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Architecture Archives

As a partnership between the Smathers Libraries and the School of Architecture since 2004, the Architecture Archives has become a leading repository for historical records pertaining to the architects and architecture of Florida. The collections support scholarly research, historic preservation, and the education of future students. A handful of important collections, including the archives of Alfred Browning Parker, Kenneth Treister, Darrell Fleeger, and the Carrère and Hastings firm, currently are being preserved, arranged and described by staff. As such, final descriptions for these collections are not available online at this time.

Architectural Photographs Collection, 1960s-1970s. Architectural photographs collected as part of the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) in the 1960s and 1970s including photographs of sites in Georgia, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. Non-HABS photographs of European sites in Italy, France, and Greece are also present. 8 linear feet. MSS 0418.

Architecture Educational Collection, 1930-2010. Miscellaneous architectural drawings, particulary of structures in Florida. Ms Group 273.

Bannister, Turpin Chambers. Papers, 1939-1982. Part of the University of Florida Archives.

Bauer, William. Collection of Architectural Drawings Relating to Jacksonville, circa 1935-1950. Contains 81 architectural drawings created by four prominent Florida architects for the development firm Telfair Stockton and Co., Inc. in the late 1930s and other miscellaneous architectural drawings. .16 linear feet; 1 box (81 drawings). MSS 0377.

Broward, Robert C.. Collection, 1932-2018. Personal papers, correspondence, awards, office records, project files, photographs, slides, drawings, presentation boards, models, and magazine and journal articles belonging to distinguished Jacksonville, Florida architect and author, Robert C. Broward, who through the course of his 61 year professional career designed more than 500 projects. Broward also served as an adjunct professor of design at the University of Florida. 56.25 linear feet. MSS 0512.

EDSA, Inc.. Records, 1965-2008. Project proposals, files, and drawings (including photo negatives and microfilm) produced by Edward D. Stone & Associates, or EDSA, a landscape architecture firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has offices located throughout the world and is renowned for its expertise in designing for recreation-based communities and resorts. 74.05 lf. MSS 0464.

Emmer, Phil. Papers, 1941-2014. Philip I. Emmer is a real estate developer known for his work throughout Florida. His firm, Emmer Development Corporation, has developed properties in 15 Florida counties, from low-income, turnkey housing to luxury apartment complexes. Emmer is also well known for his philanthropy and public service. This collection focuses on the philanthropy and public service of Emmer, as well as his career in housing development. The collection also holds documentation regarding low-income housing, in particular Lincoln Estates.

Flagler College's Hotel Ponce de Leon Architecture Collection. 1886-1963 (bulk: 1886-1924). Architectural drawings, blueprints and related material for the Hotel Ponce de Leon (now Ponce de Leon Hall at Flagler College) in St. Augustine, Florida. The hotel was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm. The collection also includes items related to other buildings constructed and operated by Henry M. Flagler and the East Coast Hotel Company. Ms Group 311.

Fulton, Guy Chandler. Papers and plans, ca.1930-1948. Part of the University of Florida Archives.

Gainesville Modern Archive, 1932-1958. Architectural drawings of significant Mid-Century Modern properties in Gainesville and Alachua County, Florida, which were collected and preserved by Gainesville Modern, Inc. 4 linear feet (1 box). MSS 0383.

Hamilton, Jefferson M. Architectural Drawings and Photographs, 1926-1947. Plans, renderings, and photographs related to the architecture of Hamilton in Tampa, Florida. 1 box. Ms Group 185.

Hampton, Mark G. Papers, 1923-2015. Architectural drawings, photos, project files and other papers of architect Mark G. Hampton, who worked for approximately 60 years in Sarasota, Tampa, Miami, and other cities in Florida. 16.5 linear feet. MSS 0376.

Hapsis-Hugo, Marilyn Staton. Design Collection, 1956-2009 (bulk: 1956-1986). Designs and a small number of photographs documenting the design work of Hapsis-Hugo for Albert Hugo Associates, as well as freelance and student work. Ms Group 286.

Howey, John. Sarasota School of Architecture Collection, 1926-2001. Photographs, drawings, models and research materials collected or created by John Howey during the creation of the book and exhibition entitled, The Sarasota School of Architecture, 1941-1966. The materials pertain to the numerous modern architects working in Sarasota, Florida, during that period. Ms Group 274.

