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Abse, Dannie - Byrd, Sam
Abse, Dannie.
April day and poetry manuscripts.
[ca. 1955]
Contents: Production script of April day, poetry drafts (6 l.), draft of critique of Dylan Thomas (1 l.), title signature of Walking under water, with ms. corrections to acknowledgment page.
Box 1.
Arnold, Arthur J.
Behold, my brother.
142 l., 28 cm.
Typescript with revision notes.
Published by Pyramid Publishing Co., Coatsville, PA, 1963.
Box 1.
Baker, Dorothy (Dodds)
[Our gifted son]
leaves 9-39. 28 cm.
Published by Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1948.
Fragmentary typescript. Complete manuscript on microfilm in Library West.
Box 1.
Ball, Zachary.
Joe Panther, by Zachary Ball.
200 l. 28 cm.
Typescript (carbon). Author's note with signature on page [1]
Published by Holiday House, New Yor, 1950.
Box 40.
Baro, Gene.
The ladder, Barnyard, Midnight's ranges, The innocents, Preoccupations, Yeats, Dogma: museum piece, Thank you for your photographs, Secondary players, Rainfog, other poetical drafts, and two letters.
Approximately 35 l., 28 cm.
Poems. Typescripts.
Box 1.
[Bates, Nancy Bell Fairchild
East of the Andes and west of nowhere.
251] l., 28 cm. 
Published by Scribner's, New York, 1947.
Publishers's typescript, printer's marks.
Box 1.
Beer, Lisl.
This, my island (Thunder on the cliff); a novel of adventure and crisis.
[236] l., 28 cm.
Typescript of the novel published by Bruce Humphries, Boston, 1963.
Box 1.
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)
57 leaves. 24 cm.
Autograph manuscript, 1925?
Box 58.
Bernard, Brother
[Aria in time]
15 l., 28 cm.
Typescript of poems. 
Signed at end: Brother Bernard OSB, Saint Leo College, Saint Leo, Florida, May 1966.
Box 1.
Best, Frances.
Forsaking all others, by Frances Best Simpson.
242 l., 28 cm.
Typescript, with reprint of a newpaper clipping.
Published Meador Pub. Co., Boston, 1949.
Also on microfilm (CW813.5 S613f)
Box 1.
Best, Frances.
Goodly heritage.
208 l. 28 cm.
Published by Meador Pub. Co., Boston, 1955.
Box 2.
Best, Frances.
Grandmother in cellophane.
221 l., 28 cm.
Typescript of novel concerning St. Augustine, with posctcards of "Victorian parlor," Lightner Museum.
Published by Meador Pub. Co., Boston, 1954.
Box 2.
Best, Frances
Lovers on the San Sebastian River, by Frances Best Roy.
New York: Swansong Publications, 1956.
3 l., 30 cm.
With manuscript (facsimile of one leaf) and recordings of songs by the author.
Box 2.
Bigbee [Jesse] North.
Gay old goat, a comedy in three acts, by North Bigbee and Parker Meredith.
various paging,  28 cm.
Carbon typescript.
Box 2.
Blackstock, Walter.
The west wind blowing.
34, [26] leaves, 4 notecards.
Title poems published by Wings Press, Mill Valley, CA., 1950.
Typed carbon of title manuscript, plus additional manuscript and typed 
leaves and cards.
Box 2.
Bourjaily, Vance Nye
The cold valley [and other poems]
Ft. McClellan, AL., Charlottesville, VA, etc. 1942-45.
[53] l.
Autograph and typed poems.
Box 2.
Bourjaily, Vance Nye.
 Not to confound my elders. [ca. 1939]
 64, 82 ll.,  28 cm. 
Two typed drafts with manuscript corrections. Includes letters of rejection from publishers.
Box 2.
Bristow, Gwen.
Tomorrow is forever.
333 l.,  30 cm.
Published by Crowell, New York, 1934.
Final draft with printer's marks.
Box 2.
Byrd, Sam.
Small town south.
[4] 244 l., 28 cm.
Published by Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1943.
Typescript with printer's marks.
Box 2.

Cabell, James Branch - Criswell, Charles
[Cabell, James Branch.
There were two pirates]
v,67 l., 28 cm.
Typescript with extensive revisions.
Published by Farrar, Straus and company, New  York, 1946.
Box 3
Caldwell, Taylor.
The balance wheel.
620, 1024 l., 28 cm.
Two typescripts with autograph revisions.
Published by Scribner, New York, 1951.
Box 3: Ts. 1, 2 folders, and Ts. 2, pp. 1-620 in 2 folders.
Box 4: Ts. 2, pp. 621-1024 in 2 folders.
Caldwell, Taylor.
Dear and glorious physician.
658 [2] l., 28 cm.
