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A Guide to the Gene Baro Papers


Finding aid created by Frank Orser

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
October 2007


Gene Baro

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Baro, Gene
Title: Gene Baro Papers
Dates: 1945-1982
Bulk dates: 1950-1965
Abstract: Correspondence, writings and other papers created or accumulated by author and museum curator, Gene Baro. Includes correspondence with and about his friend, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.
Extent: 6.5 Linear feet. 16 Boxes.
Identification: MS Group 231
Language(s): English
Online Content Items from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. For more information please see the note below.

Biographical/Historical Note

Born Eugene Baroff, in 1924 in New York City, to Benjamin and Zissell Baroff. Graduated with a B.A. from the University of Florida (1947), he remained at the University for approximately ten years as a graduate student, instructor, and curator of the University Library's Creative Writing Collection. During this period, he became close friends with the novelist Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and lived in her home at Cross Creek from 1952 until he left Florida. He began calling himself Gene Baro about 1950. He taught English at Bennington College from 1958-1963. From about 1950, Baro was an active literary figure, publishing short stories and especially poetry in numerous journals, as diverse as Botteghe Oscure and The New Yorker. He was a regular book reviewer for the Book Review of the New York Herald-Tribune from 1951-1961 and edited two literary anthologies. His major poetry collection was published as "Northwind" in the anthology-series Poetry Today VI (1959).

In 1963 he removed from Bennington for several years to England, where he was a lecturer for the United States Information Agency, a broadcaster for the British Broadcasting Corporation, and a correspondent for several publications. By the time he returned to the United States in 1969 or 1970, he seems largely to have abandoned literary endeavors and spent most of the remainder of his life in the art world as a writer, educator, and museum and exhibition curator. He was especially noted for his work in arranging major museum exhibitions. Positions included curator of the Corcoran Gallery, consultantships with the Brooklyn Museum, the Carnegie Institute Museum of Art, and teaching at Williams College. He died of cancer, November 15, 1982, in Old Bennington, Vermont. (Partially based on John Russell, "Gene Baro, 58, Organizer of Art Exhibitions," New York Times, November 16, 1982, D25.)

Scope and Content

Primarily correspondence to Gene Baro from a wide assortment of friends and literary and artistic colleagues, some of his own letters, manuscript and published writings, and personal documents, including a few photographs, throughout Baro's adult lifetime, although bulk is from 1950 to 1965.

Most of the correspondence is from the period when Baro was at the University of Florida and Bennington College and may be regarded as primarily personal correspondence from friends, "professional" literary correspondence from publishers, editors, or other writers, and correspondence from literary figures, with whom he developed friendships, which may have overlapped with professional connections. A significant amount of correspondence concerns his activities as curator of UF's Creative Writing Collection.

Notable among the correspondents are Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings whose 55 letters constitute an important complement to the University of Florida's large collection of her correspondence. The largest number of letters is from the artist Albert Eugene Stadler, who was Baro's friend from childhood and heir upon his death. Letters from writer Clyde Miller, who lived with Baro at Cross Creek for several years, and UF professor William Carleton, represent two of his most important contacts from the University of Florida. A significant number of third-party letters to Miller are in the Baro Papers. The most prolific professional contact is New York Herald-Tribune Book Review editor Irita Van Doren. Correspondence with almost all literary figures seems to have dropped off by the mid-sixties. The smaller quantity of letters from the last twenty years of his life relates to his art endeavors and is less varied.

Principal correspondents include Robert O. Bowen (about 50 pieces), poet John Malcolm Brinnin (36 items), Princess Marguerite Caetani (38 items), William G. "Bill" Carleton (16 items), anthropological film maker Maya Deren (27 items), a young British friend, Dallas Edmonds (45 items), UF friend Stanley Fouraker (17 items), novelist Marianne Hauser (12 items), Colin Haycoft (12 items), John Clellon Holmes (15 items), Don. R. Howard (12 items), bookseller and publisher George Kirgo (10 items), landlord and friends, Mildred and Robert D. Leigh (about 40 items), Allan Lewis (10 items), David Loovis (14 items ), British journalist Roger Machell (28 items), Wallace Meyer (15 items), Clyde Miller (62 items), poet and editor Howard Moss (24 items), UF English professor Ants Oras (15 items), poet Bob Pack (16 items), Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (55 letters) and her husband Norton Baskin (32 letters), poet and Stand editor Jon Silkin (10 items), Albert Eugene Stadler (150 items), John and Ruth Stephan (32 items), British bookseller David Watmough (30 pieces), poet and editor John Hall Wheelock, (28 items), and novelist Marguerite Young (28 items).

Notable literary names in the correspondence, but in lesser quantities include Robert Bly, Paul Bowles, Kay Boyle, Truman Capote, James T. Farrell, Randall Jarrell, James Jones, Henry Miller, Marianne Moore Howard Nemerov, William Styron, May Swenson, and Dylan Thomas. Several of these letters regard contributions to the Creative Writing Collection.

There are also large segments of correspondence from various publishers or publications, often signed by well known figures, including American Scholar (21 items, mostly signed by Hiram Hayden), Atlantic Monthly (13 letters), Chtto and Windus (6 items, by C. Day Lewis), Harper's Bazaar (12 letters), Alfred A. Knopf, inc. (13 letters), the Nation (24 letters), New American Library (23 items, principally by Arabel J. Porter), New York Herald Tribune Book Review (about 130 items, mostly by Irita Van Doren), New Yorker (17 letters, mostly by Howard Moss), Poetry (about 40 pieces from Karl Shapiro and Henry Rago), Scribner's (20 items), University of Florida Libraries (45 letters, most by Stanley West, Director).

The manuscript portion of the papers is less rich, but does include a typed manuscript of "Northwind," and of an unpublished collection, "Looking for Winter," as well as several manuscripts of individual poems and short stories.

A detailed calendar has been prepared for some of the correspondence from Baro's closest friends, Albert Stadler and Clyde Miller, and individuals which have a special significance to the UF Libraries and its manuscript collections. These include Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and her husband Norton S. Baskin, and some of the individuals who were among their friends; important figures in the history of the University, such as William Carleton; and the Florida writers, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, also a friend of Rawlings, and Lillian Smith.


Boxes 1-3: Calendared Correspondence. Boxes 4-10: General Correspondence (Personal), A - Y. Boxes:11-13: General Correspondence (Business), A - Y. Boxes 14-15: Writings (Manuscripts and printed). Box 16: Documents.

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The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

There are several related collections held by the UF Smathers Libraries. The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Papers contain Baro's letters to Rawlings. The Robert O. Bowen Papers contain Baro's letters to Bowen, as well as carbon copies of Bowen's correspondence to Baro. The Creative Writing Collection contains correspondence from authors to Baro, as well as some of his own manuscripts. Some of the manuscripts in the Creative Writing Collection are referenced in the correspondence of the Gene Baro Papers. The Jon Silkin Papers have materials pertaining to Baro because Baro was U.S.A. editor for Silkin's Stand magazine. Also see the Lillian Smith Papers.

Correspondence regarding Baro's work with the University of Florida Libraries is found in the records of the University Florida Libraries, Office of the Director, University of Florida Archives. The William G. Carleton Papers, University of Florida Archives, contain limited correspondence from Baro to Carleton.

The Bowen, Silkin, and Smith Papers, and most of the Creative Writing Collections were acquired for the University by Baro.

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Digital reproductions of items in this collection are available online via the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). Please read the Permissions for Use statement for information on copyright, fair use, and use of UFDC digital objects.

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[Identification of item], Gene Baro Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List

Calendared Correspondence: Baro, Gene. Letters and cards to Clyde Miller, 1955-1957

Box Folder
1 1 3 envelopes addressed to Clyde J. Miller, Cross Creek, Hawthorne, Fl. Postmarked 1956 and illegible. Chelsea, England.
1 2 12 postcards. [1955 June 15 - 1958 August 9, n.d.] [Chelsea, England] New York [Paris, Rome? Barcelona?]
1 3 Letters (7), 1955
1 3 ALS. 1955 May 19 [On board the S.S. Ile de France] 3 p. The elegance of his fellow passengers reminds him of a quote from Willa Cather. Describes young French women returning from New York, American tourists, and his tablemate, a British cargo skipper.
1 3 TLS. 1955 June 1. London. 1 p. Describes joyous mood of the voyage and the transit to London. He was sick during last three days of voyage. Met by [David] Watmough. Urges Miller to write him.
1 3 ALS. 1955 June 6. London. 2 p. Concern that he has not received a letter from Miller. Some details of his own activities in London.
1 3 ALS. 1955 June 15. London. 2 p. A rushed letter, written prior to going to theater. Says Millers letter arrived "in nick of time." Will write more fully tomorrow.
1 3 TLS. 1955 June 17. London. 2 p. Asks about which books have been received from [David] Watmough. Describes book buying activities and the many books that Miller will be receiving at Cross Creek. Buys anything he wants. Is happy that Miller is writing, and suggests submitting "Cat's Paw" to Marguerite Caetani. Tending the Edmond's family youngest child.
1 3 ALS. 1955 June 22. Paris. 4 p. Has just had dinner at the Ritz. Describes activities, including walking, eating and drinking, and visiting Marguerite Caetani, he has performed, since arriving in Paris approximately twenty-four hours earlier. Comments on passage from Beckford's Vathek.
1 3 ALS. 1955 July 7. London. 3 p. Comments very favorably on Miller's story, "Cat's Paw," and suggests either Caetani or New Yorker may accept it. Has been overwhelmed by friends since returning from Paris. Is going to Wales with Dick Edmonds. Suggests they meet in New Orleans [upon his return to U.S.] Lists books that he is sending.
1 4 Baro, Gene. Letters (27) to Clyde Miller, 1956.
1 4 ALS. 1956 May 18.New York 2 p. Says he has recovered. Busy with conferences, which he loathes. Has had meeting with Irita Van Doren and Wallace Meyer. New York is "horrid." Sails on Thursday, following the Stadlers return from Europe on Tuesday. Mentions things he would like for Miller to do. Stad 's singing.
1 4 TLS. 1956 June 5. London. 2 p. Describes details of his "dull and wearisome" voyage, including anecdote about an American tourist, his cabin mates, meals, etc. The Edmonds met him at Paddington. Is getting reacquainted with London. Has seen [Jon] Silkin and [David] Watmough. Comments on Miller's new story. Elizabeth Otis has taken him on as a client. Is being confused with Peter Ustinov, who lives a short distance away.
1 4 TLS. 1956 June 14. London. 1 p. Suffering from cold, which he has passed on to David Watmough and Bongey Edmonds. Misses Miller. A handwritten note refers to a recent heart attack of T.S. Eliot. Accompanied by a news photograph of Eliot entering hospital, and a copy of an unrelated anecdote from a British newspaper.
1 4 TLS. 1956 June 18. London. 2 p. Awakened by the arrival of Miller's welcome letter. Describes trip with the Edmonds to Repton for Speech Day and the enjoyable picnic and cricket that followed. Describes Dallas Edmonds, fifteen, and a cousin, Andrew.
1 4 TLS. 1956 June 28. London. 2 p. Received his letter at breakfast time with the Edmonds family. Describes yesterday, spent with the Edmondses, including the dinner he prepared, wines, and an evening walk. Refers to a poem he has written for Miller.
1 4 TLS. 1956 July 2. London. 2 p. List of things he would like from Miller, following a more intimate introduction.
1 4 ANS [no addressee] 1956 July 5. London. 1 p. Enclosing a "little poem." Accompanied by a 12 line manuscript poem, dated 6-29-56
1 4 ALS. 1956 July 8. London. 1 p. Refers to an enclosed clipping, apparently relating to Dylan and Caitlin Thomas. [The clipping was not found with the letter]
1 4 ALS. 1956 July 19. London. 2 p. Stanley [Fouraker] has arrived. Describes time spent with him.
1 4 TLS. 1956 July 25. London. 2 p. Is making arrangements to get money for Miller. Stanley [Fouraker] is sick, and probably needs surgery. Tourist crowding made it difficult to get a proper room for Fouraker, but a good room will soon be available at the Westbury. Baro is becoming friends with Edith Sitwell. He will see her this evening. Longing to be at Cross Creek.
1 4 TLS. 1956 July 30. London. 1 p., with envelope. Describes condition of Stanley Fouraker, who has undergone surgery. Small photograph of Baro, London, July 16, 1956, enclosed.
1 4 TLS. 1956 August 4. London 2 p. His own health and energy is being run down, partly as a result of looking after Fouraker. Asks if Miller received the funds he needs from Albert Stadler. Reference to Edith Sitwell. Asks if Stanley West spoke of him.
1 4 ALS. 1956 August 26. London. 2 p. Leaving to visit Marguerite Caetani in Paris. Stanley [Fouraker] is better and was glad to receive Miller's letter. Says that Miller has a "Carletonian disposition" [refers to UF professor William Carleton] Would exchange all his "delights for Cross Creek."
1 4 ALS. 1956 August 29. Paris. 6 p. Weather is horrible. Describes meeting and a "Jamesian episode" with Marguerite Caetani. Met and had a long conversation with Blanche Knopf in the Ritz dinning room. Both women say the other should support him financially.
1 4 ALS. 1956 September 12.London 2 p. The Edmonds family is returning from Majorca. Paris gave him a rest, and he is feeling well for the first time since he left Florida. Has had a serious quarrel with Stanley Fouraker.
1 4 TLS. 1956 September 13. London 2 p. Comments on Miller's letter and his prose on the death of cats at Cross Creek. The tension he feels between longing to be at Cross Creek and what he feels he must do in London. Will be reviewing for Time and Tide. Marguerite Caetani has taken more of his poems and will publish a group in the spring issue of Botteghe Oscure. Asks Miller to submit a story, such as "A Structure in the Sea" to be published simultaneously. Observation on the future of Norton Baskin. Expecting to have lunch with Portuguese poet Albero de Lacerda.
1 4 TLS. 1956 September 15. London 1 p., with envelope. His plans for the day: football game with Richard [Edmonds?] tea with Bill[ Patterson?] a German performance of Mother Courage, then supper at Alexander's. Asks Miller to get his driver's license renewed.
1 4 TLS. 1956 October 1. London. 1 p. Tries to allay Miller's concerns about repairs at Cross Creek. Has sent him copies of works by Woolf and Collette. Assessment of the work of Denton Welch, whom he consider to have had great talent. "A Structure in the Sea" has arrived.
1 4 TLS. 1956 October 9. London. 1 p. A quick note, bringing Miller up to date on several items.
1 4 TLS. 1956 October 16. London. 2 p. Refers to an enclosed article from the Evening Standard about Antonia White [The enclosure is not included] Describes concert that he has just come from.
1 4 ALS. 1956 October 25. London.1 p. Preparing to go to dinner and to theater to see Look Back in Anger.
1 4 TLS. 1956 December 4. London. 1 p. Concern that he has not heard from Miller. Longing for Cross Creek. On the nature of desire.
1 4 ALS. 1956 December 6. London. 2 p. Received his letter at last. Says he will return to the Creek, if conditions permit. If not, he will go to Rome in January. Asks Miller to have Ants Oras pressure Archie Robertson about a job for himself.
1 4 TLS. 1956 December 13. London. 2 p. Is sick with cold, reading Trevelyen's "English Social History." Stanley [Fouraker] has sailed for New York. Appraisal of Fouraker and of their friendship.
1 4 TLS. 1956 December 16. London. 1 p. Expects Stad to be in Florida Asks that Miller have Stad sound out Norton Baskin regarding maintenance of the Cross Creek house and about Baskin's attitude regarding him, and to have Ants Oras "represent" him to Archie Robertson regarding a job.
1 4 TLS. 1956 December 18. London. 1 p. He is distracted. Sent the "wrong" book, Nora Wydenbruck's My Two Worlds to Miller for Christmas, whereas he had intended to send another, unnamed book. Will send the "intended" volume today.
1 4 TLS. 1956 December 21. London. 1 p. Lunch with Alan Dent and Roger Machell. He will write Stanley [West about a UF library job] and wants Miller to work on Robertson through Oras. If a job is available, he believes he can persuade the UF president [to hire him] If job is good enough, he will return to UF, even if he cannot live at the Creek.
1 5 Baro, Gene. Letters (16) to Clyde Miller, 1957
1 5 TLS. 1957 January 4. London. 2 p. Has not heard from either Stanley West or Archie Robertson about employment. Comments on "rudeness" of Stanley Fouraker. Has not heard from Stad, and is uncertain if he went to Florida. Is waiting to hear form Marguerite Caetani about invitation to Rome. Appears to say that he would prefer to live at Cross Creek, rather than one of the world's great capitals. Expresses possibility that Norton Baskin may buy the Creek property and that he could lease it for a long period of time.
1 5 TLS. 1957 January 22. London. 2 p. Has word from Stanley West that it is likely he can be rehired, but final agreement is needed from the president. Does not believe that he should come to Gainesville to persuade him. He can stay in London until April 4th. If a favorable decision is made, he will probably return to the Creek by way of Italy.
1 5 ALS. 1957 February 4. London. 1 p. Asks him to confirm his February check. Has not heard from him, or anyone in Florida recently.
1 5 TLS. 1957 February 13. London. 1 p. Dismayed that he has not heard from Miller and that his check has not been deposited. The Orases apparently are sick and have done nothing on his behalf. Regrets that his letters are so full of mundane things, such as money and Stanley West, when he would prefer to write or more interesting things, such as epic tales and the cats at Cross Creek. Gives an account of his lunch with the Baroness Budberg.
1 5 TLS. 1957 February 14. London. 1 p. Has received letter from Miller. Preparing to attend the Dunn-Sanford wedding ceremony, the season's most fashionable. Describes the principals, she, "voluptuous"; he, a "prig."
1 5 TLS. 1957 February 15. London. 1 p. Incorporates a "Yeats-Moore" poem, "Imaginary Colloquy."
1 5 TLS. 1957 February 22. London. 1 p. Comments on publication of new Andrew Lytle novel by firm of McDowell-Oblensky. Critique of Lytle's esthetics.
1 5 ALS. [1957 February 27] London. 1 p. Asks him to deposit March checks as soon as possible, as he had immediate need of funds.
1 5 ALS. 1957 March 13. London. 2 p. Asks about March checks. Busy with the Home Office over question of his status.
1 5 ALS. 1957 March 16. London. 2 p. Received his letter, which answered questions. Beset with problems, such as mistake of Marguerite Caetani, his mother is sick, problem with Italian cultural attaché, and a big wine bill.
1 5 TLS. 1957 March 26. London. 2 p. Letters from Gainesville indicate that his return is imminent, contingent only upon budgetary approval. He will return, if offer is decent. Hopes they both can live in England someday. Discusses Clyde's situation, about which he is more optimistic than is Clyde himself.
1 5 ALS. 1957 April 8. London. 2 p. Corky arrives tonight; will perform at Blackpool with the Cristiani [circus] Has written to Archie [Robertson]
1 5 ALS. 1957 April 9. London. 2 p. Says that Miller is an "amateur" at wasting time, compared to himself. Muses on justification for life, and encourages Clyde to be more optimistic.
1 5 ALS. 1957 April 29. London. 1 p. Returned from Oxford to find his letter. Criticizes Tove for thinking she can tinker with the minds of others. Asks him to deposit checks quickly.
1 5 ALS. 1957 July 7, New Orleans. 2 p. Stad and he will be with him in a few days. Mentions things he is looking forward to at the Creek, and to tell no one he is coming.
1 5 ALS. 1957 July 22. New York. Stad and he will leave for Chicago soon. Is sending him a present and is eager to see him.

