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A Guide to the West Indies Papers

Finding aid prepared by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
November 2004

Descriptive Summary

Title: West Indies Papers
Dates: 1771-1829
Abstract: Correspondence of the various colonial governors of the British West Indies together with financial accounts and pay warrants.
Extent: 0.4 Linear feet. 1 Box.
Identification: MS Group 12
Language(s): English
Online Content Items from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. For more information please see the note below.

Scope and Content

Correspondence, receipts, warrants, accounts. Correspondence of the various colonial governors of the British West Indies, together with financial accounts and pay warrants, during the latter part of the 18th and the early half of the 19th centuries. Most are in English, including those from foreign colonies dating from periods of British occupation. Among the signatories are the Earl of Balcarres, John Dalling, and Sir John Vaughan. It is not known if the collection duplicates material in the Public Records Office, London.

Arranged alphabetically by country: Antigua, Bahamas, Bermuda, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Honduras, Jamaica, Leeward Islands (general), Martinique, St. Christopher's, St. Eustatius, St. Lucia, St. Vincent's, Surinam-Dutch Guiana, Tobago, Trinidad, West Indies (general), and the Windward Islands.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

See also the papers of Frank R. Crumbie, a customs inspector in Haiti during the early 20th Century.

Administrative Information

Alternate Form of Material

Digital reproductions of items in this collection are available online via the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). Please read the Permissions for Use statement for information on copyright, fair use, and use of UFDC digital objects.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], West Indies Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List


1 Correspondence. [from] William Mathew Burt to Lord George Germain. [from] T. Shirley to Rob Jefferson Esq. (reinstatement into Council Board of Antigua). Government House. 1779-1825
1 Receipts. Moving a Detachment of the Loyal Mary Land Volunteers on board the Cumberland Packet. Capt. William Comm. 1780
1 Warrants. Pay for troops. 1779-1782


1 Accounts. Bill drawn by Major General William Dondeswell for the service of Prisoners of War. 1804
1 Correspondence. [from] Cal "Alex" Murray. [from] Lord Governor Forbes. 1796-1804
1 Receipts. For provisions (bread, flour, rice, butter, rum, vinegar) from transport ship. 1789


1 Correspondence. Resident Merchants of the Island certify the rates of exchange for present months. 1796-1805
1 Receipts. 59 days pay to Col. Edward Codd. Purchase of 26 negros. Expenses incurred. 1796-1817
1 Warrants. Pay for troops. 1780-1805


1 Accounts. Abstract expenses incurred For Navy Cisterns, building Warfand House. Payment for a new private. 1796,1814
1 Correspondence. John Taylor Esq. 1817
1 Receipts. Seven days provisions for the Ninety Ninth Regiment and the Thirteenth Regiment. Return of provisions and fuel. Return of allowances to field and staff officers. 1808,1816
1 Warrants. Pay for troops. 1813-1828

British Guiana

1 Accounts. 1805


1 Accounts. Governor Sir Charles Brisbane, repair of forts fortifications and buildings. Abstract of expenses incurred. Abstract of allowances of Green Forage, Lodging. 1807-1811
1 Receipts. Provisions for 99th Regiment of foot. Horses. Return baggage and storage money to General and Staff Officers of Curacao. Return of baggage and storage money to officers of the 7th Regiment. Pay to General and Staff Officers of Curacao. Allowance for black servants to the general and staff officers of Curacao.
1 Warrants. Pay to troops. Requisition for provisions.


1 Accounts. Will Nicolay, Governor of Dominica. The house of Dominico Scarfi was occupied by part of the 21st Regiment. Pay note of a detachment York Light Infantry. 1806-1828
1 Receipts. Money to supply a regiment raised by the colony. Money to pay surgeon. Receipt for supplies. 1771-1796
1 Warrants. Andrew Cochrane Johnston. 1800-1814


1 Accounts. Supplies taken to the islands of Tobago, St. Vincent, and Dominica. Abstract, expenses. Pay note for Captain of the 2nd Battalion of the Royals, Capt. Alexander O'Hanan. Estimate of pay for a Detachment of the Sixth West India Regiment. 1775-1802,1805-1807
1 Correspondence. Audit of public accounts, M. Ferguson. 1796-1829


1 Correspondence. Government house. Black River Mosquito Shore. 1780-1820
1 Warrants. Sloop Bermuda (Packet) discharged from government service. Bill of exchange. 1799-1800


