The Belknap PHOTOGRAPH collection preserves thousands of shimmering PUBLICITY and PRODUCTION images dating back to the age of Victorian theatre and spanning 20th century vaudeville, Broadway, radio and television. The photos are filed alphabetically by performer name or show title.


Production Stills

A treasure trove of eclectic information is available in the FLORIDA PERFORMING ARTS VERTICAL FILE highlighting the STATE OF FLORIDA ("Dance Associations", 'Story Tellers", "Theatre Conference", etc), individual CITIES AND TOWNS (from the Panhandle to the Keys in an alphabetical listing), and the city of GAINESVILLE (including the University of Florida) performing arts scene.

Florida Vertical File

Cities and Towns Vertical File

Gainesville Vertical File

Trevor "Tommy" Bale epitomized the versatile "circus man" who "did it all" in the center ring and behind the scenes. Noted as one of the world's greatest tiger trainers, Bale was also known as a gifted clown, acrobat, trick bicyclist, vaudevillian and ringmaster. Bale's unpublished and unedited autobiographical manuscript ( written under the guidance of famed ghostwriter and editor Walter B. Gibson - creator of THE SHADOW), paints an exciting picture of the early 20th century European vaudeville and circus circuits. Bale vividly describes the triumphs, glory, pain and agony of life on the road, culminating in Bale's headlining contract with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in the mid 1950s. The TREVOR "TOMMY" BALE COLLECTION promises three rings (and more) full of circus lore.

The John W. Lindell Collection includes cartoon, comic strip and animation art anthologies and histories collected by John W. Lindell from 1953 through 2007. The collection includes close to 1,000 books by individual artists and 220 books of anthologies published by various magazines. There are also 150 paperback (pocket) books of individual artists and comic strip anthologies.

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