Calendared Correspondence: Baro, Gene - Other Correspondence (chronological)

Box Folder
1 6 TLS to Mr. Wimberly (Prairie Schooner). 20 November 1951. Gainesville, Fl. Asks for contributor's copies for issue in which his story appears. ANS "E. B. Wilson" indicates that copies were sent, Nov. 30, 1951.
1 7 ALS to Jack (Jock?); 28 Jan. 1957 [London] 1 p. Perplexed that he had not heard from him.
1 8 TL (draft, with annotations) to [J. Wayne] Reitz. 25 September 1957. Cross Creek. 2p. Accompanied by carbon of final letter. Argues the value of the Cross Creek property to the University and the potential for UF to be a center for creative arts in the Southeast. Says the two potential of the two may be conjoined.
1 9 AL to Mrs Gibbs. 28 February 1959 [s.l.] 1 p. RE post office box, he has shared with Clyde Miller. Countersigned with reply from Pinnell, University Station, Gainesville, Fl., 7 April 1959.
1 10 TLS to "Sirs"; 1959 August 10 [s.l.] 1 p. Requesting corrections to proofs or review of Churchill's Improper Bohemians and Lipton's Holy Barbarians. Returned to the writer with note signed "M. Hess" that mistakes were on the part of the printer.
1 11 TLS to Alfred Chester. 17 September 1961, Bennington, VT. Would like to include Chester's story, "Berceuse," in an anthology. Letter returned to sender by post office, addressee unknown.
1 12 TLS to Ziss. 10 October 1964 [London] 2 p. He is back in London. Thanks her for shirts. Enjoyed Ireland. Leaving shortly for France and Italy. Sending her magazine with copy of his poems.
1 13 TLS to Craig Smith. 27 August 1978. Old Bennington, VT. Contract for rental of apartment, countersigned by Smith, Sept. 4, 1978.
1 14 AN to Robert D. Leigh [n.d., s.l.] Written on Western Union telegram form. Condolences on the death of Mrs. Leigh.
1 15 TLS to Eli; 1961 April 12, Bennington, Vt. 1 p. Unable to locate John Weiner, or anyone who can give permission to reprint a Weiner poem in an anthology. Reply, written on verso 9April 17 1961] says that he is unable to help.
1 16 TL (carbon) to William Tregoning. 7 May 1974 [s.l.] 1 p. Enclosing transparencies of Stuart Davis's.
1 17 TL (carbon) to William Gaines, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 9 May 1974 [s.l.] 1 p. Support of Ron Stark's application for grant assistance.
1 18 TL (draft) to Grace Albee. 10 May 1976, Washington, D.C. 1 p. Would like to buy her prints for his collection.
1 19 TL (photocopy) to Eugene de Christopher. 22 June 1976. Washington, D.C. 3 p. Likes his research proposal and feels that he can help. Copy of Baro's C.V. enclosed.
1 20 ANS to "Dear Curator." [n.d. Washington. Asking if Louise Nevelson prints are in his collection. Countersigned by Christopher J. M. Johnstone, saying there are no such works in the Tate Gallery.
1 21 TN (draft) to Matsu, Todyou Gallery. [n.d., s.l.] 1 p. Thanking him for courtesies when he visited Japan.
1 22 Baroff, variously identified as Ciss, S., and Ziss (Gene Baro's mother; 4 items)
1 22 ANS "Ciss," to Gene Barow[sic] 12 Jan.1953, Chicago, Ill. Birthday greeting written on Western Union form, with envelope postmarked Hawthorne, Fl.
1 22 Telegram /s/ Ziss to Gene Baroff, Cross City [sic] Fl., 7 July 1953, Atlanta. Arriving in Gainesville this afternoon.
1 22 ALS "Ziss" to Gene Baro. [27 Nov. 1959. Chicago] 5 p. Asks why he is angry with her, citing alienation that dates back to 1947. Is in ill health and seeks reconciliation. Form of name in return address is S. Baroff. Mailed to Baro, care of Gene Stadler in New York, and enclosed in another envelope from Stadler to Baro in Bennington.
1 22 ALS "Z." to "Gene." 1976 Feb. 16 [s.l.] Sorry that he is sick, but he should have gotten a flu shot. Advice for caring for himself.
1 23 Baskin, Norton - Correspondence to Gene Baro [1953?]-1961. 14 items
1 23 TLS "Norton," to Gene. [1953?] Crescent Beach, 1 p. Marjorie is doing better after another attack.
1 23 A. postcard S. [Postmark: 1954, July 6. Van Hornesville] Has had a wonderful time and will return home soon.
1 23 ALS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1954 August 28] Marineland, Fl. 2 p., with envelope. Bed from the Creek will go to Jim Hardy. He can make another bed available to Baro.
1 23 TLS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1954 Oct. 19. Saint Augustine, Fl. 1 p., with envelope. Enclosing check. for Martha.
1 23 ALS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1954 August 1] Marineland, Fl. 4 p. Will not be able to go to New Orleans, because of wedding if family of someone who works with him. Cats are furious with him.
1 23 ANS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1954 Nov. 26. s.l.] 1 p., with copy of receipt to be signed by Martha Mickens to the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Baskin.
1 23 TLS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1955 Feb. 11, St. Augustine] 1 p., with copy of receipt to be signed by Martha Mickens to the Estate of Marjorie Kinnan Baskin.
1 23 TLS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1954 June 18. St. Augustine] 1 p. Enclosed is TLS "Phil" [May] to Norton Baskin, June 15, 1954, Jacksonville, re statement of account of Will Mickens.
1 23 ALS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1955 Oct. 6, St. Augustine] 1 p. Moe [Marjorie Rawling's dog] is missing.
1 23 Telegram to Gene Baro. 1957 July 23 Does not have tomorrow off.
1 23 ALS to Gene Baro and Clyde Miller. [Postmark: 1957 August 2. St. Augustine] 2 p. Expects them and Lewis this coming Friday. Hopes they will not bring fleas this time.
1 23 ALS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1957 August 7, Union Springs, Ala.] Crescent Beach, 1 p. with envelope and enclosure. Encloses a clipping (photocopied) from the New York Times, August 2, 1957 re to films which John Huston may direct. Says he bets Jane Mansfield will play the geisha in one of them. He is leaving for Alabama. His mother is very sick.
1 23 TLS to Gene Baro. [Postmark: 1961 May 13. St. Augustine] 1 p. Thanking him for Bennington publications. Refers to someone named Norma and a television show. Expects handling of Marjorie's estate to be turned over to the University of Florida Foundation. He will be glad to be "out of it" because of Arthur [Kinnan's] attitude. He has given up the Dolphin [restaurant]. Death of Edith Pope and comment about her husband. Talked to Stad[ler] on phone. Hopes that Baro will come south in the summer and stay at the Creek.
1 24 Baskin, Norton. Correspondence to Gene Baro, 1954-1958. 9 items. 1 TLS and 7 ALLS signed "Norton," to Gene Baro. [n.d., s.l., Marineland, Fl] accompanied by 9 envelopes, postmarked 1954 Oct. 27 - 1958 June 11. It is not known if letters are in same order as the envelopes. The typed letter contains an amusing incident regarding a Miss Slagle, who interviewed Norton about MKR. Several of the letters are notes sent to accompany payments to be given to Martha Mickens to fulfill the bequest left her by Marjorie Rawlings. Topics include visits between them Baskin and Berg, references to Norman Berg, Eugene Stadler, Arthur and Jeff Kinnan, and a trip to Alabama by Norton. One letters is addressed "Dear Guys," apparently Baro and Clyde Miller.
1 25 Baskin, Norton. Letters (9) to Clyde Miller, 1955-1959
1 25 ALS [n.d. PM: 1955 June 1.] Marineland, Fl. 2 p, with envelope. Enjoying book of Joyce stories that Miller sent him. Has sold the Van Hornesville house. Invites him to go there with him.
1 25 TLS [n.d. PM: 1955 June 9. St. Augustine] 1 p., with envelope. Invites Miller to accompany him to New York. Discusses expenses.
1 25 ALS [n.d. PM: 1956 June 13] Marineland, Fl. 1 p., with envelope. Happy to see him this weekend. Has bad cold.
1 25 ALS [n.d. PM: 1956 August 23] Marineland, Fl. 1 p., with envelope. Hope Miller can visit before school starts. Has sold "Conch[?] Island for large sum.
1 25 ALS [n.d., 1956 Oct. 9] Marineland, Fl. 2 p. with envelope. Has received an invitation to have dinner with Lee Burnham [sculptor of Marjorie Rawlings] She plans to invite him too.
1 25 ALS [n.d., PM 1956 Nov. 26] Nov. 25. Marineland, Fl. 1 p., with envelope.
1 25 ALS. [n.d. PM: 1957 Nov. 28. St. Augustine] 2 p., with envelope. Refers to living with a teen-ager. Julia Scribner says there is interest in "making a Broadway musical from The Yearling." Aaron Copeland may do the music.
1 25 ALS [n.d., PM: 1956 Dec. 2] Nov. 25. Marineland, Fl. 2 p., with envelope. Must go to Union Springs [Ala.] Mother is the same.
1 25 ALS to "Clyde and Gene." 1959 April 20. Marineland, Fl. 5 p, with envelope addressed to Gene Baro, Bennington, VT. Refers to the "witch hunt" at the University [of Florida]. Sorry they did not come by the cottage. Still hoping to settle [MKR] estate. Arthur [Kinnan] complaining. Julia [Scribner Bigham] has been here, with family. Put her on plane with Edith [Pope] who is going to hospital in New York. Julia wants him to come to New York to make final disposition of Marjorie [Rawlings's] papers. She thinks there are enough short stories for a book.
1 26 Berg, Norman
1 26 TLS to Gene and Stad. 1949 Oct. 10 [Atlanta] 1 p., with envelope addressed to Gene Baroff. Regrets he did not see them. His behavior at visit to Norton's. Hopes to see them in Gainesville and invites them to visit.
1 26 ANS to Gene Baro [1949? Cross Creek?]. Regrets that he missed him.
1 27 Bigham, Julia Scribner
1 27 ALS to Gene Baro. 17 Dec. [1954] New York. 3 p., envelope. His plans to see her about Marjorie Rawlings's papers. Says she is expecting a child in March, and does not have time or energy now to expend on new projects.
1 27 ALS to Gene Baro. 5 March [1953. Enroute to San Francisco. Postmark: Carmel, CA., 7 March 1953. 3 p. About a book on Leonardo and other manuscripts she is reading [as an editor for Scribner's?]
1 28 Carleton, William G. (1902-1982, Professor of History and Political Science, University of Florida). 15 letters, 4 postcards to Gene Baro, 1951 June 15 - 1959 Sept. 4. Gainesville, New Orleans, Blacksburg, VA. Letters from Baro to Carleton, 1964-1965 are found in the William G. Carleton Papers, University of Florida Archives.
1 28 TLS. 15 June 1951. Gainesville. 1 p., envelope. Refers to "deal" that Gene has "cooked up" with Blanche [Knopf?] Wants Baro to get him a reservation on the June 29th sailing of the Queen Mary, and details travels plans from Evansville [Indiana] to New York.
1 28 3 Postcards, year illegible, Gainesville, addressed to Baro in New York, accompanied by envelope postmarked Oct. 30 1951, apparently forwarding cards back to Gainesville.
1 28 ALS. [1951 December 14] Gainesville. 2 p., with envelope. Baro's appointment as curator has been announced. Asks Baro to reserve him a room at the Grosvenor at the end of the month. Plans for New York visit and appointments [to UF faculty?]
1 28 ALS. [1952 July 26] Gainesville. 4 p. Long comment on "magnificent" speech of Adlai Stevenson [to Democratic National Convention] Compares him to Woodrow Wilson and Newton D. Baker, ands says a speaker of his quality will be a new experience for the current generation, which is unfamiliar with great presidential orators. Speaks of Baro's pride and hope it will not prevent him from returning. The letter is apparently written as Baro is planning to embark for London.
1 28 ALS. 1952 August 9. 2 p. Gives him advice for seeing London. Has deposited money into Baro's checking account.
1 28 ALS. 1953 October 23 1952. Gainesville, 2 p., envelope. Welcomes him back [from England]
1 28 ALS. 1953 January 20. 2 p., envelope. Has just reread their correspondence with the intention of destroying it, but could not do so. Destroyed only four letters which involved others. Comments on the quality of his own letters. Would like them back, if Gene does not want them. Letters indicate a "break" in their friendship when he bought the house.
1 28 TLS. [1953 March 22] 1 p., with envelope. Suggests they meet this week.
1 28 ALS. [1953 March 27] 1 p., envelope. Sorry for Baro's illness; wants to talk.
1 28 ALS. 1953 April 29. 1 p., envelope. Suggests they meet for dinner.
1 28 ALS.1953 May 13. 1 p., envelope. Thanks him for dedication.
1 28 ALS. [1953 June 27. Gainesville] 1 p., envelope. Declines invitation.
1 28 ALS [1953 June 9. Gainesville] 2 p., envelope. Congratulates him on Times review, linking him with [Alberto?] Moravia. His own piece ["An Atlantic Curtain"] in the American Scholar is bringing him acclaim. Moravia and Sartre have asked permission to reprint it in European magazines.
1 28 ALS. 1953 August 23. 4 p. Thinks it is time to renew their friendship. He has come to know New Orleans well. Asks him to tell Clyde [Miller] that he feels New Orleans has not been fully exploited literarily
1 28 ALS [1958 Feb. 23] Gainesville. 1p., envelope. His mother appreciates Baro's visits to her in hospital. Invites him to dinner.
1 28 Postcard. [1958 October 10. Gainesville]
1 28 ALS in Christmas card. [1959 December 17] Gainesville. Refers to being in Blacksburg [VA] with Dallas [Edmonds?] The University is in a state of decline. Johns Committee has moved on to Florida A&M College
1 28 TLS. 1959 Sept. 3, Gainesville. 2 p., envelope. Has sent his financial and business mail, and will mail "literary things" immediately. He read some of Marjorie Rawlings's letters and is highly laudatory of them. Also sending things from the office.
1 29 Chappell, Virginia. ALS to Marjorie K. Rawlings; 7 Feb. 1956, East ST. Louis, IL. 4 p. High school student asking for list of books, photographs, and biographical material.
1 30 Doherty, Jack
1 30 6 TLLS and to Gene Baro. 19 April - 23 July 1953. Chapel Hill, NC. Written while completing his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of North Carolina. Account of a research trip to Washington; comparisons of Chapel Hill and Gainesville; political liberalism in Chapel Hill; investigation of person named Reynolds for leftist leanings; reading Reinhold's Niebuhr's Irony of American History.
1 30 A Postcard S. 15 December 1953 [Gainesville]. Invitation to party.
1 30 TLS to Gene Baro. 3 March 1959. Gainesville. 1 p. Encloses mail for Clyde [Miller] in Vermont. Asks his help in finding a job. Tension over report that has been forwarded to [UF President] Reitz. Property left by Clyde.
1 31 Douglas, Marjory Stoneman
1 31 ALS to Gene Baro; 16 Jan. 1952 [Miami]. Appreciation for his review of her Road to the Sun for the Herald-Tribune. His comments about "Rules of Evidence." With this is a TLS "Deacon[?] Murphy"; 23 Jan. 1952, Brooklyn, N.Y., to Gene Baro. The writer identifies himself as an attorney and a friend of Douglas to whom he sent a copy of Baro's review. Says that Baro's comment on "rules of evidence," while correct theoretically, are not followed in all jurisdictions.
1 31 TLS to Gene Baro; 6 Feb. 1952. Coconut Grove, Fl. Is happy with his letter, because of its increased detail over her book. Pleased to learn that he is in Gainesville and hopes to see him when she visits in April. She is giving her manuscripts to the University of Miami. Letter from Marjorie Rawlings. The letter he received from her friend in New York concerning court procedure.
1 31 A postcard S. to Gene Baro; 20 Feb. 1952. Coconut Grove, Fl. Set date to see him.
1 31 TLS. 12 May 1952. Coconut Grove, Fl. Enjoyed talk with him in Gainesville. She is trying a story for the New Yorker, and the contract for a juvenile work has arrived from Scribner's.
1 31 TLS. 22 Dec. 1952. Coconut Grove, Fl. Sales of her novel. Has written a "junior novel" [Freedom River, Florida 1845] to be published by Scribner's. Concerned about what to do next, bur wants to write a non-fiction book on the Caribbean. Has traveled extensively in the area. Also wants to write more novels. Says she relies on his judgment as did Marjorie Rawlings.
1 31 A Postcard S. 28 April 1953. Coconut Grove. Selling books for a dollar to the Coconut Grove library.
1 31 TLS. 13 January 1954. Coconut Grove, Fl. Feelings of guilt and unhappiness [in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings] Remorse over her death. Expecting him to visit.
1 31 ALS. 25 October 1958, Old Bennington, Vt. Happy that she met him in the post office. A pleasure to find him in Bennington and believes he will like it. Says she will give manuscript of her Alligator Crossing to University of Florida Library.
1 32 Dykes, John
1 32 Telegram. 14 August 1953. Gainesville. Will not be on Monday's train [to New York]
1 32 ALS. [17 August 1954. Citra, Fl.]. Home news; discarded girl from Wildwood. Regards to Maya [Deren?] and others.
1 33 Ellis, Joe (Nephew to Norton Baskin). ALS to Clyde Miller. Crescent Beach, Fl. 26 Feb. 1957. 1 p. Asks for advice on attending the University of Florida.
1 34 Keller, Helen. Form letter signed to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. 2 Feb. 1956. New York. 1 p. Asking support for the American Foundation for Overseas Blind.
1 35 May, Philip S. (The writer was the attorney for Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Baskin. The Phil May Papers and other papers in the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Collection extensively document their relationship). 6 letters to Gene Baro; 28 May 1954 - 3 Feb. 1956. Jacksonville, Fl. Concerning various aspects of Marjorie Rawlings's estate, including the shipping of desk to Otto Lange, claim of Will Mickens, bed bequeathed to Jim Hardy, and transfer of Cross Creek property to the Florida Endowment Corporation (University of Florida). Also includes carbon copies sent to Baro of letters to Lange, 28 June 28 - 15 July 1954; Lange's letter of June 25, 1954; Martha Mickens, with note to Baro, 17 November 1954; and Richard H. Suddarth, 19 Nov. 1954.