Typescript with manuscript revision and printer's marks.
Published by Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1959.
Box 4: (3 folders)
Caldwell, Taylor.
The listener.
2 parts: Pt. 1: "The Man Who Listens," typescript with manuscript revisions, 199 l. 
Pt. 2: Final galley proof, with revision of title to "The Listener." "Reader's copy."
Published by Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1960.
Box 5
Caldwell, Taylor.
Maggie: her marriage.
283 p., 28 cm.
Typescript. Original title, "Shadow and Substance," marked through.
Published by Fawcett, Greenwich, CT, 1953.
Box 5
Caldwell, Taylor.
483 l., 28 cm.
Typescript with extensive manuscript revisions.
Published by Scribner, New York, 1948.
Box 5, folder 1, p.1-260.
Box 6, folder 2, p.261-483.
Caldwell, Taylor.
Never victorious, never defeated.
727 l. 28 cm.
Typescript with extensive manuscript revisions. Proofs of  introductory pages interfiled.
Published by McGraw-Hill, New York,1954.
Box 6 (3 folders)
Caldwell, Taylor.
Never victorious, never defeated.
Two galley proofs and unfolded page proofs.
Box 7, Oversized.
Caldwell, Taylor.
The sound of thunder.
621 l., 28 cm.
Typescript with author's revisions.
Published by Doubleday, Garden City, 1957.
Box 8 (3 folders)
Caldwell, Taylor.
Tender victory.
Typescript (572 l.) and galley.
Published by McGraw-Hill, New York, 1956.
Box 8: Typescript (2 folders)
Box 9: Galley.
Caldwell, Taylor.
This side of innocence.
561 l., 28 cm.
Published by Scribner's, New York, 1946.
Box 9 (2 folders)
Caldwell, Taylor.
Your sins and mine.
194 l., 28 cm.
First issued in shorter form in McCall's magazine, May, 1954 (copy included).
Published by Caxton Printers, Caldwell, Idaho, 1959.
Box 9
Capote, Truman.
Children on their birthdays.
58 l. 28 cm.
Autograph manuscript with author's revisions in black notebook. 
Author's signature on first page.
Published in The grass harp, Signet, New York, 1956.
Box 9.
Chidester, Ann.
Moon gap.
Typescript (p. 164-170), sample layout (23 l.), galley proof (2 sheets)
Published by Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1950.
Box 10.
Coblentz, Catherine (Cate)
The blue cat of Castle Town.
Typescript (105 l. with layout sheets interfiled) and galley proofs (3 states)
Published by Longmans, Green, 1949.
Box 10 (4 folders)
Coe, Charles Francis.
Autograph manuscript.
10 legal pads.
Published by Random House, New York, 1952.
Box 10 (3 folders)
Conner, Frederick William.
Cosmic optimism.
465 l., 28 cm.
Published by the University of Florida Press, 1949. Thesis: University of Pennsylvania.
Box 11 (2 folders)
Cotsakis, Roxane.
Greek town, by Roxana Cotsakis.
Typescript with ms. revisions and some autograph pages.
360 l. 28 cm.
Box 11 (2 folders)
Cotsakis, Roxane.
The lifting cloud.
330 l. 28 cm.
Box 12
Cotsakis, Roxane.
The wing and the thorn.
Typescripts and galleys.
Copy 1: Typed ms, 258 l., with photograph of the author, autograph and typed notes, and typed ms. fragment, "Of my people," by Roxane Cotsakis Fitzpatrick. Copy 2: Typed ms., 383 l. Copy 3: Typed ms.(carbon), 383 l., with extensive manuscript revisions. Copy 4: Galley proofs. 
Published by Tupper and Love, Atlanta, 1952.
Box 12: Copies 1-2
Box 13: Copies 3-4.
Criswell, Charles.
Nobody know what the stork will bring and other stories.
Typescript with printer's marks.
210 l. 28 cm.
Published by McDowell, Oblensky, New York, 1958.
Box 13.

D (Dickens, Rita) - F (Frank, Pat)
Dickens, Rita.
Marse Ned: the story of an old southern family.
139 l.
Typescript with ms. corrections and printer's marks.
Published by Exposition Press, New York, 1959.
Box 14
New York, ca. 1953.
5 parts.
Contents: (1) Correspondence, 1952, primarily to Vance Bourjaily re the founding of Discovery. Includes multiple letters by William Styron and Herbert Gold. (2) Correspondence, 1952, from authors with their biographical notes. (3 -5) Typed mss., contents of Discovery, issues 1-3, with revisions and printers marks.
Published by Pocket Books, New York, 1953-54.
Box 14: Parts 1-4
Box 15: Part 5.
Dobie, J. Frank.
[Three sketches]
38 l. 28 cm.
