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Cuban Miscellaneous Collection at the University of Florida

The Cuban Miscellaneous Collection is comprised of a variety of materials relating to Cuba. These materials have been acquired from various sources over a period of many years, and are grouped together because each acquisition consists of a small number of items (e.g., a single letter or photograph album). Please note that UF holds several other archival collections relating to Cuba and the Caribbean. Please see this list of the Caribbean and Latin American holdings.


Album de la Revolución Cubana 1952-1959. Circa 1959-1960. Children's illustrated album entitled "Album de La Revolución Cubana 1952-1959." Ms Group 305.

Barreto y Cardenas, Jose Francisco. Petition to King Ferdinand VII, October 10, 1814. 15 p. (1 folder) Spanish nobleman says that enemies are blocking him from the Countship of Motox. Ms Group 300.

Batista, Fulgencio. Collection of four engraved invitations and related material to celebrate his inauguration for a third term as president of Cuba (1955-1958). Ms Group 127.

Business Letters Describing Cuba Financial Market. 1867-1871. Correspondence from agents in Cuba reporting on business and market conditions to merchants in Portland, Maine. 3 folders. MS Group 176.

Charles IV, King of Spain. Real Cedula to Cuba. An official copy of a real cedula expressing the King of Spain's displeasure toward interracial marriages in Cuba. MS Group 302.

Convento de San Francisco. 1844. Document describing transactions of money and land between various individuals and the Convento de San Francisco in Havana, Cuba. Ms Group 303.

Cuba en 1925 Photograph Album. Circa 1925. Album entitled "Cuba en 1925, Commandante M. Gajate," featuring hundreds of photographs of people and places in Cuba. Ms Group 216.

Cuban Slave Insurance Collection. 1855-1878. Seventeen documents pertaining to insurance for slaves in Cuba. Ms Group 268.

de Tapia, Lope. 1639. A document written by Lope de Tapia, regarding the service of Don Diego Luis Riano y Menesses in Cuba. Ms Group 215.

Eagle, Arnold. Cuban Sugar Workers and Sugar Mills Photographs, circa 1950-1960. Group of 11 photographs, 5 negatives, and 6 prints taken by Arnold Eagle detailing views of sugar mills, workers and life in the countryside of Cuba. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de fotografías de trabajadores e ingenios azucareros cubanos.]

González Blanco, Carlos. Collection, 1968-1977. The collection includes the letters that Carlos González Blanco wrote to his wife, mother, and daughter while he was a political prisoner in various Cuban jails. It also includes his mother's correspondence with Latin American and U.S. presidents, and international organizations, such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross, regarding the situation of her son and two brothers, who were also political prisoners. Ms Group 24. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Carlos González Blanco.]

Guerra, Ramiro. "El latifundio azucarero y la poblacion de las Antillas / West Indian Sugar Plantation and Peoples." Paper presented before the Atheneum Club, October 19, 1934. Ms Group 301.

Guillén, Nicolás. Manuscript of Songoro Consongo, 1931. Dedicated typewritten manuscript of Nicolás Guillén's most critically acclaimed book of poems. MSS 0336. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Manuscrito Songoro Consongo de Nicolás Guillén.]

Hile, B.S. Correspondence, 1861-1862. Letters written by B.S. Hile to his family while he was living and employed in Havana, Cuba. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 227.

Historia de Cuba. Photograph Albums, 1935. Two copies of an album of photographs depicting people, historical sites and landmarks, events, buildings, ships, and documents spanning the history of Cuba. Ms Group 173.

Historia Grafica de la Maritima Parreno. Scrapbook, 1921-1941. Documenting the development of the Maritima Parreno port facilities in Santiago de Cuba during the 1920s and 1930s. Ms Group 217.

"Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 Note. Circa 1955-1959. A "Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 note issued by Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution. MS Group 304.

Oberly, Aaron S. Letter describing Havana, Cuba, 1865. Manuscript letter written aboard the U.S. Steamer Santiago de Cuba by U.S. Navy Assistant Surgeon Oberly describing the people, the climate, the music, and the activity on the roads and docks of Havana. 1 folder. MS Group 164.

Page, James . Correspondence, 1905-1911. Letters pertaining to Page's position as the engineer in charge of constructing a water supply and sewer system in Cienfuegos, Cuba, including a 1910 report on the status of the water system. 10 folders. MS Group 160.

Parker, John. Letters, 1815. Three letters from Parker in Havana, Cuba, to his employer, A.C. Johnstone, discussing slave, coffee, sugar and other markets in Havana. 1 folder. Ms Group 165.

Peñate de Tito, Reina. Collection, 2001-2009. In 1961, Reina Peñate de Tito joined a counter revolutionary group that sought to overthrow Fidel Castro. That same year, along with other members of the group, she was arrested. This collection includes testimonials on her experience as a political prisoner as well as copies of the sentence and of the release documents. Ms Group 22. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Reina Peñate de Tito.]

Prats y Salas, Antonio. Advertencia. La presente reseña de los acontecimientos ..., ca. 1863. Manuscript "Advertencia" by Antonio Prats, describing the events that resulted in his arrest during the period of political unrest leading up to the 10 Years War in Cuba. 1 folder. MS Group 162.

Ray, Manuel. Oral History Collection, 2008-2009. Two filmed interviews conducted by Lillian Guerra, one with Manuel Ray (aka Manolo) that is nine hours long, and the other with Aurora Chacón de Ray that is one hour and a half in length. Also included is a transcript of both interviews that is 74 pages in length and several photos. Ms Group 88. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Historia Oral de Manuel Ray.]

Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio. Papers, 1873-1890. Letters and documents of lawyer who represented clients whose property was seized by the Spanish government as retribution for their support of Cuban independence. Ms Group 306.

Romero, César: Interview on El Show de Paul Rodríguez. Filmed interview of Paul Rodríguez with César Romero in which the latter discusses his career as an actor and the relationship of his mother María Mantilla de Romero with José Martí. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la entrevista a César Romero en El Show de Paul Rodríguez.]

Royal Havana Company. Collection, 1749. Royal Havana Company was a Spanish company based in Havana, Cuba, which specialized in shipbuilding and trading of tobacco and sugar. This collection includes notes about shipments of tobacco, and a letter penned by Martin de Arostegui, defending his role as president of Royal Havana Company. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de la Royal Havana Company.]

Sanchez, Bernabe. Letterbook, 1898-1900. A letterbook containing copies of letters written by cattle rancher and financier Bernabe Sanchez of Cuba between 1898 and 1900. MS Group 179.

Spanish Volunteer Military in Cuba. Military papers, 1869-1897. Correspondence, finanical records, and official documents that reveal the presence, organization, and activities of the Spanish volunteer military in Cuba from 1869 to 1897. 16 folders. MS Group 161.


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