Calendared Correspondence: Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro and Other Miller Correspondence

Box Folder
2 1 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro 1954 (1 letter)
2 1 Five envelopes, addressed to Gene Baro in London and with a Cross Creek return address, and without legible postmarks, that cannot be matched with letters in the collection. At some point, prior to acquisition by the University of Florida, letters and envelopes were separated
2 1 TLS to Gene Baro. 1954 Sept 4., Gainesville, Fl., 1 p. Back in Gainesville after trip to New Orleans. Describes trip. Describes conditions at the Creek. Learned that the Florida Endowment Fund board is considering moving Rawlings's books and furniture to the Century Tower and establishing a Marjorie Rawlings room.
2 2 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro 1955. 5 TLLS with autograph notations to Gene Baro, 1955 June 7-July 12. Cross Creek. 8 pp. Letters to Baro in Europe, passing on news from Cross Creek, the University of Florida and about himself. Norton Baskin has sold Marjorie Rawlings's Van Hornesville, New York, house, and invited him to go to New York with him. Secret River was just published and is receiving good reviews. Mentions several stories he is working on and what he is reading. Has been rehired by the University for the coming year, but at no increase in pay. Asks Baro to submit the story "Car's Paw" to Botteghe Oscure for him. Plans to meet Baro in New Orleans, when he returns to the U.S.A.
2 3 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1956 (19 letters, 3 postcards, 2 photographs)
2 3 Postcard S. and 2 TLLS, with autograph notations, to Gene Baro, 1956 May 8-May 21. Cross Creek. 1 card, 2 pp. Commiserates on Baro's illness. Things are the same at the Creek. Has had Estelle [relative, probably granddaughter of Martha Mickens] in to clean. He is reading studies of Proust and considering a Proust parody. Thanks Baro for the Sibelius recordings. News on cats at the Creek.
2 3 4 LLS to Gene Baro. 1956 June 1-June 26. Cross Creek and Gainesville. Asks about his interview with Elizabeth Otis. Advises him to give her certain stories. Discusses his own work, principally a story called "A Structure in the Sea." Talks he had recently with UF professors Archibald Robertson and Andrew Lyttle. Baro's annoyance over being mistaken for Peter Ustinov. His recent illness. News of cats at the Creek. News of recent visit to Norton Baskin and dinner at Marineland. Miller Leake, UF professor, has just died of a heart attack.
2 3 3 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1956 July 10-31. Cross Creek. 5p. Visit with Stanley Fouraker. News of the Creek includes reference to rainy and hot period, work being done by Chet Crosby, threat of Mediterranean fruit-flies, and mating time among the animals. His story, "The Blue Kimono." Asks to borrow money. Reading Joseph Conrad. Illness and recovery of Stanley [Fouraker?] Stanley West brought a woman interested in writing her thesis on Rawlings to the Creek. Apologizes for inconveniencing Baro with request for loan. Jack Lamb has been seriously injured in accident. Says that Baro is teasing him with incomplete details on becoming friends with Edith Sitwell.
2 3 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1956 August 6-August 17. 3 p., with photograph of Miller holding cat, enclosed with August 6th photo. Stanley [Fouraker's?] health. Received check from Stad. Refers to clipping regarding a disagreement between Caitlin Thomas and [John Malcolm] Brinnin. Visit from Stanley West. Went to Jacksonville with Bill Patterson. Martha [Mickens] has made him guava jelly. Describes inner conflicts.
2 3 Postcard and 2TLLS. 1956 6 Sept. - 21 Sept. Cross Creek. 4 p. Comments on receiving Baro's letter from Paris and visit to Norton. Norton is becoming absorbed with his family, and is separating himself from the world of Marjorie Rawlings. A seventeen year-old nephew is living with him. Norton received a large amount of money from sale of Conch Island. News about Estelle and Cissie [members of the Mickens family] Describes visit from Archie and Aline Robertson. Robertson was friendly and said work on the house would be done shortly, but aroused some fear in Miller. Very unfavorable critique of Mrs. Robertson. New about various publications, including the inclusion of Baro's work in Botteghe Oscuro. Sorry that Gene and Stanley have quarreled.
2 3 Postcard and 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1956 Oct. 3-Oct. 28. Cross Creek. 3 p. Hurricane weather in Florida. Norton told him that a group is interested in making a musical of The Yearling. Repairs on the house turned out to be more minor than he had expected. Long literary discussion involving his "A Structure in the Sea," a story by Robert Musil with a similar title, Herman Broch's The Sleepwalkers, book by Colette, etc. Story in Time about Maria Callas.
2 3 4 LLS to Gene Baro. December 1-30. Cross Creek, New Orleans. 9 p., with photograph of Miller enclosed with Dec. 1st letter. He is broke, due to dental work, expensive car repairs, etc. Claims he lives frugally. Compliments Gene on the Sebastian poems in Stand. Publication opportunities in a magazine called Talisman. Relates news of a long confidential talk with Stanley West, who says that UF president J. Wayne Reitz will make the final and irrevocable decision on whether Baro can return to UF. Reitz said he will not be able to live at the Creek again. Speculates on possibilities of having this decision rescinded. Miller anticipates that he may no longer be allowed to live there after this school year. From New Orleans, while on his way home, he relates additional news about the possibility of Gene's returning to UF, as related by Stanley West and Archie Robertson through Ants Oras. Describes Christmas time in New Orleans. Back in Cross Creek, he says that Stanley Fouraker has been in the area, but did not try to contact him. Elaborates on his conversation with Stanley West about the prospects of Gene's being rehired at UF and on a visit to Ants and Livia Oras. Possibility of a visit from Stad. He visited Crescent Beach a couple of weeks ago and Norton's attitude remains very cordial towards Gene. The Creek grounds are in very poor condition; blames Chet Crosby. Norton thinks UF might sell it, and would buy it. Met Harnett T. Kane in New Orleans. Has read Three Geishas.
2 4 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1957 (8 letters)
2 4 Envelope addressed to Gene Baro, London, from C. Miller, Cross Creek, postmarked Jan. 1? 1957, cannot be matched to any letter.
2 4 TL to Gene Baro; 1957 Jan. 17. Cross Creek. 2 p. Stad has visited the Creek. They are jointly concerned about Gene's status at UF and the Creek and think he should return. Nancy Cunard's memoir of George Moore. He and Stad had lunch with Stanley Fouraker in Jacksonville. Fouraker was very critical of Baro. Barbara Larkin's sale of story to Good Housekeeping
2 4 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1957 Feb. 10, 16. 3 p. Says Baro is right in claiming that Reitz should not be pressured in making a decision. The fruit has been picked from the grove by West Indian workers. Discusses prospects for two of his stories, "The Blue Kimono," and "A Structure in the Sea."/ Describes a conversation with Andrew Lytle regarding the publication of Lytle's new novel, In What Corner of the Night. Describes the cats at the Creek. Reading a Compton MacKenzie novel and Elizabeth Sprigg's study of Gertrude Stein.
2 4 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1957 March 13, 21. Cross Creek. 3 p. Problem with broken water pump at the Creek. Glorious spring weather. Is troubled by forthcoming uncertainties. He is financially strapped and seeking new employment, as he is not sure of prospects at UF and whether Baro will return. Has not heard from Norton.
2 4 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1957 April 5, 24. Cross Creek. 3 p. Will choose to stay at UF, if he can get money for the summer and a raise for teaching next year. Does not want to be permanently separated from Baro. He is nervous over a projected work, "Ambuscade," for which he will seek a fellowship to write. Has just read all of Carl Van Vechten's novels. Need for a novel, such as "Ambuscade," to parody contemporary southern literature. Unpleasant visit from Tove Neville, who asked many personal questions. Believes Archie Robertson may be planning to do something to help Baro's situation.
2 4 TLS to Gene Baro. 1957 November 7. Cross Creek. 1 p. Baro's meeting with Dorothy Waring. Had an unpleasant visit from Norman Berg, who described Marjorie Rawlings as a "failure." Stories sent to Harper's Bazaar were rejected.
2 5 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1958 (14 letters, 3 postcards)
2 5 2 envelopes, addressed to Gene Baro, 549 Madison Avenue, New York, from C. Miller, Cross Creek, without cancellation dates, cannot be linked to any letter. Letters with this address are dated between January 9th and July 19th, 1958.
2 5 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1958 January 9, 19. Cross Creek.2 p. Has written to Marguerite [Young?] Cold weather at the Creek, and the pump has broken. Work on a story about a collapsed porch [an idea suggested by Cissie in an earlier letter. Cf. Sept. 1956] Went with Johnny Walker of Ocala to a Gerard Souzay concert. Refers to Baro's Jones review and to a [Tennessee] William review and interview.
2 5 2 Postcards S. to Gene Baro. 1958 March 11-April 1. Postmark: Hawthorne, Fl.
2 5 TLS to Gene Baro. 1958 April 2. Cross Creek. 1 p. A spring night on Orange Lake. The pump has broken. Will spend Easter holidays with Bill in Jacksonville. Sorry that Gene will not return as early as expected.
2 5 Postcard to Gene Baro. 1958 April 24. Postmark: Hawthorne, Fl. Hopes that Gene's mother has improved.
2 5 TLS to Gene Baro.1958 May 1. Cross Creek. 1 p. Details of Marjorie Rawlings's estate, as learned from Norton Baskin, who appears to want to get away from St. Augustine. Glad that Gene's mother will be able to go back to Chicago. UF coeds may be permitted to wear shorts to class. Gene will find the grounds of the house overgrown, when he returns. Received manuscripts from Mademoiselle. Concern of Stanley West over Gene's situation.
2 5 TLS to Gene Baro. 1958 June 19. 1 p. An incident regarding Estelle [Mickens?] while she was cleaning the house. Baro has received checks for reviews in the [Herald]-Tribune. Titus, a cat, is lost. Reading the Memoirs of St. Simon.
2 5 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1958 July 4-18. Cross Creek. 3 p. The return, illnesses, and hospitalization of Titus. Baro's contacts with Burroughs Mitchell of Scribner's and McDowell-Oblensky. Accidental death of Claude Murphree. Fourth of July spent with Bill in Jacksonville. Hot weather.
2 5 TLS to Gene Baro. 1958 July 19. Cross Creek. 1 p. Visit from Norton regarding status of the Creek estate. He has leased the grove. The University will not sell the house, or the property, expecting eventual appreciation in value. It wishes to maintain the house as a monument, but will not spend any money on its upkeep. No news of their own status at the house. Norton's mother has died. Thanks him for a photograph of Cynthia. In addition to mechanical difficulties with the car, he also received a traffic ticket. Post script regarding Lillian Smith's Two Freedoms.
2 5 TLS to Gene Baro. 1958 August 1. Cross Creek. 1 p. Congratulates him on Bennington College appointment. Titus's illness. Describes a new story, "The Bullet of the Hunter," he has written and complains that Mademoiselle still has not returned "Cat's Paw." Enjoyed Baro's review of Clellon Holmes's The Horn. Mozart's "Serenade for Winds."
2 5 TLS to Gene Baro. 1958 August 4. Cross Creek. 2 p. Describes a visit from John Dykes, who is now a divorced father and has been in the Army in Korea. Gives a physical description of Dykes and appraisal of changes in his character. Discussed people they knew in Gainesville. Dykes plans to return to school. Discussion of Baro's work and feelings about him.
2 5 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1958 August 23-Sept. 6. Cross Creek. 3 p. Problem with lost mail. Visit from Archie Robertson, Andrew Lytle, and prospective UF faculty member, named McCloud, whom, Miller believes, is expected to replace him at the house. Fear that he will be immediately evicted. Investigations are being resumed at the University. Finally got "Cat's Paw" back from Mademoiselle, revised it and submitted it to Sewanee Review, which rejected it immediately. Has sent Baro's clothes, etc. to him. Titus and several other of the Creek cats have died. Check for Gene from Poetry. Dreads coming of the new semester and will investigate all other possibilities.
2 5 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1958 November 3-December 6. Gainesville, 2 p. Has been evicted from the Creek and is living temporarily with Jack Doherty. He hopes to get an apartment that Phil Yonge, a law professor, is vacating. Explains arrangement for holding Baro's property. Investigation by the Johns Committee continues. MacMillan has offered him a contract for "Ambuscade." Plans to leave Gainesville. Illness of Professor [William] Carleton's mother. Carleton speaks of retiring.
2 6 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1959 (4 letters, 1 clipping, 1 photograph)
2 6 Unpostmarked envelope addressed to Gene Baro, Bennington Vermont. Return address Gainesville, Fl. Contains a photograph of Miller with a. notation: "Boris Pasternak in America - at summer dacha," and news clipping with the headline "L'humiliation pamplemousse," and a. note "Letter follows! Clyde."
2 6 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1959 Feb. 5-19. Jacksonville Beach, Fl. 4 p. He has resigned from University, after being denounced to the Johns Committee. Several others are leaving also. Johns is rumored to have called Cross Creek the "center of organized debauchery." His application to Stanford was rejected. He speaks of coming to Bennington and emphasis that Baro "must not come down here."
2 6 ANS to Gene Baro. 1959 March 6. Jacksonville Beach, Fl. Written on Western Union form. Problem with auto insurance. Expects delay.
2 6 2 TLLS to Gene Baro. 1959 July 13-Sept. 11. New York, 3 p. News about a number of mutual friends. Goes to the ballet regularly without paying. Performance of the Seven Deadly Sins with Lotte Lenya.
2 7 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1960 (9 letters)
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 Jan. 8. [Jacksonville Beach, Fl.] 1 p. Sees a lot of Stanley Fouraker, who is leaving soon for New York.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 Jan. 22. Jacksonville Beach. 1 p. Unclear reference to a fashion model. Weather in Vermont and Florida. His birthday. Hears little from Gainesville. Stanley [Fouraker] is now in New York.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 Feb. 11. Jacksonville Beach. 1 p. Critical response to a review by [Karl?] Shapiro [Baro's "Northwind"] A visit from a friend from Gainesville. Adopted a sick kitten, which now is well.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 April 25. Jacksonville Beach. 1 p. Leaving for New Orleans. Asks him to send mail from creditors to an address in San Francisco. First draft of "Ambuscade" is finished.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 March 31. Jacksonville Beach. 1 p., with envelope. Refers to a poem [by Baro?] in the Times. "Ambuscade" is almost finished. Contacts with Stanley [Fouraker] Expects to go to New Orleans within the month. Asks about Norma.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 May 9. Jacksonville Beach. 1 p. Trip to New Orleans was not very interesting, but saw the DeGaulle's and the new public library. Pleased for Baro's success with "Norma." Rita Smith appears to no longer be the fiction editor of Mademoiselle; criticism of her successor. Stanley Fouraker has left for New York. William Carleton has postponed his retirement from UF. Comment on Tennessee Williams and Gore Vidal.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 October 23. [New York] 1 p. Asks Baro to send trunk. Interview with Hunter [College] librarian. Jack Avery may become Gian Carlo Menotti's secretary. Living at the Hotel Latham.
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 November 5 [New York] 2 p. Trunk arrived. His step-father has had a stroke, and may not live. The Bronx job [Hunter College?] has been offered to him, but he is afraid of what may happen if employer contacts the University of Florida. Issue of Stand magazine. Probably will not get to Bennington before December. He is busy typing ["Ambuscade"]
2 7 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 October 23. [New York] 1 p. Starts new job at the Bronx. His step-fathers condition is unknown. Lunched with A. L. Hart of Macmillan. Has more time for rewriting. Stad plans to visit Baro. Stanley [Fouraker] is arriving. Charles Parrish was "up for Thanksgiving." Mentions old Florida contacts.
2 7 Neiswander, Rosemary. Typed transcript of a very unfavorable review [of Summer Dancers] Library Journal, December 1, 1960, with ANS "Clyde.'
2 8 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1961 (3 letters)
2 8 TLS to Gene Baro. 1961 March 4. [New York] 1 p. Listening to Turandot. News of Stanley [Fouraker]
2 8 TLS to Gene Baro. 1961 May 2 [New York] 2 p. Does not know what happened to Baro's books, which were taken from Cross Creek house to the UF library. Comments about the condition of Baro, who apparently has been injured in an automobile accident. He is moving into Herschel' apartment. Making final revisions to Summer Dancers [published 1961] He does not think it will be successful, but can do no more.
2 8 TLS to Gene Baro. 1960 May 16 [New York] 1 p. Will not be coming to Bennington as planned. Stad told him about Baro's new car and condition. Possible showing and gallery deal for Stad with Tony Smith. Last two issues of Stand.
2 9 Miller, Clyde. Letters to Gene Baro, 1974. 2 letters.
2 9 TLS to Gene Baro. 1974 May 14. 1 p. Enclosing the official invitation for him to read at Pan American [University] Did not get as much money for his Mexican trip as he wanted. University employment is difficult. May be able to get a job in Latin American bibliography at Library of Congress.
2 9 TLS to Gene Baro. 1974 May 15. 1 p. Official letter inviting him to read poetry on Pan American University campus. (Accompanied by copy of typed letter from Baro, May 25, 1974, accepting invitation.
2 10 Miller, Clyde. TLS to Miss Kulerich. 1955 August 22. RE proposal for the serial rights to his novella, "The Gentle Season." Accompanied by TLS from Bernard W. Shir-Cliff, Ballantine Books, to Miller, 27 June 1955, and TLS Eaith Kulerich, A/S Bookman Literary Agency, to Miller, 30 June 1955.