Contents: Ruxton of Mexico and the Rockies; E.L. Shettles, Man, Bookman and Friend; The Apache and his secret.
Typescripts with authors corrections.
Box 15.
Du Bois, William, 1903-
A season to beware.
2 parts.
Part 1. Typescript, 449 l. Part 2. Page proofs, 223 l.
Published by Putnam, New York, 1956.
Box 15.
Eames, Genevieve Torrey.
[Ghost town cowboy]
l. 2-163. 28 cm.
Typescript with ms. revisions.
Published by Messner, New York, 1951.
Box 16.
Enright, Walter J  Pat.
Sailor Jim's cave, by W. J. Pat Enright.
Delray Beach, Florida..
149 l. plus revision and discarded pages. 28 cm.
Autograph manuscript. "First draft."
Published by Dodd, Mead, New York,1951.
Box 16.
Fain, William.
The lizard's tail.
523 l., 28 cm.
Carbon typescript with autograph revisions.
Published by Knopf, New York, 1954.
Box 16 (2 folders)
Federal Writers Project.
Florida; a guide to the southernmost state. Compiled and written by the
Federal writers' project of the Work projects administration for the State of
Florida . . . Sponsored by State of Florida Department of Public Instruction. 
4 parts.
Contents: Part I: Essays. Part II: Principal cities. Part III. The Florida loop. Part IV: Appendices.
Carbon typescript, with numerous revisions and printer's marks.
Published by Oxford University Press, New York, 1939. 
Box 17 (4 folders)
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence.
Starting from San Francisco. 1961.
3 l. illus. 28 cm.
Carbon typescript with manuscript revisions of "next to final version."
Published by New Directions, Norfolk CT, 1961.
Includes City Lights Book Store post card.
Box 59 (Creative Writing Oversize)
[Fischer, Louis.
The life and death of Stalin]
Typescripts with manuscript revisions. Multiple drafts of most chapters.
Published by Harper, New York, 1952.
Box 18 (4 folders)
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield.
Autograph ms., "First version," and 2 typescripts, "3rd and 4th versions."
Each draft signed by the author.
Box 18.
Fleury, Barbara
Small rain. 
Carbon typescript, agent's copy.
Box 18.
Ford, Jess Hill.
Typescripts, first and final drafts and printer's transcript with ms. revisions, and several states of partial proofs. 
Published in Esquire, Sept. 1967, and in Fishes, birds, and sons of men, Little, Brown, Boston, 1967.
Box 19 (2 folders)
Frank, Pat.
An affair of state.
289 l. 28 cm.
Typescript with revisions and printers marks.
Published by Lippincott, Philadelphia,1948.
Box 19.
Frank, Pat.
Alas, Babylon; a novel.
3 folders. 28 cm.
Contents: Typescript with ms. revisions (folders 1-2);  typescript, condensed version (folder 3)
Published by Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1959.
Box 19.
Frank, Pat.
Forbidden area.
289 l. 28 cm.
Typescript. Author's second draft with notations by the publisher.
Published by Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1956.
Box 20 (2 folders)
Frank, Pat.
Hold back the night.
252 l. 28 cm.
Typescript (publisher's copy), hard cover, and proofs.
Published by Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1952.
Box 20 (2 folders)
Frank, Pat.
The long way round.
2 folders: (1) Typescript with ms. revisions and layout pages and (2) galley proof  and hard cover.
Published by Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1953.
Box 20 (folder 1)
Box 21 (folder 2)
Frank, Pat.
Mr. Adam.
228 l. 28 cm.
Typescript (publisher's copy).
Published by Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1946.
Box 21.

G (Garner, Elvira) - H (Hunt, Gordon)
[Garner, Elvira.
Little lost cat]
15 l. 30 cm. illus.
Typescript with original title of  Bagatelle.
Published by Messner, New York, 1943.
Box 21.
Garner, Elvira.
The sweet tooth of Sing Hi. 1944.
12, 10 ll. ilus.
Two typescripts: one rough draft, and one fair copy on large paper and illustrated.
Box 21.
Gerber, Merrill Joan.
The people in China. 1958.
10 l. 28 cm.
Typescript with ms. revisions.
Published in the Florida review.
Box 21.
Gilman, Dorothy.
Carnival gypsy.
217 p. 28 cm.
Typescript, with ms. revisions.
Published by Macrae-Smith, Philadelphia, 1930.
Box 21.
Glick, Edward Bernard.
Latin and America and the Palestine problem.
2 folders.
Typescript with ms. revisions (folder 1); page proofs (folder 2)
Published by the Theodor Herzl Founation, New York, 1958.
Box 21.
Goin, Olive
World outside my door.
2 folders.
