest Mammoth, Silver Springs Guest.
4 Guest Mammoth, Silver Run Maps.
4 Guest Mammoth, National Science Foundation.
4 Guest Mammoth, Siilver Springs Texts.
4 Guest Mammoth, The Silver Springs Site and A Summary of Prehistory in the Silver Springs Valley- E. Thomas Hemmings.
4 Guest Mammoth, Guest Mammoth Silver Springs Images.
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook Florida's Silver Springs- Al Wylie. 1975
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook Silver Springs Guest.
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook. 1973
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook- Silver Springs Excavations Guest Site- John Peterkin. 1975
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook- Steve Hoffman. 1975
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook. 1974
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook-J. W. Strand. 1975
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook- Steve Weber. 1975
4 Guest Mammoth, Notebook- Nicky Teufel. 1975
4 Longleaf, Longleaf (Wolf Creek Ranch). 1997

Publications and Writings

4 Backyard Aquarium.
4 Doctoral Dissertation.
5 Florida French .
5 Implications from the Mill Reef, Antigua; Sugar Factory, St. Kitts; and Palmetto Grove, San Salvador, Sites. 1970
5 The Lucayans and the Islands of Columbus. 1992
5 Lucayan Indian Settlements Along Columbus' Landfalls. 1989
5 Mammoth Hunting Underwater: The Guest mammoth Kill Site and the Silver Springs Run Paleo-Indian Complex, 1 of 2.
5 Mammoth Hunting Underwater: The Guest mammoth Kill Site and the Silver Springs Run Paleo-Indian Complex, 2 of 2.
5 Musings on Doing Nothing-Hoffman.
5 Trees Needs for Man.
5 Vertebrate Remains from Indian Sites on Antigua, West Indies.

Memberships, Associations, and Conferences

5 1st Annual Fla. Skin Divers Meeting.
5 Alachua County Historical Society (with images).
6 Columbus Conference State Department. 1983 September
6 Florida Anthropologist. 1958-2003
6 General Memberships and Associations.
6 The Hakluyt Society. 1998-2003
6 International Association for Caribbean Archaeology. 1998
6 Mitchell, Steven W.
6 O.A.S. (Organization of American States).
6 San Salvador Conference.
6 Society for American Archaeology.
6 The Society for the History of Discoveries. 1993-2002
6 The Society for the History of Discoveries. 2000-2005
6 Virgin Islands Archaeological Society. 1977-1981
6 Underwater Paleontology Seminar.

Grants and Proposals

6 Archaeology of the Bahama Islands Smithsonian Institute.
6 Bahamas Faunal Analysis Proposal. 1983
6 Crooked Island Proposal.
6 General Grants and Proposals .
7 NEH Fellowship.
7 NSG Grant Request.
7 Undergraduate Research Proposal. 1968
7 Virgin Islands Proposal.

Professional Correspondence

7 Professional Correspondence, Bullen, Ripley P.
7 Professional Correspondence, Figueredo, A. E.
7 Professional Correspondence, Footman.
7 Professional Correspondence, Granberry, Julian.
7 Professional Correspondence, Bahamian Language (Granberry, Julian).
7 Professional Correspondence, Haag.
7 Professional Correspondence, Johnson, Jack.
7 Professional Correspondence, Keegan, William.
7 Professional Correspondence, Long, Austin.
7 Professional Correspondence, Lyon, Gene.
7 Professional Correspondence, Maples, William.
7 Professional Correspondence, Maris, Michael.
7 Professional Correspondence, Marquardt, Bill.
7 Professional Correspondence, Mc. Kusick.
7 Professional Correspondence, Michie, James L.
7 Professional Correspondence, Milanich, Jerald.
7 Professional Correspondence, Moran, Osvaldo.
7 Professional Correspondence, Morrell, L. Ross.
7 Professional Correspondence, Moyer, Curt.
7 Professional Correspondence, Murray Chiesa, Walter.
7 Professional Correspondence, Nicholson, Desmond.
7 Professional Correspondence, Ortiz-Aguilu, J. J.
7 Professional Correspondence, Pantel, A. Gus.
7 Professional Correspondence, Pyfrom, Gene.
7 Professional Correspondence, Richmond, Pouncey.
7 Professional Correspondence, Saunders, Gail .
7 Professional Correspondence, Thompson, Raymond H.

General Correspondence

7 General Correspondence, Etienne, Eric F.
7 General Correspondence, General Correspondence.
7 General Correspondence, Haiti.
7 General Correspondence, Lothian, Ian.
7 General Correspondence, Museo del Hombre Dominicano.

Research Materials (Publications by other Scholars)

7 Underwater Archaeological Activities of the Center- Fischer. 1973
7 Early Man in the New World.
7 Mastodon Hillsborough County- Palmer, Jill.
8 Offshore Archaeo Report- Faught, M. 1989
8 Offshore Archaeo Report- Faught, M. 1991
8 St. Eustatius.
8 Mann, C. John.
8 An Archaeological Survey of the Itchetucknee River, J. Milanich.
8 Paleontology and Sedimentary History of Post- Hawthorn Formation Desposition in the Lake Apopka Basin, Florida- L. Meyer.
8 Cumbaa: Archaic Shell Fish.
8 D. Watters, Relating Oceanography to Antillean Archarology: Implications from Oceania; and A Turlingtom Balsam Phial from Montserrat, West Indies: Genuine or Counterfeit?.
8 General.


8 Unidentified Slides and Images.
8 Unidentified Slides and Images [possibly complied for a writing].
8 16 mm film Silver Springs Site.
8 VHS tape Interview with Charles Hoffman.
8 VHS tape Charlie Hoffman.
8 VHS tape Hoffman- Columbus and the Age of Discovery part 7.
8 Slides Silver Springs Trip.
8 Slides Palmetto Grove Excavations. 1965
8 Slides San Salvador .
8 Hoffman Slides box 1 of 2.
8 Hoffman Slides and negatives box 2 of 2.

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

America - Discovery and Exploration - Spanish
Archaeology -- Caribbean Area
Archaeology -- Florida

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