Calendared Correspondence: Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. Letters to Gene Baro, 1949-1953.

Consists of letters from the Pulitzer Prize winning author to Baro. Baro and Rawlings apparently became acquainted in 1949, at the time she was preparing to donate her manuscripts and literary correspondence to the University of Florida. Baro was Curator of the UF Libraries Creative Writing Collection. The bulk of the letters were written from Van Hornesville, NY, where Rawlings spent the summers during the last years of her life. Other letters are written from Cross Creek, Crescent Beach, and Gainesville, Florida, Richmond, Virginia, and from New York City, when Rawlings was hospitalized.

Rawlings was engaged in the writing of her final book, The Sojourner, during the period in which the letters were written. The writing and revision of the novel is one of the major topics of the correspondence. Other topics include the donation of her papers to the University of Florida, her daily experiences in Van Hornesville and elsewhere, including her domestic life and a succession of domestic helpers, visits to and from poet Robert Frost, contact with the Owen Youngs family and other Van Hornesville neighbors, contacts with the dancer Pearl Primus, and friends such as Julia Scribner Bigham and Bee McNeill. Rawlings had several illnesses during the period, which she discusses in the letters. Her husband, Norton Baskin who remained in Florida during the summers, except for short visits to New York, is frequently mentioned. She often discusses her current reading and other writers. The author most frequently referred to is probably Marcel Proust. Letters from Richmond concern her research as the authorized biographer of friend and novelist Ellen Glasgow.

She was concerned with the progress of her friend Gene Baro, as an aspiring writer, and a good part of the letters concerns his personal well being and that of his friend, Albert Eugene Stadler (Stad), who painted the first portrait of Rawlings.

The corresponding letters from Rawlings to Baro are found in the Correspondence Series of the Marjorie Rawlings Papers.