Contents: Folder 1-Typescript with ms. revisions, 221 l; folder 2- Cuts of illustrations and tables, 29 pieces.
Published by Macmillan, New York, 1955.
Box 22.
Green, Gerald.
The lotus eaters. 1959.
1013 l. 28 cm.
Typescript with author's deletions and directions to the publisher.
Published by Scribner, New York, 1959.
Box 22 (folders 1-3)
Box 23 (folders 4-6)
Green, Paul.
Cross and sword (The heritage of Spain): a symphonic outdoor drama commemorating the 400th anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine, Florida.
2 parts: Pt. 1: Typescript of "an early draft" with author's corrections, 195 l. Pt. 2: Rehearsal script, 148 l., and printed performance program, 1965.
Published by S. French, New York, 1966.
Box 23 (2 folders)
[Hamner, Earl.
Fifty roads to town]
391 l. 28 cm.
Typescript with manuscript revision.
Published by Random House, 1953.
Box 24
Hastings, Helen King.
Florida flatwoods.
267 l. 
Published by Criswell's Publications, Citra, Fl., 1976.
Box 24
Hastings, Helen King.
A little widow is a dangerous thing/ Helen King Hastings and Jean Muir.
Galley proofs, with letter from King to Muir, June 3, 1959 and 6 pages of typed corrections (carbons).
Published by Putnam, New York, 1959.
Box 24
Hauser, Marianne.
Dark dominion.
363 l. 28 cm.
Typescript, with extensive autograph revisions and printer's marks and layout.
Published by Random House, New York, 1947.
Box 25.
Hauser, Marianne.
A lesson in music [short stories, 1964]
2 parts: pt. 1. Typescript and copy excised from periodical publications, with revisions and printers marks. pt. 2. Galley proofs with revisons.
Published by University of Texas Press, Austin, 1964.
Box 25.
Hauser, Marianne.
The living shall praise thee.
2 parts. pt. 1. Typescript with autograph revisions, 384 l. pt. 2. Carbon typescript, 370 l.
Published by Victor Gollancz, London, 1957. American edition published as The choir invisible by McDowell, Obolensky, New York, 1958.
Box 25 (part 1)
Box 26 (part 2)
Hauser, Marianne.
Prince Ishmael.
3 parts. 
Contents: pt. 1.Typecript with ms. additions and corrections, 430 l. Original title, The big fish, marked through.  pt. 2. Typescript, 378 l. Agent's copy. pt. 3. "2nd draft, 2nd version. Printer's copy with corrections." 378 l.
Published by Stein and Day, New York, 1963.
Box 26 (Part 1)
Box 27 (Part 2-3)
[Hauser, Marianne.
Untitled typescript beginning "Crouched high above the gray sea ..."]
159 l.
Was filed with Prince Ishmael ms. Authorship not established.
Box 27
Henry, Marguerite.
Born to trot.
199 l. 29 cm.
Typescript with extensive autograph revisions.
Published by Rand McNally, Chicago, 1950.
Microfilm copy in Library West.
Box 27
Hinshaw, Bryan.
245 l. 28 cm.
Published by Parthenon Press, Nashville, 1943.
Typescript with extensive a. revisions.
Box 28
Hinshaw, Evert M.
Lonesome Pete, written and illustrated by Evert M. Hinshaw. c. 1940.
[76] leaves. Color illustrations. 28 cm.
Typed manuscript, hand illustrated. Bound.
Box 59.
Hodgins, Eric.
Blandings' way.
9 parts, 10 folders.
Part 1. Correspondence fromW.D. Cole and others, 1948-1950. Part 2. "Analysis & live ms. notes," 1949-1950. Pt. 3. Outline - "Mr. Blandings Fights the Revolution," 29 June 1948. Part 4. 1st  draft, Nov. 24, 1946. Part 5. Memo draft, 4 August 1948 - 14 Feb. 1950 (2 folders). Part 6. Partial draft, 19 Feb. 1949 - 9 Feb. 1950. Part 7. Carbon draft, 16 Jan. 1950. Agent's copy. Part 8. Final draft (setting copy) with printer's marks, May, 1950. 366 l. Part 9. "Blanding's way." Final draft, carbon with preliminary pages
Published by Simon and Schuster, New York, 195o.
Box 28 (Parts 1-4)
Box 29 (Parts 5-7)
Box 30 (Parts 8-9)
Hoehling, A. A.
Last train from Atlanta.
Page proofs.
Published by T. Yoseloff, New York, 1958.
Box 30
Howard, Elizabeth Metzger
Before the sun goes down.
597 l. 29 cm. 
Carbon typescript. Agent's copy.
Author's presentation inscription to "University of Florida Libraries because of the interest of Prof. Stanley West and Prof. Clyde Miller."
Published by Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1946.
Box 31

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