Huin, Alain J.. Papers, 1965-2008. Design sketches, drawings, blueprints, collection presentations, scrapbooks, photographs, trade and retail catalogs, and other papers of furniture designer Alain J. Huin, who worked for over 40 years in the design industry where he created designs for major furniture manufacturers such as Johnston Casuals, Comfort Designs, and Ethan Allen. These pieces would go on to be sold at name-brand retailers such as Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. 10.6 linear feet. MSS 0436.

Memorial Presbyterian Church Architecture Collection. 1886-1904. Architectural drawings and blueprints for the Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida. The hotel was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm for Henry M. Flagler. Ms Group 312.

Merritt, Harry. Papers, 1929-2016 (Bulk: 1954-2015). Architectural drawings created by architect Harry Cline Merritt Jr. These include perspectives, process drawings, and construction documents for residences, churches, and commercial buildings in Florida, Maine, Virginia, North Carolina, and Japan. This collection also includes slides from several student studio projects taught by Merritt while at the University of Florida. 11.9 Linear feet. MSS 0431.

Morgan, William N.. Collection, 1934-2016. Personal papers, professional papers, awards, faculty papers, office records, project files, photographs, slides, drawings, presentation boards, models, digital media, and magazine and journal articles belonging to distinguished Jacksonville, Florida architect, historian, author, and scholar William N. Morgan. 76.3 ln.ft. MSS 0492.

Nims, Rufus. Architectural Drawings, 1950-1992. Plans for residences and buildings in Florida, Louisiana, New York, Costa Rica, and several countries in the Caribbean. 11.75 ln.ft. MS Group 177.

Potter, Edward T. Architectural drawings, ca. early 1870s. Water color and pen and ink drawings of Potter's design for St. John's Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 15 items. Ms Group 186.

Reeves, F. Blair. Papers, 1960-1995. Part of University of Florida Archives.

Seibert, Edward J.. Papers, 1956-2010 (bulk: 1956-1985). Architectural drawings, photographs, project records, and other papers of architect and influential member of the Sarasota School of Architecture, Edward J. Seibert. Some of his more notable works include projects such as the 1960 Siesta Key beach pavilion, the Bay Plaza condominium in downtown Sarasota, and Inn on the Beach at the Longboat Key Club. 1.24 Linear Feet. MSS 0433.

Shepard, Herschel E. Papers, 1961-2009. Collection documenting Herschel E. Shepard's expertise in Florida's historic architecture and his many contributions to preservation and restoration in the state. Shepard's work covers the entire range of Florida's architectural past, including restoration of landmark buildings such as the 1902 Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee and reconstruction of such historically significant sites as the Second Seminole War era Fort Foster and the Spanish mission site of San Luis de Apalachee. Included in the collection are project files, drawings, photographs, architectural and historic preservation committee files, records from the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (HSAPB), artifacts, and audiovisual material. 125.41 ln.ft. MSS 0417.

Simonds, John Ormsbee. Collection, 1912-2005. Drawings, project files, correspondence, writings, speeches, and other papers of landscape architect John Ormsbee Simonds. Ms Group 50.

Socol, Albert J. Papers, 1976-1999. Architectural drawings, photographs, floor plans, and other papers of architect Albert S. Socol, who worked for over 35 years on the design, development, management, and construction of major architectural projects in the State of Florida including the School of Architecture at the University of Florida, the James L. Knight Center, the Hyatt Hotel, Royal Bank of Canada, and the Courthouse Center in Miami, FL. 0.46 ln.ft. MSS 0435.

Starnes, Earl M. Papers, 1956-2009. Earl M. Starnes was a growth management and planning expert who served as the director of the Florida Division of State Planning from 1972 to 1975 and as a faculty member of the University of Florida from 1976 to 1993. His papers primarily include books, articles, papers, and research planning material created during his time working for the state government and the university. Also included is material related to his various consulting projects in Florida and the Caribbean, photographs from his early private architectural practice, and general correspondence. 5.22 ln.ft. MSS 0379.

University of Florida Historic Preservation. Collection, 1966-1993. Historic preservation documents, reports, terminal projects, and other resources created by faculty and students belonging to the College of Architecture at the University of Florida. 46.26 ln.ft. MSS 0395.

Wallis Baker Associates. Thomas H. Wallis, Jr. and William H. Baker Landscape Architecture Collection, 1961-2009. Plans, photographs, project manuals, and miscellaneous materials created by the landscape architecture firm Wallis Baker Associates and its principals. MS Group 285.

Weaver, Rudolph. Architectural records, ca.1920-1940. Part of University of Florida Archives.


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