Box Folder
2 11 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS "Marjorie K. R. Baskin" to Gene Baroff. 1949 Feb. 28; St. Augustine. 2 p., envelope. Questions spelling of his name and corrects that of hers. Suggests that he and [Stanley] West come to St. Augustine, rather than meet her at Cross Creek. Has decided that the Maxwell Perkins letters should go to the University of Florida along with her manuscripts, when she is ready to part with them. Clifford Lyons has urged that she donate her papers and letters to the University of North Carolina. Does not want any fan-fare, when she donates the papers to UF.
2 12 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baroff. 1949 April 4; St. Augustine. 1 p. envelope. [James Branch] Cabell has returned to Richmond, cancelling party. Has invited UF President James H. Miller and wife to dinner instead. Invites him and Stadler to visit. Proust's peculiarities don't bother her.
2 13 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baroff. 1949 April 30; [postmark St. Augustine] 2 p. with envelope. She and Idella are packing to leave for Van Hornesville. Invites him and Stadler to the Creek for a drink. The Cross Creek house has grown shabbier since she married Baskin. Will spruce it up some, if she stays there during the winter. Describes the situation of the Gilkysons, who are staying there at present. Finds that Baro is in the same "leaky-life boat" as herself as a writer. Tells him to send Mann book to New York.
2 14 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baroff, with autograph note. 1949 May 30. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p. with envelope. Refers to dinner plates, apparently a gift from him. Nourished by reading the Mann stories. Comments on the openness of Proust's letters and compares them to Gide's Journals. Describes work on her novel [The Sojourner] and life at Van Hornesville. Says that Marcia Davenport (East Side, West Side) has caught the spirit of New York better than any writer she knows. Describes Swiss music box.
2 15 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baroff. 1949 July 2, with July 7 note.Van Hornesville, N.Y. 4 p., with envelope. Report from Norton on Baro's and Stadler's visit to him. Way to serve mango. Comparison of Gide and Proust. Death and reminiscence of Sigrid Undset. Visit from Norton and Julia Scribner. A local woman will replace Idella, who is returning to Florida. Invites him and Stadler for visit.His character, personality and "cruel smile." In the note, she reports that her new helper is not "working out."
2 16 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baroff. 1949 July 27. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 1 p., with envelope. Remark on "big black Bar" in the Smoky Mountains. Idella says she is ready to come back. MKR is waiting until she is certain Idella will stay she is ready to leave. Has a young, Norwegian woman helping her. His expected visit.
2 17 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1949 August 1. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p. Idella is begging to return and is expected by the 20th. Describes route for him and Gene to take, when they visit.
2 18 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1949 Sept. 29. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 3 p. Sorry that he is ill. Enjoyed his visit. Uki [her cat] is ill, possibly a neurosis, and she will take him to the Cornell Veterinary College tomorrow. Has finished reading the "superb" Proust letters. Likes to think Uki is "suffering for and with" her. The book is a "torment," and must be largely rewritten. Quotes Proust and describes her writing technique. Urging Norton to visit. She will stay until November, and she looks forward to him and Stad visiting at the Creek.
2 19 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1949 December 7. [Cross Creek] 2 p. Explains her comment that he may not take his writing seriously enough. Asks him to bring some of his prose to read when he comes Saturday. A letter from a Van Hornesville neighbor has made her "homesick" for New York. Norman Berg may be here Saturday. Expecting Norton, his boss Sonny Whitney, and maybe the [Edith and Verle]Pope. Disagreement with Idella over cooking. Says her own bark is worse than her bite.
2 20 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1949 Dec. 12. Cross Creek. 2 p. Comments favorably on several of his stories. His potential role as a father. Stadler is creatively freer than Gene or she. Is sending letters of introduction for him to Carl Brandt, her agent, and to Charles Scribner. Norman Berg is arriving this afternoon.
2 21 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. Photographic Christmas card of cat /s/ Marjorie, with envelope addressed to Gene Baro [1949? S.l.]
2 22 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1949 Dec. 28. Cross Creek. 3 p. Has nearly finished reading Stendahl's [Memoirs?] Comments that communism, like revolution, results from "deficiencies of the 'aristocracy,'" and refers to a letter from Max Otto, one of her Wisconsin professors. Hopes he has seen Carl Brandt and Charles Scribner. Tearful reminiscences of childhood friend, Jimmie Monahan.
2 23 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 May 4. Cross Creek. 2 p. Chet Crosby will soon pick the Valencia oranges. Baskets will be shipped to his friends in New York. Martha did the ironing this morning. Has psychosomatic diverticulitis over the details of preparing for trip and feels like "hell." His help in looking for missing notes.
2 24 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 May 24. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p. Found the notes in Van Hornesville home. Came north via the Sky Line Drive. Recounts visit to Union Springs, Alabama, and amusing people she met there. Norton took over housekeeping when they arrived, but she has taken him to Albany for train to New York. Has not heard from Idella, so she has employed a local housekeeper.
2 25 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baroff. 1950 June ? Van Hornesville, N.Y. 4 p., envelope. Doesn't think his walk-up room in New York is suitable for a poet with phlebitis. Comments on the "vicarious life." Idella has had Hattie, a friend in Cooperstown, offer to line-up a woman to "take care of" her. Misses Idella, but will be better off without her. Describes Edith Hulbert, her current housekeeper. Comments on Stadler's painting, and on two books, Gathorne-Hardy's study of Logan Pearsall Smith and a translation of Kappa, a Japanese book. Will go to Colgate University because Robert Frost will receive an honorary degree and will stay over-night with her. Confusion over his travel schedule. Refers to her meeting James Stephens, in connection with his "investment" with New Directions. Edith's amazement at how Uki is served breakfast.
2 26 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 June 19. Van Hornesville, NY. 2 p. Asks him to send her copies of several of his poems to give to Robert Frost to whom she recommended his work. Describes ceremony at which honorary degree was awarded. She was placed "below the salt" at the following dinner and compares it with his unhappiness over poor seating at library dinner in Gainesville. Everett Case mitigated situation by praising her in his remarks.
2 27 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 July 27. Van Hornesville, NY. 4 p. Delighted with books she has sent him: Sartre, Christopher Fry dramas, and Turgenev. Describes weekend visit to Julia Bigham in New Marlbough, MA., and then to Gilkysons in Connecticut. Concerts at the Berkshire festival. Didn't get enough to eat, or have a very good time on trip. Has about 103,000 words for book, which will run about 150,000. Fell down stairs at home. Incident with unlicensed car parked near her house. Edith Hulbert's family. Norman Berg says he has found her a prospective writer for a maid. Propositioned by Armenian piano tuner.
2 28 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 August 20 [i.e. 21?]. Van Hornesville, NY. 2 p. Discusses problems with housekeeping position. Edith has left. Two members of the Redjives family were employed briefly. She is now employing Grace Brown. Book is going poorly. Has been to hospital for nose bleeds, but it is nothing serious.
2 29 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TL to Gene [Baro]. [1950?] August 22 Van Hornesville 1 p., fragment? Has not heard from Robert Frost about Baro's poems. Frost does not write letters. His letter made her nostalgic for New York. They are both "homeless." Rain.
2 30 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 September 8. Van Hornesville, NY. 1 p. Appreciation of a "beautiful" poem of his. Finds herself terrified, as she approaches the end of her draft. Comment that Dr. Atchley made after psychoanalyzing her.
2 31 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 Sept. 17. Van Hornesville, NY. 1 p. Wonders who sent her a "College Reader" from Brentano's. Sending him notices of books, which she would like him to buy for her. Call her housekeeper "Horsie." Comments on a woman who works for Mrs. Young, and goes over the Van Hornesville hills playing a flute. Invited her to her home. The woman said she would like to write a book, but "don't know the words." With this is information, photocopied from the originals, of three books, torn from a newspaper book review section: Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl, Drums Behind the Hill by Ursula Graham, and Cats and People by Frances and Richard Lockridge.
2 32 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 Sept. 21. Van H[ornesville] 1 p. Asks him to worry and pray that the book will justify seven years of her life. It is almost finished and she is looking forward to revision. Says the "Picasso does not seem to be for" her. Comments about Gene and Stadler's kittens. Rilke letters sustain her.
2 33 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to "Gene and Stad." 1950 Oct. 12. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 1 p. Has finished first draft. Norton has come and gone. He will have photographs of the portrait made. Describes their time together. Tells Gene not to bother with the Lockridge book. She will get copy elsewhere.
2 34 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. [1950] October 24-25. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p. Sorry she forgot send money for the three books. She is down to reading the Bible, but Norton is sending her a Ford Maddox Ford volume. Hurricane has damaged the beach house. Describes an automobile accident involving a student from Cornell, who asked if she was the author of The Yearling. She is in great pain from accident, but does not appear to have any broken bones, etc. Describes Norton's being bitten by a neighbor's dog, when he was there. Says he is wasting his energy. Will write Irita Van Doren, suggesting him as a reviewer for the [Herald]-Tribune book review magazine.
2 35 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1950 Nov. 29. Van H[ornesville, N.Y.] 1 p. Has choice of leaving now, or having to stay all winter, as weather is getting bad, so is getting ready to return to Florida. Will have the wife of one of Norton' former employees as a maid. Norton is coming to meet her. Comments on Baro's "beautiful and wise" letter.
2 36 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS, with autograph note, to Gene [Baro]. 1950 Nov. 30. Van H[ornesville, N.Y.] 1 p. Weather conditions are becoming unbearable. Norton will arrive tonight. Preparing to leave.
2 37 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro] 1950 December 15. Crescent Beach. 1 p. Relays message from Irita Van Doren about his prospects as a reviewer. Conditions are in "disorder" at the beach house and at the Creek. Mattie, the woman employed for her does not have satisfactory experience, but works hard. Martha Mickens is improved and in hands of doctor. MKR has many books available. Is "appalled at [his] picture of the N.Y. hysteria."
2 38 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. [1951? March 21? Crescent Beach] 3 p. Is in a "coma," "while "thinking out" the rewriting problems. Plans to go to the Creek on the 26th and invites him to dinner. Comments on his James Jones review. Dr. [Dana] Atchley spent the past week end with her and Norton. Tells amusing story re Atchley and Charlie Scribner. Will pass on to him later information about the Dutchess of Windsor. Took Lucille to Bethune-Cookman to meet [Mary McLeod] Bethune. Mrs. Bethune invited her to return in April, when Madame Pandit will be there.
2 39 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ALS to Gene [Baro]. 1951 April 24. [New York] Harkness Pavilion. 5 p. Thanks him for having Stad meet her. They had drinks and lunch together in the hospital. She walked out on Broadway in the evening and frightened a man trying to bully a flower seller. Describes conditions in new wing of hospital. Charlie Scribner sent her orchids. Describes heart X-ray and results of eye examination. Telephoned Pearl Primus, who is opening at the Café Society. MKR will have Stad escort her. Will stay at hospital a couple of extra days, as it is better than hotel.
2 40 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1951 May 8. Crescent Beach. 1 p. Norton, Moe, Uki, and she are leaving soon for Van Hornesville. Will go to the Creek, before they leave and expects him for dinner. Accompanied by an unidentified, typed, twenty line poem.
2 41 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene[Baro]. 1951 May 23-24. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 3 p. Arrived in Van Hornesville a week ago. Norton has returned to Florida. Information about misquotes in a Time magazine article on Pearl Primus and on rumor that MKR is co-authoring a dance play with Primus. Domestic situation is good. She has hired Gertrude, Louise Young's former cook. A monkey that was spotted in the area, and thought by neighbors to be hers, turned out to have escaped from an animal exhibition. Norton phoned and said he had a "wonderful time" at Primus's Café Society show.
2 42 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1951 June 2-4. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p. Commiserates with him on illness and relates similar experience of Norton's. Describes spring flowers and an unpleasant luncheon involving a child.
2 43 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1951 Sept. 18, with note added Sept. 29. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 3 p. Apparently apologizes for being abrupt with him on the phone, because of stress of preparing dinner for five guests. Describes in depth a new housekeeper, Katharine Mulligan. Describes her work in revising The Sojourner, as going slowly. Is doing much new writing as well as revision.
2 44 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1951 October 3. Van H[ornesville, N.Y]. 2 p. Comments on "forgiveness." She would love to have the "new Capote." Except for his, the reviews of it annoy her. Mentions books she is reading, or has on hand: a Brazilian book, Time and the Wind, Broch's Death of Virgil, and The Sleepwalkers, which she praises profusely. Villa has asked her to be a reference for a Guggenheim application. He believes he has been unable to get employment because of racial prejudice, which she disagrees with. Says they both need to concentrate more on work. Her fascination with the indirect way in which Katharine answers questions.
2 45 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1951 October 6. Van H[ornesville, N.Y.] 1 p., with envelope. Received Cranford, which she read many years go. An outing with the Youngs has been called off due to inclement weather. Another anecdote concerning Katharine. Notes that Baro is dropping the ff off his name permanently.
2 46 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1951 October 13. Van H[ornesville, N.Y.] 1 p., with envelope. Delighted to receive the Capote. Encloses Villa's letter about racial discrimination. Carl Austen has asked her to be reference for a Fulbright scholarship. She will be coming to New York and asks him to get tickets for them to attend a Pearl Primus concert. Cutting flowers and vegetables to avoid freeze. (Enclosed with this are a TLS "V. Villa" to Mrs. Rawlings; Forest Hills, N.Y., Oct. 5, 1961, 2 p., and a mimeographed postcard to Marjorie K. Rawlings, announcing Pearl Primus and Company's "final concerts"; postmarked New York, Sept. 28, 1951.
2 47 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. [1951] October 16. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 1 p., with envelope. Will arrive at the Barbizon Plaza Thursday night. Will spend Saturday afternoon with Julia S. Bigham, but would like to have dinner with him.
2 48 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1951 November 8. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 3 p. with envelope. Workmen and Catharine are distracting her from work. Norton has recently left after a ten day visit. Celebrated their wedding anniversary at a birthday party at the Youngs. Norton gave her luggage and perfume. Weather is very bad. Believes she can make Catharine into an "Irish Idella." Recently realized that the neighbors listen into her phone calls, and wonders what they made of a call she had recently from a "college beau." Turned down an invitation to speak at a nearby book fair.