1 Accounts. Maintenance of 2 mules. Pay note for William Duncan for officiating at a general Court Martial. Account of lodging money. 1792-1813
1 Correspondence. Lord George Germain. Lord of Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury. King's House. Sir Allured Clarke. Lieutenant General Edward Morrison. 1780-1809
1 Receipts. Return of black servants allowances. Return of 165 days forage money for the 99th Regiment. Pay to Lieutenant Colonel Hunter. Pay to officers of 6th West India Regiment. Pay to James Bartlet Esq. Return for lodging money. Pay to officers of the 1st Battalion 85th Regiment. Return of the hire of black servants employed by the officers of the 85th Regiment of foot. Commissariat department, an account of bills. 1783-1815
1 Warrants. Lieutenant General Edward Morrison. Staff warrant. Pay to 5th West India Regiment of Foot (Supply Estimate). Pay to Mayor General Daniel O'Meara. Pay to 1st Black Garrison Company, Capt. John Blair. Pay to 6th Battalion of 60th Regiment of foot. Pay to Charles Wilson as Brigade Major. Pay to Robert Percival as Brigade Major. Pay to Edward Marshall as Chaplain. Pay to John Farley as Major General. Authorization for Colonel Brook to receive staff pay. Pay to 101st Regiment of foot. Pay to 6th Battalion 60th Regiment of foot. Pay to Isaac M. as Chaplain. Pay to Capt. Henry Boom Hall as Military Secretary. Pay to Edward Warner Burton as Hospital Mate. Pay to 5th West India Regiment of foot. Pay to 1st European Garrison Company. Pay to 101st Regiment of foot. Pay to Christopher Darby as Major General. Pay to Alexander Campbell as Brigade Major. Pay to Edward Morrison as Commander of the Forces. Pay to Christopher Darby as Major General. 1st Battalion 34th Regiment of Foot, Augmentation of a recruiting company. Pay the rent of a house and office. Pay to the officers of the Royal Artillery. Pay to Captain W. Longe. Pay to Major Pechon. Pay to Lieut. Faddy. Pay to the General Staff Officers. Pay to the 55th Regiment of foot. Assignment of officers from the 20th Regiment of Light Dragoons. King's House Spanish Town. Pay to Assistant Surgeon John Glasco. Directed to house the sick of the 3rd Regiment of the Irish Brigade. His Majesty's Government, Dr. Joseph Everett. Pay to George Cooke. 1786-1816

Leeward Islands

1 Accounts. Account of supplies. Abstract of half pay to Brigadier General Butler. 1815-1823
1 Receipts. Pay to George William Ramsey as Major General, list of troops for General and Commander in Chief John Vaughan. General Vandeleur's staff pay. Pay to Thomas Barrow as Major General. Pay to John Murray as Major General. 1781-1817
1 Warrants. Pay to Robert Haldane Bradshaw Esq. 1780


1 Accounts. Excise bill and cargoe manifest (in French). 1800-1801
1 Attestation. Philip Charretie. 1795
1 Correspondence. Bills for 2000 pounds on account of colonial armed vessels. T.L. Pantter Esq. 1800-1809
1 Receipts. Abstract of balance baggage and storage money. 1796
1 Warrant. Pay to Brigadier General John Knox for expenses. 1796

St. Christopher's

1 Receipt. For 200 days storage and 50 rations a day. 1780

St. Eustatius

1 Receipt. Pay to Thomas Barrow as Commandant of St. Eustatius. 1811

St. Lucia

1 Accounts. Present state of garrison on island. 1782
1 Receipts. Pay to Alexander Wood as Commandant of St. Lucia. Brig. General Brerton's receipt of his staff pay as Brig. General Commandant of St. Lucia. Return of candles for General and Staff Officers. 1795-1813
1 Warrants. Paid to Robert Glasgow Surveyor of His Majesty's Hospitals. Paid to Robert Haldane Bradshan Esq. 1780

St. Vincent

1 Account. Pay to private secretary and allowance for stationary for Gov. of St. Vincent. 1812
1 Correspondence. Government House, Sir C. Brisbane to John S. Mallet Esq. Account of governor. Sir C. Brisbane. 1810-1821
1 Receipts. Brig. Major Farley's receipt for 65 days pay. 1772-1817

Surinam-Dutch Guiana

1 Receipts. Current prices of commodities, rates of exchange. 1790, 1805, 1809


1 Correspondence. Acknowledgment for pay and allowance of private secretary by Governor of Tobago. 1808
1 Receipts. Andrew Muin; for 3 negros and 3 mules. 1780


1 Accounts. Supplies. 1812
1 Correspondence. Transmit public accounts. 1810
1 Receipts. Return of money paid working parties of 1st West India Regiment. Hiring of carpenters for repairing barracks. Pay to officers. 1807-1813
1 Warrant. Pay to the Royal West India Rangers Regiment of foot. 1812

West Indies

1 General Correspondence, T.L. Pantter. Not dated

Windward Islands

1 Receipts. Pay to Sir James Leith Commander of the Forces. Brig. Gen. Montgomorie's receipt for his staff pay. Brig. Gen. Hislop's receipt for 165 days forage allowance. Difference of pay for Brig. Gen. Hislop. Staff pay to Brg. Gen. Vandelurn. Brig. Gen. Maitland's receipt for 165 days forage pay. Brig. Gen. Dabrymple's receipt for his staff pay. Brig. Gen. Hughes receipt for his staff pay. General Bowyer's receipt for his staff pay. Colonel Bonhum's receipt for his staff pay. Brig. Gen. Gledslune's receipt for staff pay. Brig. Gen. Hughes receipt for staff pay. Difference in pay for Sir George Beekwith as commander of the Forces. Difference in pay for Brig. Gen. Nicholson. Pay for Brig. Gen. Thomas Barrow. Pay to Brig. Gen. Ramsay. Pay to Brig. Gen. Murray. Pay to Mayor General Clay. Pay to May General Croker. 1805-1816

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West Indies, British -- History -- Sources -- 18th century.
West Indies, British -- History -- Sources -- 19th century.

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