2 49 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ALS to Gene Baro. 1952 Jan. 2. [C]ross Creek 1p.with envelope. Asks him to help her catch up with correspondence. Accompanied by ANS; White House Hotel [Gainesville, n.d.] asking him to buy stationary for answering correspondence.
2 50 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1952 January 14. Cross Creek. 1 p. with envelope. Mrs. Aller, as he suggested, was the answer to her secretarial needs. May need her again soon. Hopes he is not ill. Norton was here for the weekend.
2 51 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. [1952?] Jan. 23. Cross Creek. 1 p. Send him money for a coffee maker. See if Mrs. Aller can come help her. Complains about the people who write her.
2 52 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. Typed postcard to Gene Baro. 1952 Feb. 5 [postmark. Cross Creek]. Invites him to attend the Sadler Wells Ballet in Daytona with Norton.
2 53 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ALS to Gene [Baro]. 1952 March 6. Crescent Beach. 8 p. Released from hospital yesterday. She has to take care of Catherine, who has been hysterical, but she "shall 'make do' with her." Doctor told her that with proper care, she need not have another attack. Does not miss smoking or liquor. Has just had mail from Hawthorne forwarded to the Beach and asks him to pick up mail already delivered to the Creek. Praises the "craftsmanship" of The Ambassadors.
2 54 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ALS to Gene [Baro]. 1952 March 19-[20. Crescent Beach] 5 p. Finished writing [The Sojourner] this afternoon, working while Norton was fixing a shrimp pilau. [March 20] Margaret Cabell, who had seen Norton last night at a party, called and congratulated MKR on finishing the book, which she denied, because she resented being a cocktail party tale. Story about how Margaret Cabell had acted, while James Branch Cabell was working on a book. "Writers are fools to marry." Plans to have Catharine drive her to the Creek tomorrow. Catharine has been doing very nicely.
2 55 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ALS to Gene [Baro]. [1952? March 24?]. Cross Creek. 3 p. Just finished reading Williams's A Voyage to Paraguay. Compares it unfavorably to Santayana's The Last Puritan. Will be returning to the beach shortly. Likens leaving the Creek to leaving Eden.
2 56 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ANS to Gene Baro. [1952? March?]. Gainesville. Unmailed postcard, with attached typed note. Came to Gainesville for a typewriter ribbon. Asks him to forward the enclosed note to Stadler. Bought him cufflinks. The attached note is a favorable comment by artist Abram Poole, on Stadler's portrait of MKR.
2 57 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. ALS to Gene [Baro]. 1952 April 5-[9. Crescent Beach] 10 p. She is calm. Describes Owen Young's son Charles. Catharine is to bring a young Russian nurse from town. Baro's anguish and her self-doubt. Has some belief in her book and believes it has dignity, but it lacks magic. She is disappointed in it. She believes something disturbing has happened to him, which he has not told her about, but hopes it is to the good. [April 7] Catharine's chef salad. Tells of a dream about Robert Frost, which she says might be interpreted as meaning that Frost is going to Heaven, and she, to Hell. She and Norton plan to go to the Creek next week. He should join them and they will go after blue crabs. Is finishing the book, just short of suicide. April 9th note says she had crisis with drinking and had to stop. Norton has stopped also.
2 58 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1952 April 24 [Crescent Beach] 1 p. His migraine. Jack Wheelock [Scribner editor] caused a panic by casting proofs of her book without reading it, but she can do editing and rewriting of the book by holding onto the proofs. Hopes he enjoyed day in the scrub. Catharine is leaving today. She will probably employ Adrina until she and Norton leave to go to north. Invites him to the Creek.
2 59 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro]. 1952 May 26. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p. Proofs came into Wheelock's office, while she was there. Young Charles will make a "superb president." Begrudges money spent at hospital. Thyroid test. Norton stayed only three days. Catharine is better here than in Florida, but there are still problems.
2 60 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1952 August 16-27. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 2 p., with envelope. On his being in London. Her guests [Bee McNeil] Julia Scribner and husband, and her brother and his son, have all gone. She went to visit Robert Frost for a few days. He read her a new poem, "Gold for Christmas." [August 27] Finished article for the Literary Guild.
2 61 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1953 Feb. 10. Richmond, VA. 1 p., envelope. Describes people and conditions in Richmond [where she is interviewing people for her Ellen Glasgow biography] Leg is not healed. Saw Arthur Glasgow in Palm Beach.
2 62 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. "A Defensive Ditty for a Defenseless Ditty," typed poem, 16 lines. 1 p. With an envelope addressed to Gene Baro; Cross Creek, postmarked Richmond, VA., 1953 Feb. 24.
2 63 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene [Baro] with a. note. 1953 June 13. Van Hornesville. 4 p. with envelope. Describes the "ghastly" drive north. Relates a cat-joke from Carl Van Vechten. Norton enjoyed weekend at St. Lawrence College. Passed up honorary degree from Russell Sage. Paraphrases her comments at the St. Lawrence commencement, which were well received, but says she shall never speak in public again. Visits from two of her Glasgow sources. Plans to write stories. Complains that Scribner's is not advertising Sojourner.
2 64 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1953 July 9. Van Hornesville, N.Y. 1 p. She is miserable. Must have the Creek to live in this winter, although she had promised it to him.
2 65 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. TLS to Gene Baro. 1953 October 19. Richmond, VA. 2 p., with envelope and small note attached. Trip from Van Hornesville. Some complaints about the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. Visit from the Dwye Evanses [in Van Hornesville] Found table, which she bought for the Cross Creek house and is having it shipped. Attached note about John [Dykes?] a friend of Baro's.

Calendared Correspondence: Smith - Walker

Box Folder
2 66 Smith, Lillian, 1897-1966. Author, editor, and civil rights leader. Born in Jasper, Florida. 10 letters and telegrams, 1951 - 1955.
2 66 TLS to Gene Baro, Collection of Creative Writing, UF. 1951 Oct. 16. Clayton, Ga. 1 p. He may have her manuscripts [for the Creative Writing Collection] on a "kind of permanent loan." Happy for them to be in his care, partly because of her north Florida origins. Asks about Strange Fruit worksheets.
2 66 TLS. 1951 November 14. Clayton, GA. 1 p. Invites him to visit. Household is not in good order, because having trouble with maids and facing a manuscript deadline. Gives directions on how to reach her.
2 66 TLS. [1952 April 9] Hotel Margaret. Brooklyn, NY. 1 p., envelope. In agony over writing [The Journey, 1954?] Had a mild heart attack, while in New York, due to panic, but is fine now. Will send him manuscripts when she returns to home. Saw Truman Capote and his new play.
2 66 TLS. [1953] July 17, Clayton, GA. 1 p., envelope. She has been diagnosed with and had surgery for breast cancer. Describes the operation and results. Says she has "been through hell, but hell never hurt a female very much." Still working on book.
2 66 TLS. [1954 March 4] Clayton, GA. 1 p., envelope. Invites him to visit. Details about where he can stay.
2 66 Telegram. 1954 March 14. Clayton, GA. Coming to Florida and hoping to see him.
2 66 TLS. 1954 April 5. Clayton, GA. 1 p., with envelope. Explains why she did not contact him while she was in Florida, but urges him to come visit this month. Expects positive New York Times review of her Journey on Easter Sunday. New story she is working on.
2 66 TLS. 1954 June 9. Clayton, GA. 3 p. with envelope. Appreciation for his visit and for his poetry. Says that [T.S.] poetry is "prosy." Says that Journey sells well, despite hatred of her by Southern editors, who have denigrated her to northerners. Resents that a friend named Carson removed references about her in an Holiday article at the bequest of the editor. Strange Fruit [manuscript] will be on its way. Notes conditions of her "loan" of manuscripts to UF. Note: The content of the letter does not logically follow from page to page. Possibly a page is missing.
2 66 TLS. 1954 November 25. 1 p., with envelope. Box containing manuscripts has been sent to UF library. Asks for a letter from the University Librarian. There is "no time limit on the loan." She is going to India with Paula Snelling.
2 66 TLS "Katherine Welborn for Lillian Smith." 1955 March 21. Clayton, GA. 1 p. with envelope. Smith is still in India.
2 67 Snelling, Paula. 3 letters to Gene Baro, 1954-1955.
2 67 TLS. October 9, 1954. Clayton, GA. Typed on Lillian's Smith's letterhead. There is some question about whether Baro has received a certain letter from Lillian Smith, apparently that of July 17th. Snelling recapitulates the news of Smith's cancer operation. Also says that if Smith can "hold up" the next few weeks, the book will come out next spring.
2 67 TLS. 16 Sept 1955. Clayton, GA.2 p., with envelope. Invites him to come in October. Details of treatment of Lillian Smith's cancer, which has returned. Smith will go ahead with planned creative writing course at Vassar. Asks if the UF library wants the manuscript and galleys of Journey. When he comes, they can go through files for other material of interest.
2 67 TLS. 27 Sept. 1955. Clayton, GA. 1 p., with envelope. Suggests that he come in October. While he is there, they can "extricate" South Today files, and do other activities.
3 1 Stadler, Albert Eugene "Stad" to Baro, 1950. 2 letters [New York, 22-25 March] 4 p. Stadler has apparently recently left Gainesville for New York. News of apartment hunting and of some people he has seen in New York.
3 2 Stadler to Baro, 1951 (17 items, including 11 letters, 6 postcards [5 Feb. - 3 May, n.d] and 2 unaccompanied envelopes. Primarily concern Stadler's art, Baro's poetry and book reviews, and news of mutual friends. Marguerite [Young?] is mentioned frequently. The letters of [April 24-26] recount his meeting with Marjorie Rawlings when she came to New York for a medical examination. Cf. Rawlings's letter of April 24 to Baro.
3 3 Stadler to Baro, 1952 (17 items, including 12 letters, 1 telegram, 2 notes, 2 postcards, and 1 unaccompanied envelope) [New York, Long Island City, N.Y., Jan. 7-18 Dec., n.d.]. Letters are written to Baro in Gainesville, London (August-October) and, after November 10th to Hawthorne, Fl., where Baro was living in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's house at Cross Creek. A letter of [January 7] regards an inquiry from Baro's mother, "Z," inquiring about his whereabouts, welfare, etc. A recurring topic of the letters is the attempt by Stadler to collect money owed by George Kirgo.
3 4 Stadler to Baro, 1953 (22 items, including 18 letters, 2 postcard, 1 clipping, and 1 unaccompanied envelope) [New York, Gainesville, Fl., Jacksonville, Fl., Saratoga Springs, NY, and Boston, 7 Jan. - 10 Dec., n.d]. Letters are all addressed to Baro at Cross Creek. Topics include Maya Deren's Divine Horseman, Rawlings's Sojourner, Stadler's visit to Cross Creek and report on visit to Marjorie Rawlings, George's still unpaid debt, illness of Stadler's father, death of Dylan Thomas with newspaper obituary, Norton Baskin, John Dykes, a close friend of Baro's, and Baro's pending visit to New York.
3 5 Stadler to Baro, 1954 (12 items, including 7 letters and notes, 3 postcards, 1 typed document, and 1 unaccompanied envelope) [New York, 30 Jan. - 11 Dec.]. All are addressed to Baro at Cross Creek. The notes and letters are short, often regarding a specific, unexplained topic. One letter, postmarked March 11th, describes a visit to the West and to Florida. Other topics include a prospective article that Baro might write on Dylan Thomas, illness and surgery of Maya Deren, and the selling, apparently at a loss, of stock owned by Baro.
3 6 Stadler to Baro, 1955 (7 letters) [17 March-23 Dec., n.d., New York]. Letters are addressed to Baro at Cross Creek and in London. Mentions that the New York police are making a spring cleaning of "undesirables" (March 17), refers several times to some pending business with Disney and Disneyland, sale of other of his work, reading T. Mann's Confidence Man. The letter of June 26, written to Baro in London, mentions a friend, Remo, who will be performing in Birmingham, England.
3 7 Stadler to Baro, 1956 (20 notes and letters, one accompanied by a news clipping) [1956 3 Jan. - 14 Dec., n.d. New York. Letters are written to Baro at Cross Creek, and after August 7th, in London. Letters contain several references to friends, including Marguerite Young, James Merrill, Stanley Fouraker, and Clyde Miller. Arrangements for Baro's trip to England, made by Stadler, and discussion of Baro's financial affairs. Several letters concern Stadler's involvement with a circus operation at the Palisades Amusement Park. Stadler's philosophy of art is discussed, as well as some news from the art world, such as a retrospective exhibition of the work of Jackson Pollock.
3 8 Stadler to Baro, 1957 (12 items, including 10 letters, 1 postcard, 1 unaccompanied envelope) [3? Jan. - 19 Oct., New York, Washington]. Letters are written to Baro in London and from June 26 at Cross Creek. Of special interest is a letter postmarked January 7th, which recounts Stadler's recent visit to Florida. Stanley West had told him that Baro's job in the library would be available in July, but that employment in the English Department was uncertain. He also said that there was a problem with Baro's being able to return to live at the Creek. Stadler gives his own objection to this on the grounds that Marjorie Rawlings had "given" him the place, etc. Also relates a similar conversation with UF professor Ants Oras. Saw Norton Baskin and believes he would support Baro. Believes Archie Robertson could resolve problem, if he were willing. Says Gene should return as soon as possible and persuade the UF president of the rightness of his position. Also reports on visits with Stanley Fouraker and Clyde Miller. Other topics are a new gallery, World House, in New York, the travel of someone named Corky [Cristiani?] to England to perform a horse act in the Blackpool Circus and whom Baro saw while she was there, and Stadler's artistic work. Much of the correspondence after Baro's return appears to refer to a movie or television project for which Baro is writing a script, or being considered to do so.
3 9 Stadler to Baro, 1958 (5 letters and notes) [17 Feb. - 3 Dec. New York]. Letters from February through May are addressed to Cross Creek, and the December letter to Bennington, VT. Contain some news about personal business, art work, and circus involvement. Says he knows the unhappiness Baro feels about giving up the Cross Creek house.
3 10 Stadler to Baro, 1960-1962 (3 items, including 2 letters and 1 postcard) [4 Feb. 1960] - 25 Jan. 1962. [New York, Miami]. Addressed to Bennington, and in 1962 to London. The first letter refers to "old grievances," and suggests there has been some disagreement among the two.
3 11 Stadler to Baro, [1950-1952? New York, Long Island City, N.Y.] (7 items, including 6 letters and 1 telegram addressed to Gainesville, Florida. 1 letters is accompanied by a signed letter from Baro to Stadler, asking that it be returned.) Contents regard a possible trip west, his artistic work, and an extended reference to Marguerite [Young?] The letter from Baro concerns a possible suit against someone called "K," apparently over an unpaid note.
3 12 Stadler to Baro, [1952 or 3, 195? New York] 2 letters addressed to Cross Creek. One letter asks Baro to give regards to "Marjorie and the Creek people." Death of Kathleen Farrier.
3 13 Stadler to Baro, [1956-57? New York] 8 letters, 7 addressed to London and 1 to Paris. News of acquaintances, including Ruth Stephan, Mari Sandoz, etc., new magazine, called Pax, Cristiani's circus, a book sent to Z," Baro's mother, and other miscellaneous news.
3 14 Stadler to Baro, [195? New York?] (12 items, including 7 letters, four notes, and postcard. Financial arrangements, loan to Clyde Miller, Sanley [Fouraker?], Cristiani's circus.
3 15 Stadler to Baro, [1972 August 28. Rhodes] 1 postcard.
3 16 Stadler to Baro, 1982. ALS. 1982 August 3. Drawings for the Brooklyn exhibit.
3 17 Stadler ALS to Clyde Miller. [1955 May 31] New York. 1 p. Baro has left for England.
3 18 Stewart, Jimmy. ALS to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; 30 Jan. 1956, Pharr, Texas. 1 p. Fan letter from high school student.
3 19 Walker, John. TLS "Johnny"; [1959 Sept. 15, Ocala, Fl.] 1 p., envelope. Thanks him for suggesting to [Irita] Van Doren that he write book review. Has quit the Star-Banner and is teaching at local community college. Sorry that Baro has left Florida. Heard that Bill Carleton is planning to retire. Says that best people are leaving UF, because of the inquisition there.

General Correspondence

Box Folder
4 1 Abbott, Patricia S. 1 letter. 1978
4 2 Abrahams, Peter. 1 letter. 1955
4 3 Abse, Danny. 1 card, 1 letter. 1956-1962
4 4 Adler, Allen and Mary Jane. 1 card, 1 letter. [1958]
4 5 Alexander, Elizabeth (To Clyde Miller). 1 letter, 1 note. [1955, n.d.]
4 6 Aller, Ruth D. 1 letter, 1 card. 1951 [n.d.]
4 7 Alton, William "Bill". 1 card, document. 1960
4 8 Anast, Sandra. 1 letter. 1981
4 9 Anthony, Robert. 1 letter. [1959]
4 10 Aswell, Mary Louise. 6 letters, 1 card. 1951-1954
4 11 Aufderheide, Charles. 1 card. 1951
4 12 Bazelon, Cecile. 1 p.c. 1974
4 13 Becker, David. 2 letters. 1981-82
4 14 Bennett, Evelyn and Norman. 3 letters, 3 p.c. 1980-[1981]
4 15 Benson, Susan. 3 letters, 4 cards. 1956-58
4 16 Berger, Thomas (2 typed story mss. enclosed). 2 letters. 1961
4 17 Berlioz, Hector. note. 1945
4 18 Berry, Fortnum and the Edmonds Family. 1 card. n.d.
4 19 Berryman [John?]. 1 p.c. 1954
4 20 Bigelow, Gordon. 1 letter. 1961
4 21 Blankfort, Michael. 1 letter. 1972
4 22 Blum [Charles?]. card. 1945
4 23 Bly, Robert. 1 letters, 4 p.c., note. 1949-1960
4 24 Bostwick, Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Birth announcement. 1956
4 25 Bourjaily, Vance. 10 letters, 4 cards. 1953-58, n.d.
4 26 Bowen, Robert O. (1) (Includes his ms. translation of "The Wanderer."). 17 letters, 7 cards. 1951-52
4 27 Bowen, Robert O. (2). 14 letters, 1 card. 1953
4 28 Bowen, Rober O. (3). 13 letters, 1 card. 1954
4 29 Bowen, Robert O. (4) (Note: Baro letters to Bowen, and Bowen's carbon copies may be be found in the Robert O. Bowen Papers, Ms. Group 13.). 10 letters. 1955-57
4 30 Bowles, Paul. 1 letter. 1952
4 31 Boyd, Jean. 1 letter. n.d.
4 32 Boyle, Kay. 2 letters. 1958-1960
4 33 Brain, Richard. 1 letter, 1 card. 1958-1960
4 34 Brand, Christianna. 1 letter. [1958]
4 35 Brinnin, John Malcolm. 36 items. 1950-1961, n.d.
4 36 Brockman, H. A. N. 1 letter. 1956
4 37 Brooks, Van Wyck. 1 letter. 1954
4 38 Brush, Daniel. Note, with enclosure. 1974
4 39 Bryant, Jean. 1 letter. 1960
4 40 Budd, David. Telegram. 1955
4 41 Burke, Kenneth. 1 letter, 3 notes, 1 ms. 1959, n.d.
4 42 Burkovnik, Gary Alan. 2 letters. 1980-81
5 1 C_____, Ruth. 1 note. n.d.
5 2 Caetani, Princess Marguerite. 15 letters, 1telegram. 1953-1955
5 3 Caetani, Princess Marguerite. 21 letters, 1telegram. 1956-57, n.d.
5 4 Capote, Truman. 1 letter. 1952
5 5 Carden, Patrick. 1 letter. 1982
5 6 Carter, Clarence H. 1 letter. 1974
5 7 Cassill, R.V. 1 letter. n.d.
5 8 Chadwick, Nancy. 1 letter. 1981
5 9 Chandra, Sharat. 1 card. n.d.
5 10 Chester, Alfred. 2 letters. [1955]
5 11 Chew, C. T. 1 letter. n.d.
5 12 Chotzinoff, Samuel. 1 letter. 1957
5 13 Clark, Eugene V. (attorney). 1 letter. 1963
5 14 Colby, Cynthia (Poetry Center). 1 letter. 1952
5 15 Colescott, Warrington. 2 letters. 1979-1981
5 16 Collins, Don. 3 letters, 1 p.c. 1954-56
5 17 Colvin, Bill and Rita. 1 card. n.d.
5 18 Cook, James. 1 letter. 1952
5 19 Corbin, Susan B. 1 letter. 1974
5 20 Cotsakis, Roxane. 3 letters, 2 cards. 1952-56
5 21 Count, Ellen. 2 cards, 1 note. 1959
5 22 Cronin, Bob. 2 letters. 1981
5 23 Damer, Jack. card. n.d.
5 24 [Dart, Peter]. document. 1954
5 25 Davis, Gene. 5 letters, 1 card. 1981
5 26 Davidson, Robert. 2 letters. 1950
5 27 Dawson, Mary. 1 letter, 1 p.c. 1961
5 28 Day, Paul. 3 letters. 1961
5 29 Dent, Jock. 1 letter, 1 card. 1957
5 30 Deren, Maya. 11 letters, 1 card, 1 telegram, documents. 1951-54
5 31 Deren, Maya. 13 letters, 1 card, documents. 1955-59, n.d.
5 32 Derleth, August (With review of Baro's "Northwind."). 1 letter. 1960
5 33 Duke, Osborne. 1 letter. 1953
5 34 Duncan, Robert. 2 letters. 1959
5 35 DuPree, Mary. 1 card. n.d.
5 36 Duque, Manuel. 1 letter. 1960
5 37 Dwyer, Barbara. 1 letter. 1950
5 38 Eakins, Harvey. 1 letter. 1971
5 39 Edmonds, Dallas. 40 letters, 5 p.c. 1955-59, n.d.
5 40 Edmonds, Karen. 3 letters. 1959-1961
5 41 Edmonds, Michael. 5 letters. 1952-[1953?]
5 42 Edmonds, Richard. 8 letters, 1 telegram. 1952-1971
5 43 Edwards, John B. 1 letter. 1952
5 44 Eichenberg, Fritz. 1 letter. 1980
5 45 Emmerich, Andre. 1 note. 1978
5 46 Enriquez, E. A. 1 letter. 1960
5 47 Esaki, Yasuhiro. 1 letter, 4 cards. 1981-82
5 48 Esman, Rosa. 1 note. n.d.
5 49 Everingham, John. 1 letter. 1953
5 50 Eysselinck, Walter. 1 letter. 1961
6 1 Farrell, Jim (James T.). 7 letters. 1952
6 2 Feeley, Helen Webster. 2 notes. n.d.
6 3 Felsen, Sidney B. 1 note. 1978
6 4 Ferlingheti, Lawrence. 1 letter, 1 card. 1959
6 5 Fessel, Linda. 1 letter. 1980
6 6 Fink, A. and J. 1 letter. 1959
6 7 Ford, Jesse Hill. 2 letters. 1955-56
6 8 Foster, Kit and Thomas. 1 letter, 1 p.c. [1958]
6 9 Fouraker, Stanley. 9 letters, 8 p.c. 1955-1969
6 10 Fowlie, Wallace. 4 letters, 2 notes. 1961, n.d.
6 11 Fredericks, Claude. 5 letters, 1 card, 1 p.c. 1960-67
6 12 Fruendthal, Ruth Ann. 1 card, 1 note. 1980-81
6 13 Fullerton, Paul. 1 letter, documents. 1981
6 14 Gafford, Charlotte K.. 1 letter. 1952
6 15 Gambone, Jerry. 1 letter. 1981
6 16 Geccelli, Johannes. 1 letter. 1981
6 17 Gellhorn, Martha. 1 p.c. [1957]
6 18 Gibson, Horace. 1 letter. 1952
6 19 Gillette, Arthur. 1 letter. [1961]
6 20 Girard, Armand. 1 letter. n.d.
6 21 Godfrey, Dave (2 mss. Enclosed). 1 letter. 1962
6 22 Goldsmith, Joy. 1 letter. [1959]
6 23 [Goldstein] Daniel. 1 p.c. n.d.
6 24 Golfing, Francis. 3 letters, 4 p.c.,note. 1950-[1961]
6 25 Goodman, Helen. 1 p.c., card. 1982
6 26 Gowning? Julia (Cf. Strachey, Julia). 1 letter. 1960
6 27 Graeffe, Lotte. 3 letters, notes, p.c. [1951-1970
6 28 Grafft, Bill. 1 letter. [1957]
6 29 Gray, Larry. 1 letter. 1978
6 30 Greer, Susan. 1 letter. n.d.
6 31 Gregory, Horace. 4 letters, 2 p.c.,card. [1950]-1952
6 32 Griffin, Howard. 1 note. [1953]
6 33 Grosch, Laura (With childrens' photos). 1 letter. 1982
6 34 Gulmon, Karen. 1 letter. n.d.
6 35 Hamish, Hamiltion. 1 letter. 1955
6 36 Hanson, Bernard (Letter to Clyde Miller). 1 letter. 1956
6 37 Harrington, Alan. 1 letter. 1959
6 38 Harrington, J. P. (Addressed to Clyde Miller). 1 envelope. 1957
6 39 Hartley, John. 1 letter. n.d.
6 40 Hartnett, Kathleen M. 1 letter. 1980
6 41 Hauser, Marianne. 6 letters, 5 p.c., 1 card. 1956-59
6 42 Haycroft, Colin and Anna. 6 letters, 6 p.c., notes. 1957-60, n.d.
6 43 Hayes, John (Attribution of some letters to Hayes uncertain). 9 letters, 3 p.c. 1957-58, n.d.
6 43a Hazel, Stephen. 1 letter, with art photo. 1979
6 44 Held, Naomi (Clipping re. V. Bourjaily). note, document. [1955]
6 45 Hemley, Elaine. 1 letter. 1959
6 46 Herder, Addie [Mrs. G.]. 1 letter. [1958]
6 47 Heydt, William "Bill". 2 p.c. [1979-80]
6 48 Heyward, Dick. 1 p.c. n.d.
6 49 Hill, Clinton. 1 note. 1982
6 50 Hock, Bob (Includes letters to Wallace Fowlie, news clippings). 3 letters, documents. 1960-61
6 51 Hollands, The. 1 card. n.d.
6 52 Holmes, John Clellon and Susan. 13 letters, telegrams, p.c. 1958-61, n.d.
6 53 Howard, Don. R. 10 letters, 1 note, 1 p.c. 1955-58
6 54 Howes, Barbara. 1 letter, 1 p.c., document. 1978, n.d.
6 55 Hurley, Denzel. 2 letters. [1981, n.d.]
7 1 Isham, Sheila. 1 letter. 1974
7 2 Jarrell, Randall. 1 letter. 1954
7 3 Jones, Gloria. 1 card, 1 letter. 1959-60
7 4 Jones, James. 1 letter. 1953
7 5 Jones, Madeline P. 1 letter. 1956
7 6 Kainen, Jacob. document. n.d.
7 7 Kaplan, Harold. 1 letter, 1 note. 1960
7 8 [Katz] Alex. 1 p.c. 1961
7 9 Kaufman, Jane. 2 letters, 1 card. [1971-74, n.d.]
7 10 Kelsey, Mary. 1 letter. 1980
7 11 Kenny, Shelagh E. 1 letter. 1957
7 12 Kerner, Karen. 1 letter. 1960
7 13 Kerslake, Ken. 2 letters. 1981
7 14 Kester, Ellie. 1 letter. 1959
7 15 Kilroe, Maureen (International P.E.N.). 2 letters, 1 document. 1958-1960
7 16 Kirchberger, Frederic (Includes copy of letter by Baro). 2 letters. 1959
7 17 Kirgo, George and Terry. 6 letters, 3 p.c., note. 1951-58, n.d.
7 18 Kitchell, Peter W. 1 letter. 1980
7 19 Knopf, Blanche, (Mrs. Alfred A.). 4 letters. 1951, 1956
7 20 Kogod, Leslie. 2 letters. 1981
7 21 Kogod, Robert Peretz (Bat Mizvah invitation). 1 document. n.d.
7 22 Kremgold, David. 1 letter. 1976
7 23 Kreneck, Lynwood. 2 letters. n.d., 1982
7 24 Larkin, Barbara. 2 letters. 1954
7 25 Larkin, Richard. 1 letter. 1950
7 26 Lee, Daiwon. 1 card. n.d.
7 27 Leigh, Mildred B. (Mrs. R.D.) (Incl. letter re Baro from (cf.) Mrs. Wright). 10 letters, card,documents. 1958-59
7 28 Leigh, Robert D. 24 letters, cards, telegram. 1958-60, n.d.
7 29 Levine, Martin and Tina (Photo of infant son, Josh). 1 card. [1980]
7 30 Lewis, Allan. 10 letters. 1958-60
7 31 Lipman, Jane. 2 letters. 1960, 1962
7 32 Lister, R. R. 1 letter. 1959
7 33 Little, Marybeth (Mademoiselle)1953-55. 3 letters, telegram, doument.
7 34 Loovis, David. 11 letters, 3 cards, telegram. 1958-60, n.d.
7 35 Macauley, Robie. 1 letter. [1954]
7 36 MacGruer? Tracy. 1 p.c. 1961
7 37 Machell, Roger. 22 letters, 6 p.c., 2 cards. 1952-1961
7 38 Machiz, Herbert. 1 letter. 1959
7 39 Marx, Erica (To Ruth Wolfe re Baro article, with 3 photos). 1 letter. 1967
7 40 Maxwell, Lawrence R. 1 letter. 1948
7 41 McNeil, Lowry. 1 letter. 1960
7 42 McVay, Donald. 3 letters. 1981-83
7 43 Merrill, James. 2 letters. 1953, 1961
7 44 Meyer, Wallace (Includes note to Marcia Davenport, introducing Baro. Includes New Yorker correspondence). 13 letters, note, p.c., 4 unidentified photos. 1950-61, n.d.
7 45 Miles, Josephine. 1 p.c. 1951
7 46 Miller, Henry. 2 p.c. 1952, n.d.
7 47 Mitchell, Helen and Burroughs. 2 letters. [1959]
7 48 Mones, Arthur. 1 letter. 1982
7 49 Moore, Betty. 1 letter. 1975
7 50 Moore, Marianne (Includes typed ms.). 1 letter. 1951
7 51 Morra [Kimberly?]. 2 letters, 1 p.c. 1956-57
7 52 Morrisey? Kevin (To Harvey and Gene). 1 letter. 1962
7 53 Mortimer, Raymond. 1 letter. 1957
7 54 Moss, Howard (See also the New Yorker correspondence). 13 letters, 4 p.c. 1950-61, n.d.
7 55 Murdy, Louisa. 1 letter. 1961
7 56 Muse, Calliope. 1 p.c. 1949
8 1 Nadejena, Lydia. 1 letter. n.d.
8 2 Nearing, Vivienne. 1 note. [1958]
8 3 Nemerov, Henry and Peggy (3 typed manuscripts). 1 letter, 1 note. 1961, n.d.
8 4 Neville, Tove. 4 letters witth 2 photos. 1952-53, 1958
8 5 Nyren, Dorothy (Typed manuscript). 1 letter. 1954
8 6 O_____, Jane (Bennington student). 2 letters. n.d.
8 7 Oberdorf, E. S. 4 letters, 1 card. 1953
8 8 Oras, Ants and Livia (UF professor and wife). 15 letters,, cards. 1949-1960, n.d.
8 9 Orzuj, Raquel. 1 letter. 1877
8 10 Osgood, H. T. 1 letter. 1955
8 11 Overton, John. 2 letters. 1981, n,d,
8 12 Pack, Bob (Includes Discovery correspondence; typed manuscripts). 14 letters, 2 p.c. 1953-1961
8 13 Parrish, Charles ("To Clyde [Miller] and Gene"). 1 letter. 1955
8 14 Partridge, Roi. 1 letter, 2 cards. 1978-1981
8 15 Patmore, Derek. 1 letter, 1 p.c., 1 card. 1956
8 16 Patterson, William "Bill". 1 note, 1 p.c. 1958
8 17 Paul, David. 1 letter. 1956
8 18 Peel, George. 1 letter. n.d.
8 19 Perrott, Mark. 1 letter. 1982
8 20 Phelps, Robert (George Braziller). 5 letters. 1958-1961, n.d.
8 21 Pins, William. 1 p.c. 1957
8 22 Porter, Roy. 1 letter, 2 notes. 1957
8 23 Powell, Lawrence Clark. 1 letter. 1952
8 24 Prelutsky, Jack. 1 letter. 1982
8 25 Prima, Guy. 1 letter. 1952
8 26 Pritchard, Vi. note, document. n.d.
8 27 Quick, Dorothy. 1 letter, with clipping. 1959
8 28 Rabel. Kathleen. 1 letter, news clippiongs. 1978
8 29 Rackstein. 1 note. n.d.
8 30 Readings, Bill. 1 letter. n.d.
8 31 Reece, James A. (Jack). 1 letter. 1954
8 32 Resnick, Minna. 1 letter. 1982
8 33 Robinson, Charlotte. 1 letter. n.d.
8 34 Rocke, G. W. "Jerry". 1 letter. [1955]
8 35 Rose, W. K.. 1 letter, 1 p.c. 1961 [n.d.]
8 36 Ross, Richard. 1 p.c. [1978]
8 37 Roumel, Aris. 1 letter, 1 telegram. 1945, 1958
8 38 Rouse, H. Blair. 2 letters. 1956
8 39 Rushmore(?) Robert V. (To Clyde Miller). 1 letter. 1955
8 40 Sandelson, Neville. 1 note. 1957
8 41 St. Clair, Floyd. 1letter, 1 p.c., 1 note. 1961, n.d.
8 42 Sandoz, Mari. 2 letters. 1955
8 43 Sato, Novie. 1 p.c. n.d.
8 44 Schaaf, William. 2 letters, photos, documents. 1976-1980
8 45 Schiffer, George. 1 letter. 1959
8 46 Schriver, Mrs. Sargent. Document. n.d.
8 47 Scott, Betty. 1 letter. n.d.
8 48 Schwarzenberg, Kathleen. 1 letter, 1 p.c. [1956]
8 49 Silkin, Jon (Partially re: Stand magazine). 8 letters, 1 card, typed mss. [1955]-60, 1981,n.d.
8 50 Simonds, Ethel B. 1 letter. n.d.
8 51 Singer, Judy. 1 note. 1982
8 52 Sitwell, Edith. 4 letters. 1956, 59
8 53 Spector, Naomi. 1 letter. 1973
8 54 Spingarn, Lawrence P. (With draft of reply). 1 letter. 1959
9 1 Stadler, Clemente (To Basil). 1 letter. 1947
9 2 Stadler, S______. 1 letter. 1955
9 3 Steinhart, Norman. 1 letter. 1955
9 4 Stephan, John. 4 letters, 1 card. 1956-60, n.d., 1976
9 5 Stephan, Mr. and Mrs.John. 3 p.c., 1 card, 1 note. 1949-1980
9 6 Stephan, Ruth. 13 letters, 3 p.c., 2 notes. 1954-1960, n.d.
9 7 Stock, Mark. 8 letters, 1 card. 1971-81
9 8 Strachey, Julia (Cf. Gowning, Julia). 1 letter. 1960
9 9 Strauss, Harold (Alfred A. Knopf). 6 letters. 1951-54
9 10 Stroude(?) Martha. 1 letter. n.d.
9 11 Styron, William. 1 letter. 1952
9 12 Swenson, May. 1 letter, 1 p.c. 1961
9 13 Swift, Mary. 2 p.c. 1982
9 14 Thomas, Dylan. Telegram. n.d.
9 15 Thorne, Joan. 1 letter. 1973
9 16 Tiller, Terrence. 1 letter. 1959
9 17 Titelman, Kathy. 1 letter. [1960]
9 18 Treherne-Thomas, Jane. 1 letter. 1982
9 19 Turnbull, Colin. 1 letter. 1960
9 20 Tyler, Holland. 2 letters. n.d.
9 21 Villa, Jose Garcia. 1 letter, 2 p.c. 1951-54, n.d.
9 22 Walker, Todd. 1 letter. 1980
9 23 Walter, Eugene. 4 letters. [1955-57, n.d.]
9 24 Walton, James. 1 letter. 1982
9 25 Wander, Ronnie. 1 note. 1959
9 26 Wang, Cynthia and Ming. 1 p.c., 1 card. [1981, n.d.]
9 27 Wardrop, Ann. 1 card with news clipping. 1982
9 28 Washburn, Derie ( story enclosed). 1 letter. n.d.
9 29 Watmough, David. 24 letters, 5 p.c., 1 note. 1955-60, n.d.
9 30 Weaver, Bill. 3 letters. [1953]
9 31 Weston, Bill and Marybeth. 1 card. n.d.
9 32 Wheelock, John Hall (Includes autograph ms.). 15 letters, 10 notes, 2 telegrams. 1958-61, n.d.
9 33 Wheelwright, Helen. 1 letter. [1971]
9 34 W[hite] H[anson] "Ding". 1 letter. [1959]
9 35 Whitney, John Hay. 1 letter. 1951
9 36 Wilbur, Richard. 1 letter. 1959
9 37 Williams, Jonathan. 4 letters, p.c., note, docs. 1959-1962
9 38 Williams, Oscar. 1 p.c., 1 card. [1954]
9 39 Winkler, Elizabeth S. 2 letters, 1 card. 1977-80, n.d.
9 40 Wolf, Tom. 1 letter. 1973
9 41 Worheide, Evelyn J. 1 note. 1952
9 42 Wormfield, Sanford "Sandy". 1 letter, 1 p.c. 1969, 82
9 43 Wright, Mrs. (Letters to Mildred B. Leigh). 2 letters. 1958 [n.d.]
9 44 Wydenbruck-Purtscher, Nora. 3 letters, document. 1956-57
9 45 Wyndham, Dan. 1 letter. 1960
9 46 Young, Louise. 1 letter. [n.d.]
9 47 Young, Marguerite. 24 letters, 4 p.c., telegram. n.d., 1951-61
9 48 Young, Stark. 2 letters. [1952]
10 1 Unidentified: A (Allan, Ann, Anne, Arthur) etc. 3 letters, 2 p.c., 3 notes.
10 2 Unidentified: B (Barney, Billo (6), Bob (2), etc. 5 letters, 5 p.c.
10 3 Unidentified: C (Carl, Carmen and David, Cecil, Chico, Charlie, Chris, Clark, Corky, etc.). 3 letters, 4 p.c., 2 telegram.
10 4 Unidentified: D (David and Jim, Dean and Karen, Diane and Keith, Don). 2 letter, 1 p.c., 2 cards.
10 5 Unidentified: Emily. 1 note. 1958
10 6 Unidentified: Frank. 1 letter. 1981
10 7 Unidentified: Gay, Guy (3). 3 letters, 1 p.c.
10 8 Unidentified: H (Heaps, Helen, Horace, Howard). 2 letters, 2 notes, 1 p.c.
10 9 Unidentified: J (Jack, Jay, Jon,John, Julie, etc.). 5 letters, 3 p.c, 1 card.
10 10 Unidentified: L (Laura,Lowell, etc.). 3 letters, 1 p.c.
10 11 Unidentified: M (Margy, Marilyn, Muff). 3 letters.
10 12 Unidentified: O? (From Bennington College). 1 letter. 1959
10 13 Unidentified: P (Pete and Edith, Phil) (P.C. to Clyde Miller). 1 card, 1 p.c.
10 14 Unidentified: Ralph, Richard, Robert, Roland, and Ruth). 5 letters, 1 note.
10 15 Unidentified: Ralph, Ginny, and Marshall (Addressed to Zissel - Probably Baro's mother). 1 letter. 1977
10 16 Unidentified: S (Sandy? Stephannie, Strega, etc.) (Two family photos included in Stephannie's letter). 1 letter, 3 p.c., telegram.
10 17 Unidentified: Theo. 1 letter. n.d.
10 18 Unidentified: V (Vance, Vore?, Victoria). 1 letter, 2 p.c.
10 19 Unmatched envelopes, addressed to Gene Baro. 4 envelopes. 1951, 1956, 1958-59]
10 20 Unidentified: Get-well cards to Gene Baro. 13 cards. 1982
10 21 Unidentified: Illegible names. 19 pieces. 1955-1981

Business Correspondence

Box Folder
11 1 Allen, J. A. and Co. 1 letter. 1961
11 2 Alpine Fine Arts Collective. 1 letter. 1982
11 3 American Scholar (Primarily by Hiram Haydn). 20 letters, 1 p.c. 1949-1961
11 4 Andrew Crispo Gallery (N.Y.). 1 letter. 1974
11 5 Antioch Review. 14 letters, 1 p.c. 1949-55
11 6 Appleton-Century-Croft. 1letter. 1951
11 7 Arkham House. 1 letter. 1959
11 8 Art Vivant. l letter. 1972
11 9 Atlantic Monthly. 13 letters. 1952-54
11 10 Atheneaum. 1 letter. 1961
11 11 Audience. 3 letters, 1 note. 1959, n.d.
11 12 Ballantine Books. 3 letters. 1953-54
11 13 Barnard College. 1 letter. 1960
11 14 Beloit Poetry Journal. 1 letter. 1954
11 15 Bennington College. 3 memos, note. 1959
11 16 Bennington (Vt.) Free Library. 1 letter. 1949
11 17 Betty Parsons Gallery (N.Y.). 1 letter. 1974
11 18 Boston University. 1 memo, documents. 1960
11 19 Bottege oscure (See also Caetani, Marguerite). 1 p.c. 1959
11 20 Brandt and Brandt. 1 letter. 1950
11 21 Brooklyn Museum. telegram. 1982
11 22 Canadian Consulate General (N.Y.). 1 letter. 1981
11 23 Charles and Julia Henry Fund (Yale University). post card. [1959]
11 24 Chatto and Windus (Letters by C. Day Lewis). 5 letters, 1 note. 1957-61, n.d.
11 25 City Lights Books. 1 letter. 1960
11 26 Clay Electric Co-operative (Re Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Estate). 1 letter. 1955
11 27 Contact. 1 letter, 1 note. 1959, n.d.
11 28 Cooperative Bureau for Teachers. 1 letter, documents. 1959
11 29 Corinth Books. 1 letter. n.d.
11 30 Coward-McCann. 1 letter. 1960
11 31 Cranbook Academy of Art. 3 letters. 1978-81
11 32 Criterion Books. 1 letter. 1956
11 33 Datebook. 1 letter. n.d.
11 34 Dial (Periodical). 2 letters. 1959-60
11 35 Dial Press. 2 letters. 1958, 1961
11 36 Discovery. 1 letter. 1953
11 37 Dryden Press. 6 letters. 1951-52
11 38 Dude. 1 note. n.d.
11 39 Esquire. 4 notes. n.d.
11 40 Falcon's Wing Press (Includes letter to Howard Nemerov, New Yorker). 2 letters, 2 p.c. 1960
11 41 Flame. 1 p.c. [1959]
11 42 Ford Foundation. 1 letter, document. 1959
11 43 Fore Publications. 1 letter, 1 p.c. n.d.
11 44 Foreign Service of the U.S.A. 2 letters. 1956
11 45 Form and Function (Atlanta). 1 letter. 1982
11 46 Fort Wayne Museum of Art. 2 letters. 1981
11 47 Gambit. 1 letter. 1963
11 48 Genesis Gallery (N.Y., London). 1 letter. 1978
11 49 Georgia Review. 1 note. 1949
11 50 Gotham Book Mart. Document. 1957
11 51 Greenwich (Ct.) Book Shop. 1 letter. 1959
11 52 Grove Press. 1 note. n.d.
11 53 Harper and Brothers. 1 letter. 1957
11 54 Harper's Bazaar (Includes contracts). 12 letters. n.d., 1951-59
11 55 Hawk and Whippoorwill. 1 p.c. n.d.
11 56 Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (Ithaca, N.Y.). 1 letter. 1975
11 57 Hill and Wang. 1 letter. 1959
11 58 Hotel d'Inghilteria (Rome). 1 letter. 1957
11 59 Houghton, Mifflin Co. 1 letter. 1951
11 60 Hudson Review. 5 letters. 1951-58
11 61 Huntington T. Block Insurance. 1 letter. 1976
11 62 International Exhibitions Foundation. 1 letter with documents. 1981
11 63 Ivan Obolensky. 1 letter. 1961
11 64 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. note. n.d.
11 65 Jones, Ehrich and Dollard (attorneys, Bennington, Vt.). 1 letter. 1962
11 66 Kennedy Galleries (N.Y.). 1 letter. 1981
11 67 Kenyon Review. 2 letters, 3 notes. 1951, 1960
11 68 Knopf, Alfred A., inc. 13 letters. 1952-1960
11 69 Legend of Maya Deren. 1 letter. 1981
11 70 Library of Congress (Bulk re poetry recording by Baro). 7 letters. 1948, 1960
11 71 Lippincott (J. B.) Company. 2 letters. 19,531,959
11 72 Literary Review. 1 letter. 1958
11 73 Little, Brown and Co. 2 documents. 1959, n.d.
11 74 London Magazine. 2 letters. 1959
12 1 MCA Management. note. n.d.
12 2 Maclean's. letter. 1959
12 3 Mademoiselle. 7 letters. 1954-60
12 4 McDowell, Obolensky. 3 letters, 2 documents. 1958-60
12 5 Mint Museum (Charlotte, N.C.). letter, document. 1981
12 6 Montevallo Review. letter. 1951
12 7 Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh. letter, note. 1982
12 8 Museum of Fine Arts (Houston). note. 1974
12 9 Myers and Co., booksellers. 2 letters. 1955-56
12 10 Nation. 24 letters. 1958-60, n.d.
12 11 National Collection of Fine Arts. letter, document. 1975
12 12 National Gallery of Art. 2 letters. 1982
12 13 National Library of Ireland. 1 letter. 1951
12 14 National Society of Arts and Letters, Washington Chapter. 1 letter. 1972
12 15 New American Library (Arabel J. Porter) (Some re: Creative Writing Collection, UF.). 20 letters, telegram, card, notes. 1951-59, 1963
12 16 New Directions. p.c. 1954
12 17 New Orleans Museum of Art. letter. 1980
12 18 New Statesman and Nation (Clippings of reviews by Baro.). letter. 1956
12 19 New York Herald-Tribune. 2 letters. [1955] 1960
12 20 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 1 letter. 1950
12 21 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 12 letters. 1951
12 22 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 14 letters. 1952
12 23 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 19 letters, 1 telegram. 1953
12 24 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Includes copy of letter by Baro to V. F. Volney, Technicolor Corp.). 16 letters. 1954
12 25 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 11 letters. 1955
12 26 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 8 letters. 1956
12 27 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 7 letters. 1957
12 28 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 15 letters. 1958
12 29 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 21 letters, telegram. 1959
12 30 New York Herald-Tribune Book Review (Most letters by Irita Van Doren.). 5 letters. 1960
12 31 Mew York Times, London Bureau. note. 1966
12 32 New York Times Book Review. 5 letters. 1949-1959
12 33 New Yorker (Most by Howard Moss). 17 letters. 1949-1961
12 34 Noonday Press. 3 letters. 1958-59
12 35 Northern Review Press. 3 letters. 1953
12 36 Nugget. 1 note. n.d.
13 1 Oliver Williams (real estate). note, document. 1951
13 2 Paris Review. 2 letters. 1959, n.d.
13 3 Partisan Review. 3 notes. n.d.
13 4 Phoenix Book Shop. 1 p.c. 1959
13 5 Pocket Books. 2 letters, documents. 1954-55
13 6 Poetry (Most by Karl Shapiro). 15 letters, 11 notes, 4 p.c. n.d., 1949-1954
13 7 Poetry (Most by Henry Rago). 10 letters, p.c., 2 typed mss. 1955-59
13 8 Poindexter Gallery (N.Y.) (Includes 2 carbon copies of letters by Baro.). 2 letters, 2 notes. 1974
13 9 Prairie Schooner. 1 letter. 1951
13 10 Print Club. 1 document. 1982
13 11 Quarterly Review of Literature. 1 letter. 1955
13 12 Random House. 1 letter. 1958
13 13 San Francisco Review. 2 letters. n.d., 1961
13 14 Sanders and Shandolow (attorneys) (Re: Estate of Benjamon Baroff). 2 letters. 1949
13 15 Saturday Review. 1 letter. 1951
13 16 Schieffelin and Co. 1 letter. 1974
13 17 Scribner's, Charles, Sons (Letter by John H. Wheelock re Marjorie Rawlings book reviews.). 1 letter. 1952
13 18 Scribner's, Charles, Sons (By Burroughs Mitchell). 13 letters. 1955-1960
13 19 Scribner's, Charles, Sons (Mostly by Perry H. Knowlton). 8 letters, documents. 1958-1961
13 Scribner's, Charles, Sons (For other Scribner's letters, see Wallace Meyer and John Hall Wheelock.)..
13 20 Sewanee Review. 8 letters, 2 notes, 1 p.c. 1953-55, 1961
13 21 Southwest Review. note. 1954
13 22 Staempfli Gallery (NY). 1 letter. 1952
13 23 Stewart and Stewart. 2 letters. 1980, 1982
13 24 Story Press. 3 letters. 1951-53
13 25 Thames and Hudson. 1 letter. 1951
13 26 Tiger's Eye. 1 letter, typed ms. 1951
13 27 Time and Tide. 1 letter. 1956
13 28 Tomorrow magazine. 1 letter. 1947
13 29 University of Florida. 2 letters. 1947, 1952
13 30 University of Florida Libraries (Principal correspondents, Stanley L. West, director, and John Buechler, Special Collections). 45 letters. 1950-51, 1955-61
13 31 University Place Bookshop. 1 letter. 1948
13 32 Viking Press. 1 letter. 1961
13 33 Virginia Quarterly Review. 1 letter. 1953
13 34 Vogue. 1 letter. 1970
13 35 Walker and Company (N.Y.). 1 letter. 1961
13 36 Ward Morse Museum (Rollins College). 1 telegram. 1955
13 37 Western Review (Mostly by Ray. B. West). 5 letters, 5 p.c. 1954-55
13 38 Who's Who among Students. Form letter. 1945
13 39 Williams College. 1 letter. 1980
13 40 Wingatge and Johnson (London). Envelope. 1955
13 41 Writers House. 1 letter. 1974
13 42 Wyn, A.A. 1 letter. 1952
13 43 Yaddo (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.). 2 letters, document. 1960
13 44 Yale University Press. 1 letter, documents. 1954

Gene Baro Writings - Typed and Autograph Manuscripts

Box Folder
14 1 "Art and Motion." Typed ms., Proposal for exhibition. London [n.d.]
14 2 "Echoes," etc., 6 typed ms. Poem, with rejection notice from Shenandoah [1954] 7 leaves.
14 3 "Imaginary Colloquy," Typed ms. Poem, 12 lines.
14 4 [Kohn, Misch] Untitled essay on Misch Kohn. Typed ms. (photocopy) 5 leaves.
14 5 "Lecher's song," typed poem, with autograph inscription "for Clyde Miller," signed Gene Baro, April 15, 1956, Cross Creek
14 6 "Looking for Winter," by Gene Baro. A collection of typed poems in a binder. A few are printed and clipped from publications. London, n.d. 84 leaves, plus two insets.
14 7 "The Loving Eye by William Sansom," reviewed by Gene Baro. Typed ms. 1 leaf.
14 8 Modern American Stories, edited by Gene Baro. Typed ms. [1963] [10] 246 leaves. (Published London, 1963.)
14 9 "Norma among the Leaves" by Gene Baro. Typed ms. (carbon). Cross Creek. 18 leaves.
14 10 "New York Letter: Robert Motherwell." Typed ms. (photocopy)10 leaves.
14 11 [Poets of Today VI] Typed ms., marked for printer. Contents include "Northwind and Other Poems" by Gene Baro, leaves 31-96; "The Clothing's New Emperor and Other Poems," by Donald Finkel, ll. 97-183; and "Poems, 1955-1958" by Walter Stone, ll.184-246. (Published New York, 1959.)
14 12 "The Rainfrog," and untitled poem. Typed mss., with rejection note from the Georgia Review, May 16, 1955. 4 leaves.
14 13 "There's no one to answer the doorbell." Typed ms. (poem), 8 lines.
14 14 "What an artist leaves out of a work is often as important as what he puts into it."..., 2 pages.
14 15 Unsigned poetry typescripts [Baro, Gene?] "A doubting man...," and "After all, the game we play." Two typed ms. poems. 2 leaves.
14 16 Unsigned poetry typescripts [Baro, Gene?] Typed poems, unsigned, possibly by Gene Baro: "A Poet Observed," "Song - Die Forelle," "Lullaby," and six untitled poems. 8 leaves.
14 17 Bound notebook, including various miscellaneous notes. One is dated 1961. 5x7".
14 18 "Eleanor Roosevelt to MKR and pertaining"; note, with verse (fragment) on verso.
14 19 Page of manuscript notes, referring to Pirandello's short stories, etc. Ms. Poem on verso, 8 lines.
14 20 List of names with a.note: "people I worked with in Chicago in the Sample Department and design room. 4 leaves.
14 21 Poetry Center. Program for 1953-54 (Envelope addressed to Gene Baro) and Program [n.d.] with notes by Baro on Gerard Manley Hopkins, etc.

Gene Baro Writings - Printed Works

Box Folder
15 1 "Across the Valley" (From the Nation.) Verse of the Week. New York Herald-Tribune, January 11, 1959. Photocopy.
15 2 American on Stage; 200 Years of Performing Arts. Proposal for a Bicentennial Exhibition at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 1975-1976. Processed document, with copy of resulting contract.
15 3 "Beat" Poets. Selected by Gene Baro. (The Pocket Poets) London: Vista Books, 1961. Proof copy, with a few corrections, probably in Baro's hand.
15 4 "The Blemish" [short story] in Audience, 6:3 (Summer 1959), 108-120.
15 5 Introduction to Opening exhibition, English Graphics. Everyman Gallery, New York, 9 December [n.y.] Printed inside folded program, with caption, "Babe Rainbow."
15 6 Modern American Stories. Edited, and with an Introduction by Gene Baro. London: Faber and Faber [1962] Uncorrected Proof Copy.
15 7 "The Needle," [poem] Bennington College Bulletin. 321:3 (February 1963), p.7.
15 8 New Yorker. "Getting into the Picture," Dec. 3, 1960. p. 224.
15 9 New Yorker "Snowdrop," March 18, 1961, p.160.
15 10 New Yorker "Walking in the Wet," November 3, 1962, p. 126.
15 11 New Yorker "The Skull," November 17, 1962, p. 160.
15 12 New Yorker "The Needle," November 24, 1962, p. 160.
15 13 "Pierre Soulages: His Own Man," by Gene Baro. Washington Post, Feb. 12, 1972. Photocopy.


Box Folder
16 1 [Baroff, Eugene] Bank statements, First National Bank of Gainesville, and cancelled checks, April 1956.
16 2 Baro. Curriculum Vitae.
16 3 [Baro, Gene] Passport / United States of America, August 27, 1982.
16 4 [Baro, Gene] Itralian Viaggi dei giornalisti, no. 032958, 1966.
16 5 Bennington College. Minutes of General Minute Meetings Committee, November 4, 1958. Mimeographed.
16 6 Berger, Thomas. 2 typed mss., "The Last Patron," and "Doctor Hyde" short stories, with signed letter of submission to Gene Baro; Piermont, NT, 14 March 1961.
16 7 Bookstore and shipping receipts; 1951-1959 receipts. 7 pieces.
16 8 British Broadcasting Corporation. Request to Gene Baro to prepare radio talks, 1955. 2 pieces.
16 9 Brooklyn Museum. Acknowledgment of gift from Gene Baro, April 17, 1980; release of objects to Gene Baro, 1979.- 1980. 3 pieces.
16 10 Davidson Galleries (Seattle). Bill of sale to Gene Baro, Brooklyn Museum, for six art objects; 15 Jan. 1980.
16 11 Eaton, Charles Edward. "Dela Robbia in August," pages removed from the Virginia Quarterly Review, with autograph inscription to Gene Baro.
16 12 Falke, Leslie. "What He Said in Act III," 2 drafts of typed ms; Bennington College, April 30, 1963. With memo from author to Gene Baro.
16 13 The Fifties, announcement of 3rd issue. Envelope addressed to Gene Baro, P.M. 3 March 1960.
16 14 Ford Foundation Press Release, March 9, 1960 re artistic awards. Envelope addressed to Gene Baro.
16 15 Hearst Magazines. Remittance advice for poems for Harper's Bazaar, May 14, 1952.
16 16 Highet, Gilbert. "The Great Welsh Poet: Dylan Thomas," leaf removed from Vogue, March 15, 1960. Addressed to Gene Baro, April 8, 1960.
16 17 Ivan Albright: Travels of an Artist. Exhibition brochure: Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, June 12 - Sept. 15, 1982. Accompanied by letter to Gene Baro /s/ Ann, Museum of Art, June 30, 1982.
16 18 Korn, Albert Ralph. Poetry and Criticism. Reprint from Poetry Digest and Poetry Review. Envelope addressed to Gene Baro, Feb. 7, 1956.
16 19 [Leeds University theater] Collection of theater programs and correspondence relating to drama at Leeds University. 5 program, and 3 letters /s/ J. H. Quick, N. Beaumont, and L. E. Foulger, 1961-62, addressed to Mrs. Quick. All accompanied by a letter, lacking a legible signature, to Gene Baro.
16 20 Miller, Clyde. The Summer Dancers. Uncorrected proofs. 1961.
16 21 Miller, Donald. "The International to Represent 66 artists," by Donald Miller. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 5, 1982 (Xerox copy). Preview of exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh.
16 22 Poets at Wesleyan. Announcement of Reading, November 9, 1959. Envelope addressed to Gene Baro, Nov. 3, 1959.
16 23 Prospectus for a Series of Guidebooks for American Cities (mimeographed) /s/ Nathan Glazer, Random House. With autograph note, probably by Baro. Enveloped addressed to Baro, May 21, 1959.
16 24 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. Documents. (a) Last Will and Testament of Marjorie Kinnan Baskin, typed document; Cross Creek, 1949 December. 8 p. Contains manuscripts revisions. (b) Last Will and Testament of Marjorie Kinnan Baskin, typed (carbon copy) document; Cross Creek, 1949 August. 6 p. (c) St. Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science. Printed membership card made out to Mrs. Norton Baskin (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings), 1950.
16 25 Redman, Ben Ray. Review of Where the Air Is Clear by Carlos Fuentes. Saturday Review, 1960. Photocopy. With enveloped addressed to Baro from Albert Stadler [1960]
16 26 Smith, William. Two Poem. Printed Christmas card, 1959, /s/ Barbara and Bill. With envelope addressed to Gene Baro.
16 27 Society of St. Vitus. Dance invitation. Washington, 15 May [1971] With envelope addressed to Gene Baro.
16 28 Thomas, Dylan. "Over Sir John's Hill." Published poem, removed from unidentified periodical. With a. note by Gene Baro, and with enveloped from P. Kazin, Harper's Bazaar, August 17, 1950.
16 29 Thomas, Dylan. "Poem on His Birthday." Typed ms., (photocopy). 4 leaves. With Harper's Bazaar envelope addressed to Gene Baro, May 1, 1952.
16 30 Thorne, Joan. Typed and photocopied poetry manuscripts. 21 leaves. These may be the manuscripts referred to in her 1973 letter to Baro. See correspondence.
16 31 United States Information Agency. Four purchase orders to Gene Baro for "News analyses and/or Features... for use in radio broadcasting..." 1973.
16 32 University of Florida. Notice of Appointment to Academic Staff for Eugene Baroff, Curator, Creative Writing, Library, July 1, 1955, /s/ Stanley L. West, Director of Libraries.
16 33 Virginia Museum of Art. Invoice for Speaker Honorarium to Gene Baro, Oct. 15, 1973.
16 34 Wright, James. Review of Poets of Today VI. Poetry, 95:6 (March 1960), 373-378. Accompanied by TLS /s/ John Hall Wheelock (Charles Scribner's Sons); New York, March 22, 1960.


Box Folder
16 35 [Stadler, Albert] Color photo of portrait of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, commissioned by Rawlings. 3x6".
16 36 Three photographs of unidentified men [s.l., n.d.] May have been taken at Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings's house at Cross Creek, Florida.
16 37 Colored photos (3) of two men, including Baro, and one woman, with house in background.
16 38 Black and white photos (3) of Gene Baro and unidentified men and women, probably at a museum opening or reception.
16 39 B&W photographs (2, 3x5") of Gene Baro at his London residence, 6 Phene Street, October 1956.

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Authors, American -- 20th century -- Correspondence.
Baro, Gene -- Correspondence.
Baskin, Norton S. -- Correspondence.
Bowen, Robert O., 1920- -- Correspondence.
Carleton, William G. (William Graves), 1901-1982 -- Correspondence.
Miller, Clyde, 1925- -- Correspondence.
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, 1896-1953 -- Correspondence.

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